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Fwd: Intelligent Life and the Universe

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Subject: Intelligent Life and the Universe
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Frater Umbra

The evolution of intelligent life in the Universe is a very rare and isolated phenomenon.
The possibilities of communication between intelligent civilizations is practically nonexistent. 
The evolution of intelligent forms of life into technologically advanced societies is impossible, because technology produces self destruction sooner or later. 
We are now in this auto-destructive process.
To waste time, money and resources in the so called exploration of space is nonsense. There is nobody there, and if there is, we will never make contact.



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Fwd: Richard Dolan after Ufology?

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Subject: Richard Dolan after Ufology?

Richard Dolan , who was a convinced  leftist before going into the UFO-Paranormal business, defines himself as a great ufological researcher, the greatest of his generation. Some colleagues in the ET-cover-up mythology , on the contrary think that Dolan's narrative is based as usual in anonymous   unreliable sources and the classic ufological paranoidal nonsense.
What we learned from our own sources is that Richard is going into some kind of middle age crisis, and secretly is looking for redemption out of the rarefied world of the ET conspiracy-fiction.
Watching Dolan's last videos and lectures, is obvious that Richard looks tired, worn-out and exhausted.
UFO fans told us that Dolan's proclaimed confidence in a fast "disclosure" is dead, and privately Richard Dolan shows a growing skepticism that contradicts his previous statements and even the paradigmatic model of his previous books.
What's going on with Richard Dolan? Perhaps the old chronos, (time) is teaching him a lesson of prudence and sincerity. Perhaps in his own mind, reason and logic have also something to say.
There is a time for fairy tales and a time to be an adult. An old american-indian shaman said once: "If you don't know what to say, remain silent, because  silence teaches more than empty words."
Thanks for your interest


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Predatory inter-dimensional species in this imaginary nightmare.

What follows looks as a classical piece of DISINFORMATION. Enjoy it as good fiction of course. Great for a horror-thriller movie...
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Posted: 17 Oct 2013 10:06 AM PDT

VANCOUVER, BC – Former U.S. serviceman Michael Relfe has released an Oct. 14, 2013 Open letter sent to the military leaders of many prominent nations asserting that "Previous members of the military made a grave mistake when they hid the reality of aliens from the people of earth. That mistake has been continued. That mistake could endanger the future of humanity forever. It is time to remedy this situation before it is too late.

"This battle against predatory species cannot be won by military might and technology alone. By now you know that this scenario involves energies and technology beyond your wildest imagination. For example, how can you hope to win a battle against an enemy when the enemy possesses jump gates and mind control technologies so that any head of government can be abducted and mind controlled at any time? And how can you hope to win a battle against an enemy that can hide itself from your perception?
"These predatory species, their technology and those humans that voluntarily serve them, can only be defeated by harnessing the cumulative might of the metaphysical and spiritual powers, as well as the intelligence, of the people of earth." [1]

Former U.S. serviceman Michael Relfe has authored The Mars Records , two books on the 20 years (1976-1996) he states he spent as part of the permanent armed force detail on a U.S. facility on Mars that was part of the security perimeter developed in our solar system against the attempted occupation by the predatory hyperdimensional species.

Agenda of predatory species

In his Open letter, Mr. Relfe states, "These predatory species work in secrecy because they are AFRAID of human beings. They are afraid of God….That is why, by subversive means, they have influenced the systems of earth to do all in their power to keep people enslaved. This includes:

  • Keeping knowledge of their existence and their evil intentions hidden, until it is too late.
  • Vaccinating people, which damages their metaphysical abilities.
  • Genetically modified foods and nanotechnology which damage the DNA of the body, so that metaphysical abilities and reproduction are destroyed.
  • Fluoride which damages the pineal gland, necessary for metaphysical abilities.
  • Numerous toxins to damage the body (See the book "You're not fat, You're toxic).
  • Lack of information of spiritual power and metaphysical abilities, so that powerful metapsychics do not develop their powers.
ET Abductee confirms presence of predatory species

On Oct. 15, 2013, a Vancouver, BC-based ET abductee confirmed numerous repeated abductions and electromagnetic tortures that he ascribes to a predatory hyperdimensional species that have stated their intent is to ultimately displace humanity on planet Earth.
ET Abductee – Hyperdimensional predatory species is threat to humanity


