Friday, January 15, 2010

We are denounced as Psy-ops in Dr. Salla's Group

[prepare4contact] Black Ops Against Exopolitics?
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For some time now I've wondered about a concentrated effort that's being
made against Exopolitics. I think I already picked up on that years ago but
over time pieces fell more into place and after some research those pieces
also created a better picture. I can safely say that there are individuals
actively working on destroying or at the very least re-shaping the
Exopolitical movement according to their own believes. Maybe they are
even outright (CIA) disinformation agents as Alfred Webre suggested.

It's not just the people that come on the P4C forum from time to time who
are seemingly highly disruptive. Some person(s) also are highly critical on
their websites and blogs. When you start looking at the latter you'll notice
that many sites are connected and show similar or identical information,
meaning that the person(s) behind them are working together or it could
be the case one person is making a concentrated effort. As I'm about to
show, a number of those websites are highly similar in format.

Postmodern Ufology is a blog created by a person named 'Guido';
http://postmodernuf o.blogspot. com/
When reading this blog (and others) you'll detect the position towards
Exopolitics but there are more important factors to notice. There are links
to other blogs (UFO Culture & UFO Tabloid) but also keep in mind the
layout of the blog itself and the 'monetizing' . The blog UFO Gossip is
mentioned in the upper left corner.

UFO Rumors is a blog created by a person named 'Fred';
http://ufogossips. blogspot. com/
Again we see a similar layout.

Alien Intelligence is another blog by the person named 'Fred';
http://alienintelig ence.blogspot. com/
On this site there's a link to 'Guido's' blog Postmodern Ufology
and to another blog named UFO: Fact or Fiction.
http://ufofactandfi ction.blogspot. com/
It seems that 'Fred' is a busy man. The layout is strikingly similar to other
blogs and what do we see in the links? 'Guido's' blog! On this particular
blog there are also articles by a person named 'James Black'. There's also
a link to the blog UFO Culture.

UFO Culture is a blog created by a person named. . . 'James Black'.
http://ufoculture. blogspot. com/
Again we see a similar layout and similar articles.

'James Black' is also a name from the past. He used to post on the P4C
forum some time ago. It seems that Alfred Webre met his acquaintance
judging from the article he wrote. Here's where it also becomes
interesting since Mr Webre links 'James Black' to CIA operations;
http://exopolitics. exopolitics/ 2009/01/exopolit ics-media- note-tomas- scolarici- aka-james- black-aka- herbert-dunbar. html
Mr Webre also made a post on the P4C forum in 2008;
http://tech. com/group/ prepare4contact/ message/48748

Of course "James Black" is probably not his real name. It's probably just
one alias out of many. Webre received other names from that person such
as "Herbert Dunbar" or "Tomas Scolarici."
Personally I recall that "James Black" who posted on the P4C forum some
years back also used another name. I had some difficulty getting the name
right but after some Google searches I found it. 'Eli Sadhanusari' .

Does Mr 'Eli Sadhanusari' have websites? Yes!
http://ufotabloid. blogspot. com/
Tadaaaa. Again similar format and identical articles. There are also links
to 'Guido's' blog Postmodern Ufology and to 'James Black's' blog UFO
Mr 'Sadhanusari' has yet another blog although this one has been inactive
for quite some time;
http://ufosandlogic .blogspot. com/

However on the first blog by Eli Sadhanusari we can watch his profile;
http://www.blogger. com/profile/ 0393130917647650 7605
It appears that Mr Sadhanusari is a psychic and will do readings for 25
dollars a session. I found that quite odd and it was an unexpected turn
in the research. What was more staggering were messages made on
forums by Eli Sadhanusari which show a profound dark side;
http://groups. group/magick/ message/825
"Also it is absolutely necessary to remember that there is no such thing as
a Self. I always say that under the mask there is nothing but emptiness or
a new mask. There is NO FACE. There is no Real Self or Soul, and in that
sense I am Legion but also a Void."
Other posts by Eli on that forum show similar dark views, feel free to look
them up here;
http://groups. group/magick/ messages

After some research I found that 'James Black' holds similar dark views;
http://www.exopsych ?p=434 (in the comments section)
"Now, let me tell you that I am near Zen. Not afraid of the Devil at all since
he is a humanist and a gentleman."

Is there a 'Black' Op against Exopolitics? I think you can interpret that in
different ways but ultimately; you be the Judge. The links I provided above
do prove that there's a concentrated effort by individual(s) bend on
hampering what Exopolitics stands for. It's also pretty clear these individual(s)
will use many names, websites and approaches. That in itself shows that they
are 'disinformation agents' by their very nature.
Maybe we ought to look on the bright side. If Exopolitics wasn't on to
something, it never would have such opposition.