Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reading UFOfacts posts

Bold texts is mine. What do you think people? This are what I call true-believers. No more thinking, nothing but Faith in the Councilor, ready to go to Heaven...

Tesha is in ecstasy, she saw the Light,

Welcome Reza,
Wonderful to have you with us. Could you give us a little info about yourself? I am a 30 year old mother of 2 and wife to a wonderful man. I am an awakening star seed adult and I learned of this about 2 years ago now. Wow, how time flies! It is wonderful to have another being to add to the wonderful collective energy in this group.
Love and Light

Vilma shows her what the Future will be for the cultists following the Councilor of Earth.

Welcome to you. You'll have some fun, some tears and loads of blessings!


Marih, agrees. Her heart and prayers are with Wendy, who is under medical control.

Blessigs to you Wendi,
Our heart and prayers are with you.

Patricia's words are not different, and she also sounds blessed by the Star Nations one thousand races.

Hi, Tesha!
Thanks for share your knowledge and experience. Helped me a lot!
Hello to Valancy, Melissa and Reza!
Welcome to this amazing group!
Keep light in tour mind and love in your heart.

Grace and Humility is worried about helping the alien uestagrie, who is prisioner of the Lockhead evil complex, that, as everything else, belongs to the Cabal.

 Thank you for this bit of information.
 Would it be possible to send enough energy to make the implant short circuit or something but still keep the safety of the Uestagrie safe?
Love, Peace & Light,
Joan saw the Star of the uestagrie . Her joy is unknown for the common

Dear Friends---- when I saw the drawing of the uestagrie star visitor my heart sank as they are the ones who had invited me on their craft such trusting and friendly beings with an understanding of joy something humans have forgotten I now feel someone very close to me is suffering. Love & Light Joan