12 Steps to defeat predatory species

Michael Relfe recommends 12 steps to the military leaders he addresses
in defeating the attempted occupation by the predatory hyperdimensional species.
"Time is running out. All governments of all countries need to:
"1) Release all of the true information concerning alien invasion of this planet.
"2) Release the true information concerning the ancient things found upon the moon and mars.
"3) Release the true information concerning government developed advanced technology and its use in establishing off planet projects.
"4) Release the true information concerning electronic medicine so long suppressed and allow people to be healed of terrible degenerative diseases.
"5) Stop the vaccinations, which kill us and destroy our metaphysical abilities.
"6) Stop the GMO foods, which sterilize people after 2 generations. These 'foods' will end civilization and you will not have anything to defend.
"7) Stop the use of nanotechnology in food.
"8) Stop the MSG, Aspartame and Excitotoxins that brain damage us and kill us. These chemicals are poisoning your soldiers.
"9) Stop mind controlling and abducting people with metaphysical abilities.
"10) Openly recruit and employ with generous remuneration sane, ethical metaphysically gifted people to fight these predatory species.
"11) Punish and eliminate the corporations that prey upon the population, and that help predatory species enslave us.
"12) Remove Christians from the "terrorist" list. They are not your enemy. They are the enemy of the predatory species.
"Know that if you do the above, the people of earth will find ways to help you rid earth of alien parasites, by working in the spiritual and metaphysical realms in ways that you cannot possibly imagine."
Michael Relfe has sent Open Letter to Heads of the Military Regarding Defeating the Alien Presence to the "Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines of Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States of America."

Predatory hyperdimensional species

Other whistleblowers from government – hyperdimensional ET liaison programs have also warned of an attempted occupation of Earth by predatory hyperdimensional species.
One report states, "In 1964, U.S. intelligence expected a Grey/Reptilian ET takeover in 2000-2030. The current war between hostile extraterrestrial Grey/Draco Reptilian faction and humanity has been in development for a number of decades.
"In his book, [whistleblower] Michael Prince reveals that in 1964 U.S. intelligence agencies had concluded that a Grey/Reptilian extraterrestrial alliance had a timetable for a planetary takeover of Earth sometime during the 2000 – 2030 period.
"He writes, 'On April 15th, 1964, two US intelligence personnel met under Project Plato with the Greys in the New Mexico desert to arrange a meeting on April 25th at Holloman air force base in New Mexico. This meeting was to renew the treaty that had started in 1934 again and was a psychological bid to buy time in order to solve the problem of the Greys and Draco reptilians. The upper levels of US intelligence now believed the Greys and Dracos had this planet time-tabled for invasion and takeover between the years 2000 and 2030.'" [2]

Ethical hyperdimensional species

Researchers such as Mary Rodwell have gathered replicable empirical evidence that ethical, hyperdimensional civilizations exist that are closely involved in the positive development of humanity. These include hyperdimensional civilizations of the Grey phenotype of which approximately 150 have been identified. [3]

Contact your congressman/Member of Parliament

A PDF of the Open letter can be downloaded at
Michael Relfe notes, "Please send it to your congressman as is – with our name. You don't have to add your own name unless you want to."

[1] Michael Relfe, "Open Letter to Heads of the Military Regarding Defeating the Alien Presence", October 14, 2013,
The Mars Records,
[2] Alfred Lambremont Webre, "Whistleblower: WWIII, a war between hostile ETs and humanity, has started",
[3] Alfred Lambremont Webre, "Mary Rodwell – ETs, Souls, The New Humans and a coming global Shift",
Veteran Michael Relfe: Humanity is being targeted by a predatory hyperdimensional species

Posted: 17 Oct 2013 06:13 AM PDT

V. Susan Ferguson, Contributor
Waking Times

Was there a specific period of time during which the ETs were supposed to keep their hands off our planet and did that time come to an end?

This is a polarity universe and as a temporal illusory hologram, our universe exists only because both positive and negative forces hold it in time and space. This means that along with the Light, there is also the other – the Darkside. In the first Cycle of Time, the Light is manifest and in full view, while the Darkside is cloaked, hidden, the underneath below. Still there doing its job, but not apparent.

As we move through the four Cycles of Time, the Darkside begins to emerge and reveal itself — while the Light withdraws, concealed. By the time we arrive at the Kali Yuga (our current cycle or age), the Light has become more veiled, and the Darkside begins to rule. By the Twilight of the Kali Yuga – which according to Alain Danielou ['While the Gods Play'] began in 1939 with atomic fission – the Darkside rules and goodness, although it still exists with us, is hard to find.

