Friday, January 15, 2010

We are denounced as Psy-ops in Dr. Salla's Group -Andrew Hennessey

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Date: Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 6:06 PM
Subject: [RationalUFOLOGY] Re: We are denounced as Psy-ops in Dr. Salla's Group

  so when was I [now a psyop] ever disruptive on p4c ?
name that post - my abiding memory of p4c was getting regularly savaged by NWO shills and p4c moderators like terrarubicon sitting back and doing nothing - aiding and abetting the disease fest.

methinks they doth protest too loudly ...

face it - on p4c they are birthing the new alien NWO religion of emptiness and meaninglesness - and to that end - all the people who had any kind of opinion - got baited and flamed to drive them away.
Lots of people wrote to me wondering how I could stick this strategy out - but once they had driven away those who testified the truth to the demonic behaviour of SOME aliens - then they were free to have Nothing happen every day on p4c - cognitive dissonance and endless negation ... and sadly those who have been sticking it out there are now being 'love bombed' cult tactic to make them feel that they are the chosen ones.
maybe they are - chosen to be burgers


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> Dear People
> This post in Salla's Prepare4Contact gives me an excellent opportunity to
> show you my Strategy. Here you have the whole "investigation". Read, think
> about this, have fun,
> The Gurus and Exos want to CLOSE the cyberdoors. I want to OPEN them.
> James Black