Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's going on in UFOfacts?

News in UFOfacts???

Mt texts is in bold and/or italic. Thanks.

Do you want to know how big (or small ) is the soul?

Sandy Barr <>...
    ufofacts <>   

Would like to hear form anyone out there in respects of the UFO worlds
views on *Dimensions of the soul?* Yours in the One Light Sandy Barr
at bees-feedworld in Scotland.

Also in Boylan's group, some people are trying seriously with INVISIBILITY. Read please.
My. my...police will have problems...and of course museums.

Guilherme Soares <> ...

When invisible, are we not able to see ourselves either? Or is it only so that others cannot notice us?

With love and light


Mariana Hudson enjoys the possibilities of INVISIBILITY.
Mariana Hudson <

Muahuahua! That's cheeky

I can imagine some Star Seeds here doing all sorts of funny little tricks

Mariana Hudson

Also Mariana Hudson writes this:

Two days ago I was practicing my Telekinesis, I have a "thing" for this skill, it's like a healthy obssession with it, my star family had shown me in my dreams that I am capable of doing so and I noticed that they are highly Telekinetic themselves, being able to fly and everything.

Some doctor here, ? Now what follows makes me feel a little...uneasy, folks, and I know you will share my feelings. Will kids learn also to fly and jump from the terrace?

--- In UFOFacts@yahoogroup, Robert Gray <robhenry24@ ...> wrote:
> Hi Debbie,
> Welcome!
> There is nothing weird in your post, actual it is refreshing, really
is !
> It is 11:11 as I type this last statement, a good frined ( StarSeed )
once told me If I reamber correctly, when you saw 11 or 11:11 that is
like a conformation from the StarVisitors.
> Have you read Dr. Boylans book. Star Kids
> I highly recommend it, you can read it online as an e-book.
>> Yours>
> In Love & Light,
> Rob

WELL People, enough. Let me include here some links that you could find useful.

Boylan's Scarlet Woman. She presents herself as an Mantis, incarnated as Human.

Boylan, history as a man of Light and a true Councilor of Earth.

James as:

Herr Doktor Von Teufel.
Arkham Asylum.