One element of the rule of the Darkside Tyrants in the Kali Yuga is the entry of entities into our third dimensional earth plane world.
Our world is threatened by unanticipated interferences

Rene Guenon was an esteemed and brilliant French metaphysical author, who eventually became a Sufi. In his mind blowing, delusion shattering totally great book, "The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times" there is a chapter entitled 'The Fissures in the Great Wall'. Here Guenon warned that our world was being threatened by what he called unanticipated interferences.

In our current Cycle of Time, we have come to accept matter as the only reality. As the solidification of the world has progressed, we are approaching the limits to that solidification. And because the world can never become a completely closed system, what Guenon calls 'fissures' have occurred in the protective barrier that surrounds our world. This protective barrier is known in metaphysics as the 'Great Wall' and it exists to protect us.

When I first read this idea of fissures forming in the Great Wall, what immediately came to mind were the infamous Montauk Experiments. Those of you who are familiar with this story will recall that when the time-warp was achieved with their Tesla-like frequency emissions there was a tear, a rip in the time field and whatever protects the 3rd dimensional planet Earth from ETs and what I call astral 'cooties' was opened. It was reported that through this tear many ETs – friendly or not – slipped into this dimension. An increase in sightings and abductions might be considered as evidence.

Back in my Texas high school days (1960-63), I painted a series of paintings, which I much later discovered were the little Greys. I clearly remember that at first I had painted their eyes black, but this 'black' disturbed me – so I painted them white.

In 1963, I was invited by my good friend, the poet Lewis MacAdams, author of The Birth of the Cool, to be the first woman to have an art show in what was I believe, the student center at Princeton. There were two of these Grey ET paintings in that exhibition. Late one night they were both stolen. At that time I knew nothing of the Montauk or Philadelphia Experiments. In those days I thought only about Art.

However, my friends at Princeton explained to me that the famous genius John von Neumann (1903-57) still had an office there. Von Neumann is alleged to have been the mastermind behind both the Montauk and Philadelphia Experiments. Years later I wondered if someone from Von Neumann's office had stolen my paintings. Are they hanging on a wall deep down in some secret agency even now? Of course I have no way of ever knowing, but my life is filled with these kind of oblique mysterious occurrences. Perhaps your life is the same.
The Great Wall protects and limits

Guenon points out that the Great Wall is, as he terms it, a 'shell' and as such not only keeps energies out to act as our protection, it also serves as a limitation, a container. This may explain why so many have said that 3rd dimensional planet earth is under some sort of quarantine. Was there a specific period of time during which the ETs were supposed to keep their hands off the planet and our consciousness – perhaps in compliance with the Law of Non-Interference? Has that agreement been recently broken over and over? Is even that formal and supposedly 'legal' limitation is coming to an end?

As Guenon says, the Great Wall exists to ensure that we are protected from being attacked by enemies from 'below'. I assume this implies that many of these entities are not particularly evolved and may have a somewhat lower Darkside consciousness.
Ancient Spiritual Centers as Time Portals

Apparently in previous cycles of time before the current 'solidification' of the world, there existed openings in the top of this protective shell that allowed us to communicate with the higher realms. Such communication was the purpose of the ancient Spiritual Centers clustered all over the planet that function as time portals. Most of these are now abandoned and have been intentionally taken over by the Darkside, so that they may feed off the residual frequencies once generated there. Think of how many once sacred sites are the focal point of ongoing wars and human misery.

Our current acceptance of the doctrine of materialism allows us to believe only that which comes to us through five-sense perception. Our own 'fallen' limited way of thinking has shut us off from communication with the higher more evolved domains — and access to the higher realms through these sacred centers is now closed.

More than ever before, we are on our own here!

Realize how strategically clever it has been for the Darkside tyrants, our controllers to emphatically deny the existence of the so-called 'occult' and the Invisible Realms. As anyone who has ever had an ET sighting or abduction knows well, the disproportionate amount of ridicule that will be heaped upon you by close friends and family is enough to shake even the strongest will. The painful and heart breaking, implied threat is clear — you will be ostracized to a world of crazies, whackos, and candidates for the loony bin.

Certainly I am not the only one to suggest that there has been an out and out propaganda war raged against us, especially psychics and empaths. We are taught to fear anything unseen or occult as the work of the devil.

