Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boylan's Discrimination- by BlueUFO

Boylan openly discriminates, sets up the hierarchy of his cult, teaches his star kids the ways of the alien overlords, and how to overthrow the Cabal....

(Sept. 2005)

"The Star Nations made a declaration, after the 9/29/05 Formal Hearing on Cabal Violations of Universal Laws, and High Council Findings that the Cabal are guilty as charged: that the Star Nations will thereafter affirmatively discriminate against Cabal types, deny future contact with them, and deny them any future access to information that is shared with humans.

In view of the Star Nations' decision, one could anticipate that any contacts with U.S. military or government officials will be limited to officials not members of the Cabal. The same limitation will apply to contacts with any Earth government in any location. In fact, the Zeta have been tasked to determine, and put into place, safeguards so that Star Nations information given to the Good-Guys/Gals humans does not fall into the hands of the Cabal by theft, deception, or coercion. This is not easy, given current Cabal penetration of the halls of power, and will take time to make fully effective.

The result of this laudable discrimination will be that over time, the Good Guys/Gals will forge ahead in progress using the information, advice and consultations of the Star Visitors, and the Cabal will fall more and more behind, as they are kept out of the loop. This will lead increasingly to Cabal disempowerment."

The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse are also listed in the article, this must have been prior to Frans involvement.

In the interest of the kind of transparency which the dawning Fifth World society shall be known by, the identities of the Hearing participants are hereby revealed, as agreed to by the parties involved.
  1. The Watcher is Byrd, a Star Visitor consciousness who has co-incarnated into the body-mind space of Wendi Powers, and takes turns being the forefront personality/speaker. Byrd also provides communication link to his adoptive race, the Zeta, who thus at times utilize the Wendi vehicle to speak on their own. Byrd's Mentor, a Reptoid Star Visitor, also on occasion uses Wendi's body to communicate through. Ms. Powers is a Star Seed human computer technician residing in Nashville, TN. ( like possession to me)

  2. The Earth representative to the High Council of the Star Nations, the Councillor of Earth, in a previous incarnation was a Star Visitor and member of the High Council. But, in view of Earth's devolving plight, he chose to incarnate this time as a human (a Star Seed human) in order to be fully of Earth, and in order to authentically provide representation for Earth on the High Council. He was reappointed to High Council, this time as Earth's representative, about a year ago. Richard Boylan, Ph.D. lives in Sacramento, CA. (

  3. The Witness for Earth is Marja Roberts, a Star Seed human who lives in New York. (

  4. The Witness for Star Nations is Frank Feliccia, a Star Seed human artist in Nashville, TN. ("

The problem with this discrimination is what we have seen over the past year, and especially the last couple of months. Several members of his group were banned and received "Adios cabalista" emails from Boylan. We've had some of them come here and others posted on sites that shed a lot of light on this ongoing charade. Not a one of them fit the description of Boylans Cabal. They were just regular people who had UFO or contact experiences or were interested in them.

This is nice to teach the kids, isn't it?

"Fourth, Star Seeds and Star Kids stand ready to stand up for the Star Nations against any propaganda blitz the Cabal might try. There are millions of experiencers who are willing to come "out of the closet", once the Star Nations' "push" which I asked for happens, and speak up for their beautiful, awesome, and uplifting encounter experiences, and that they vouch that the Star Visitors come here well-intentioned.

Earth is overdue for the jump-start that will help level the playing field, and let humans see the Cabal for the liars they are.

  • Is Disclosure now without any risks? No. But they are acceptable proportionately.

  • Will there be martyrs to that cause? Yes. And I am prepared to be one of them, if necessary."   (So by saying this you instill the same radical faith in your followers, that it's ok to be a martyr for this cause?)