If you don't acknowledge the very existence of your enemy – who is unerringly undermining your will and poisoning your entire planet – then how can you fight? It's a brilliant strategy — for a coward!

Esoteric traditions in every religion are aware of these tears in the protective shield that surrounds our world. Many religions in accordance with their own esoteric doctrines are well aware of that we are in the final phases of this cycle of time.

Ignorance of Metaphysical Truth is a prison

Once again let me emphasize the key factor in our vulnerability to these pernicious influences is that we are not aware of their existence and this has been intentional.

This also explains why so many, who have only the best of intentions to defeat the Darkside, fail miserably. This is not to say that I don't respect and admire their bravery — however they simply do NOT understand what is going on. More often than not the self-righteous anger so many live within, sadly makes them into resources for the Darkside. People with the best of intentions become used as innocent dupes because they have no awareness of the mechanics of the energies they are interacting with.

In the purely physical and material sense we humans are completely powerless against these intra-dimensional beings. If there is a faction of our military, as has been reported, which is laboring day and night to build weaponry – based on back-engineered alien technology – to fight these entities, then I understand their heartfelt efforts. But I consider these desperate endeavors to be ultimately useless.

First of all, the Darkside ETs would never allow us to possess any technology capable of defeating them. Secondly and even more importantly, this final battle, this war for our souls, is taking place in consciousness and far beyond the domain of the five senses, beyond the realm of quantified material surfaces – which is the deluded basis of our current intellectually myopic science.

Anger deludes, a higher consciousness is our only weapon!

We cannot fight them on their level! Our only real weapon is to realize what is actually occurring here in 3rd dimensional planet Earth, meaning the timeless mechanics of primordial metaphysics, and raise our own frequency waveforms by shifting our consciousness to a vibratory plane above the Darkside, wherein they have no power over us.

Many of you, I'm certain, have noticed how time itself seems to be speeding up. Even the young feel and comment on this phenomena. It is as if the day begins and evaporates. This is a known effect of the Twilight of the Kali Yuga. The cycles of time are not made up of equal durations and in fact decrease in length in a prescribed ratio.

This increase in the speed of time you are experiencing is NOT just your imagination. It is a sign that time is progressively contracting in duration – a portent sign that we are close to the end of a cycle within this illusory holographic matrix.

First and foremost, work on your own consciousness.

Our refuge and freedom are found in higher consciousness and Wisdom-Knowledge — God-Consciousness. As Rene Guenon says: "…it can be said in all truth that the 'end of a world' never is and never can be anything but the end of an illusion."

Posted: 17 Oct 2013 05:00 AM PDT

Donald Marshall

What you discover depends on how open your mind is, how eager you are for the fundamental truth and how 'awake' you are to the fact that something is wrong…far worse than wrong!!! The evident evils driving the corruption and darkness of the world today will be better understood once the secret of Vril is fully revealed. The rude discovery further ties together a myriad of outrageous yet undisputable occurences, situations and claims together in way that can not be ignored once understood. Some will call it nonsense and others will feel the sense of it all in their bones.

Vril lizards are one of the world's best kept secrets. They are ancient, subterranean lizards. World leaders, celebrities, and the elite are not only aware of these carnivorous, sometimes parasitic, vile creatures, they enable them! Vril have an ancient agenda to dominate and they work to fulfill that agenda with the human beings they infect with their parasite, a process called droning.

The secret of vril lizards, although not so secret anymore, is part of the knowledge attained at the highest levels of secret societies, groups, clubs, etc.

Everyone has come to know that something is very wrong in the world and that all of the countries somehow connect and have no interest in the health or happiness of the people. So many 'conspiracies', which in fact are truths veiled by the very people affected by vril lizards, are obvious today. Everyone seems to be desperate in attempts to connect the dots on what and/or who is the driving force behind all of the madness.


Maybe one of the most unbelievable interviews to ever come on the show, testimony about a high level secret cloning program involving major world leaders, celebrities and wealthy old people, where they engage in murder, torture, sex and pedophilia with cloned people and reptilian entities in deep underground military facilities.

Posted: 17 Oct 2013 02:19 AM PDT
Robert Bingham Talks How He Got Started 
On His Mission To Share His Powers With The World

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Comedy and Drama in the UFO Subculture.

One of the impossible dreams of the UFO-ET fantasists is to have some relevance in the big media world, but this is not possible and never will be. For conspiracy theorists, self proclaimed experts in extraterrestrial civilizations, contactees, professors of Ufology in “online universities” and cosmic alchemists (Sic.), the small world of the so called UFO subculture is their natural element. This is so, because in this subculture, rational dissidence is not authorized. Exofantasists hate the competence in their own imaginary micro universe, but this is tolerated since each one them must present himself/herself as the only true prophet of the extraterrestrial legend. However this “friendly fighting” is only possible inside the UFO fans world, but never in the mass media, where any UFO mythologist is easily silenced in minutes for a true scientist, or a rational journalist asking for evidences of the supposed ET presence in our planet and massive cover-up. That is why fantasists that make a living selling fiction as fact must look for alternative options. Mythological ufologists know that nothing new will never come from the UFO=ET legend. After some experience they learn that the same old book with new fantasies added cannot be sold again and again, and consequently, they organize carefully their business with lots of pictures and full nonsense. Some others instead, try to find alternative nonsense for sell, and they go into New Age, Ghost hunting or pseudo-sciences. Those with fewer scruples even go into hoaxes or into mellifluous pseudo-mystic channeled messages. Readers should not believe that the professionals of the UFO subculture live in a comfortable world. Hate, envy and denial are the consequences of selling the UFO=ET legend as fact.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Infocalipsis and the UFO Control System

There is chaos. The control system, that's what UFO are, is working. On the contrary, if it is working, serves the Center, which is the beginning and the end. Huge political, governmental, religious and social changes that are essential for the urgent eviction and de-activation of the visible government and the Shadow government. This Shadow Government is the corporate world. About the invading aliens on our planet, the invasion is not obvious at all. UFO,s are a control system. The work on the Invisible ones, is amazing indeed. In addition to these fundamental points, we refer to facts, the majority of which are extremely unfavourable to mankind. They are events that are worsening through natural and meteorological imbalances, social situations that are increasingly dramatic and critical, provocations and declarations of war in several countries, crises and conflicts. There are also conspiracies and hidden plots, a greater amount of UFO sightings, strange and luminous phenomena that are more and more evident and occur in more places. The true risk is the lost of meaning, and of course that is what we call INFOCALIPSIS. Probably the abductions are changing into something else, something different. Let us know if you have some experience of this kind or detected time aberrations. Thanks in advance.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Andy Basiago Traveled Through Time and Space to Mars

Basiago claims that as a child, he participated in a top-secret series of government-operated experiments called Project Pegasus. The program was run by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to test various means of teleporting and traveling both backward and forward in time, he said. Basiago told his story during an appearance at Yelm’s Triad Theater on Monday, explaining how he’s traveled into the past, the future and even to Mars with a young Barack Obama. Whether one believes Basiago’s story is fact or fiction, at its heart, it’s an adventure story — a tale of the pioneers of the first teleportation and time travel machines. It’s a story fit for the big screen. Whether it would get there as a documentary or as a sci-fi blockbuster is up for debate. Some have suggested Basiago’s claims are the result of mental illness. Others say he’s a pathological liar. But Basiago, a Seattle attorney who speaks in a deep, steady voice — probably the result of ample practice orating in courtrooms — comes across as intelligent and well-balanced. His story is filled with detailed anecdotes from his time travel adventures, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean his claims are true, it’s enough to make people wonder.

NSA Wants to ban this VIDEO?

New interview by Richard Dolan with an ex-CIA director who saw a Grey Alien.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fwd: Jesuits' coup d'etat.

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From: Frater Umbra <>
Date: Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 6:56 PM
Subject: Jesuits' coup d'etat.

This is an excellent piece of in-formation, because is credible and promotes the activation of memes.


Jesuits coup d'etat.

Jesuits, sometimes called the second church, decided that it was time to impose for the first time a Pope belonging to their centenary Order.

Cardinal Bergoglio was the obvious election for the Pontifical Throne. This Argentinean known in the Black Order as a pope-maker was also an Antarctic man and I will not go into details about the meaning of this geo-political and exopolitical fact.



Jesuit authorities told the Cardinals that the next pope after the "retirement" of the german, would be a Jesuit. If this condition was not meet, the Order would made public the manuscript known as Magdalena's Gospel.

In this forbidden document, Magdalene, wife of Jesus, tells the truth about the faked crucifixion, the Roman protection of the Nazarene, his wife Magdalena and son and daughter produced by this marriage.

Also Rome gave secret asylum to Husband, Wife and children, first in Rome and then in the Gallic territory, now France.


Present conditions

The Catholic Church now belongs to the Jesuitical Order. It looks like the new Pope Francis will change many things in the Vatican and in the Catholic world.

We will follow these events and keep you informed.




Monday, September 23, 2013


RICHARD DOLAN and The DISCLOSURE MYTH. There is something we can always find in the web, also known as virtual reality. Know what it is? Yes..! You are right, is the face of Richard Dolan. There are hundreds, nor thousands of Dolan’s pics. What’s going on? Either the self proclaimed UFO expert believes that he is beautiful, or some told him his picture sells books. Let me tell you what I think about this virtual narcissism: Richard believes that the powers that be will give him a nice disclosure if he keeps his photos on the family album. After all, for more than 60 years the UFO profiteers are telling us that disclosure is imminent..! An unreliable source, an insider, told us about the big problem the government has: since there is no such thing as an UFO-ET cover up, obviously there is nothing to disclose. Our unreliable source told us also that after all, the end if the matter is near: The “experts” in extraterrestrial visitors find a better job. They become tired of seeing their own pictures and writing the same UFO book again and again. They are suddenly enlightened and see the emptiness of the whole ETH thing. They understand once and for all that there will be no disclosure simply because there is nothing to disclose. Tomas Scolarici PLEASE SHARE. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The crisis of Meaning and the floating signifiers.

We live in the information-disinformation-misinformation era. Is also possible to say that we are contemplating (in some kind of active way,) the crisis of meaning. Information is spectacle. Information exists in a twilight zone where fact and fiction live and work together. Information as entertainment collapses the structure of meanings. The info-void, and the auto-deletion are characteristic is this deconstructive situation. It would be wrong to suppose that all this is a problem and we must fin the solution. WRONG. The solution is always artificial in the infocaliptical world. The solution is the problem, is the Moebius strip which has the mathematical property of being non-orientable. Moebius band with only one face where the beginning is always the end and viceversa. It’s wrong to speak about the future the crisis because the crisis is now. Implosion happens. The Soviet Union imploded. The European Union is imploding. No-thing outside the text. Words are floating signifiers and meanings collapse. The signified is not there and never was. Enough for tonight.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The End of UFO Era.

Why? Just because nobody will be able to find the difference between Unidentified Flying Objects and robots : drones, insect-like robots, nano-robots, you name it. Nothing is what seems to be. The UFO=alien spacecraft legend is a good invention for the 50’s. “This "robo-fly", built from carbon fiber, weighs a fraction of a gram and has super-fast electronic "muscles" to power its wings. Its Harvard University developers say tiny robots like theirs may eventually be used in rescue operations. It could, for example, navigate through tiny spaces in collapsed buildings.” Just keep those Exopoliticians and fantasists in the attic, where you have the old radio and the pulp-fiction magazines.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fwd: UFOs gunned down as Drones.

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From: <>
Date: Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 4:52 PM
Subject: UFOs gunned down as Drones.

Drones are now the worst indirect enemies of UFOs (Alien Invasion Aircraft.)
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS), also known as drones, are either controlled by 'pilots' from the ground or increasingly, autonomously following a pre-programmed mission.
Now, when UFO, (ET vehicles ) are gunned down, this destruction is disguised as a drone shot incident. D.S.I.
After all, even if drones come from friendly countries, their destruction is seen as a justified mistake.
In fact this advance makes things a lot easier for those who protect our Earth.

Information is Power.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Mathew Kaye is the real Councilor of Earth..!

From: silverwolf580 To: Sent: Sunday, April 21, 2013 12:42 AM Subject: [UFOFacts] The new council form Earth to Star Nations . Greetings: I am Matthew Kaye . I have been appointed the new Council of Earth to Star Nations . This group is about UFO Facts only . Please feel free to join in the conversation as we evolve into beings of love and light. Everyone is welcome here , please respect others opinions and feel free to mingle and meet your fellow celestial travelers . This group is meant to be family friendly and politically and religiously nuetral . No trolling allowed . I will be doing every scans of posts and energy cleansing of messages to divulge Cabal operatives . MJK , Council of Earth to Star Nations .

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fwd: Be careful with Richard Boylan...!

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From: Leste Valis <>
Date: Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 1:01 AM
Subject: Be careful with Richard Boylan...!

Dr. Richard Boylan lost his licenses for ABUSES against his female patients. 
We include the pertinent document as EVIDENCE.
Also YAHOO deleted two of the Boylan's groups for abusive content and inapropriate messages sent to children.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Fwd: Neturei Karta

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Date: Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 3:34 PM
Subject: Neturei Karta

Neturei Karta opposed the establishment of and retain all opposition to the existence of the so-called "State of Israel"!

Neturei-Karta is the Aramaic term for "Guardians of the City. The name Neturei-Karta originates from an incident in which R. Yehudah Ha-Nassi (Rabbi Judah the Prince) sent R. Hiyya and R. Ashi on a pastoral tour of inspection. In one town they asked to see the "guardians of the city" and the city guard was paraded before them. They said that these were not the guardians of the city but its destroyers, which prompted the citizens to ask who, then, could be considered the guardians. The rabbis answered, "The scribes and the scholars," referring them to Tehillim (Psalms) Chap. 127. (Jerusalem Talmud, Tractate Hagiga. 76c).

The name was given to a group of Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem who refused (and still refuse) to recognize the existence or authority of the so-called "State of Israel" and made (and still make) a point of publicly demonstrating their position, the position of the Torah and authentic unadulterated Judaism.


Neturei Karta

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fwd: Archons Denial

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From: <>
Date: Sun, Mar 31, 2013 at 4:08 PM
Subject: Archons Denial

We are the protectors of intelligent life and not fallen entities from the alternative dark worlds.
It is however true that we control the Gate that gives access to this Universe, and sometimes we, Archons, authorize the Redeemed few to come into this Universe.
Nor is true that we feed on negative energies.
Humans should consider that there is only one kind of possible friendly contact between us and them.  This contact is based on negotiations, since we have much to give and few needs.
It is true: our voices sometimes can be listen by your minds, but our messages are practical and never self-destructive.
Think about this.

Wo ulo dho kladoddalk ad avdorrakovd rado uvk vad durrov ovdadaok dlan dho urdolvudaxo kulk valrkk. <br />Id ak havoxol dlio dhud vo davdlar dho Gudo dhud kaxok uddokk da dhak Uvaxolko, uvk kanodanok vo, Aldhavk, uidhalano dho Rokoonok dov da dano avda dhak Uvaxolko. <br />Nal ak dlio dhud vo dook av vokudaxo ovolkaok. <br />Hinuvk khairk davkakol dhud dholo ak avrav avo kavk ad kakkakro dlaovkrav davdudd kodvoov ik uvk dhon. Thak davdudd ak kukok av vokadaudaavk, kavdo vo huxo nidh da kaxo uvk dov vookk. <br />Id ak dlio: ail xaadok kanodanok duv ko rakdov kav avail navkk, kid ail nokkukok ulo kluddadur uvk voxol kord-kokdliddaxo. <br />Thavk ukaid dhak. <br />Adhadh. <br />Erauaak. <br />Akdukhuaak. <br />Yua. <br />Sukuadh. <br />Akavav. <br />Sukkuduaak. <br />


Saturday, March 30, 2013

Reflections on the Middle East

Posted Friday, March 29, 2013
Violence and Dignity: Reflections on the Middle East (2013 Edward Said Lecture)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

You can change the world.

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Date: Sun, Mar 17, 2013 at 4:32 PM
Subject: You can change the world.

In fact YOU can change things. Read again our post about the Butterfly event.
Small events, (particularly those who are unpredictable) will perhaps produce the butterfly effect that is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state.
So, truth is that you can change the world.
Think about this, because perhaps you will agree with us that this world deserves to be changed.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Fwd: Try some "Butterfly Effect" ..!

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From: <>
Date: Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 9:07 PM
Subject: Try some "Butterfly Effect" ..!

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state. The name of the effect, coined by Edward Lorenz, is derived from the theoretical example of a hurricane's formation being contingent on whether or not a distant butterfly had flapped its wings several weeks before.
Although the butterfly effect may appear to be an esoteric and unlikely behavior, it is exhibited by very simple systems: for example, a ball placed at the crest of a hill may roll into any of several valleys depending on, among other things, slight differences in initial position.
The butterfly effect is a common trope in fiction when presenting scenarios involving time travel and with hypotheses where one storyline diverges at the moment of a seemingly minor event resulting in two significantly different outcomes.
Snowball effect is a figurative term for a process that starts from an initial state of small significance and builds upon itself, becoming larger (graver, more serious), and also perhaps potentially dangerous or disastrous (a vicious circle, a "spiral of decline"), though it might be beneficial instead (a virtuous circle). This is a very common cliché in cartoons and modern theatrics and it is also used in Psychology.
The common analogy is with the rolling of a small ball of snow down a snow-covered hillside. As it rolls the ball will pick up more snow, gaining more mass and surface area, and picking up even more snow and momentum as it rolls along.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

CHAOS: Food for Thought

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Date: Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 6:44 PM
Subject: CHAOS

Chaos theory is the study of nonlinear dynamics, in which seemingly random events are actually predictable from simple deterministic equations.
 In other words, the deterministic nature of these systems does not make them predictable.
This behavior is known as deterministic chaos, or simply chaos.
In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions, where a small change at one place in a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences to a later state. The name of the effect, coined by Edward Lorenz, is derived from the theoretical example of a hurricane's formation being contingent on whether or not a distant butterfly had flapped its wings several weeks before.
The butterfly effect is exhibited by very simple systems: for example, a ball placed at the crest of a hill may roll into any of several valleys depending on, among other things, slight differences in initial position.
A chain reaction is a sequence of reactions where a reactive product or by-product causes additional reactions to take place. In a chain reaction, positive feedback leads to a self-amplifying chain of events.
Chain reactions are one way in which systems which are in thermodynamic non-equilibrium can release energy or increase entropy in order to reach a state of higher entropy. For example, a system may not be able to reach a lower energy state by releasing energy into the environment, because it is hindered in some way from taking the path that will result in the energy release. If a reaction results in a small energy release making way for more energy releases in an expanding chain, then the system will typically collapse explosively until much or all of the stored energy has been released.
A metaphor for chain reactions is thus a snowball causing larger snowfall until finally an avalanche results ("snowball effect"). This is a result of stored gravitational potential energy seeking a path of release over friction.
Can be roughly grouped into three types:
A positive, unexpected benefit (usually referred to as luck, serendipity or a windfall).
A negative, unexpected detriment occurring in addition to the desired effect of the policy
A perverse effect contrary to what was originally intended (when an intended solution makes a problem worse), such as when a policy has a perverse incentive that causes actions opposite to what was intended.
Possible causes of unintended consequences include the world's inherent complexity (parts of a system responding to changes in the environment), perverse incentives, human stupidity, self-deception, failure to account for human nature or other cognitive or emotional biases.
As a sub-component of complexity, the chaotic nature of the universe—and especially its quality of having small, apparently insignificant changes with far-reaching effects (e.g., the butterfly effect)—applies.



UFO Sightings: NO proof of aliens' existence.

UFO sightings no proof of aliens existence
Northern Voices Online
Experts are of the opinion that numerous UFO sightings are really no proof
of aliens existence in our world. More so when we don't have any conclusive
evidence of a UFO being closely seen by a group of people in any industrial
nation. Aliens might not ...


Monday, March 4, 2013

UFO or Killing Robots?

** Robot warriors: Lethal machines coming of age **
Engineers are designing robots that will kill on future battlefields without human intervention - and the ethics are being hotly debated. >


Friday, March 1, 2013

What's going on with the Basiago-Webre team?

This is what "time travel", "exopolitics" and similar inventions do to people...

Andrew Basiago Is Unfit For The U.S. Presidency - YouTube
He has been abusive and threatening. He has a history of verbally abusing
people on the telephone and email. Andrew is unfit to be elected U.S.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Fwd: Subterraneans and the next Pope.

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From: <>
Date: Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 5:15 PM
Subject: Subterraneans and the next Pope.

Secret and tense negotiations with the Subterraneans are in fact deciding who will be the next Pope.
The INTRAterrestrials insist that the future Pontiff MUST recognize sooner or latter the existence of the Subterranean Civilization which is (they say) much more civilized and scientifically advanced that humanity.
For the Church, (and churches) this recognition will be something like an earthquake or worst, a tsunami.
We should understand clearly and without illusions that the subterraneans, also called Aghartans, have strong cards in their hands, in fact, stronger cards than us, humans.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fwd: Pope Benedict XVI and disclosure.

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From: <>
Date: Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 4:38 PM
Subject: Pope Benedict XVI and disclosure.

Ufological sources in Rome and Paris, suggest that Pope Benedict XVI's renounce was decided by His Holiness lack of will to recognize the presence of a non-human and advanced civilization in the underground world of Shamballah or Agharta.
This recognition will indeed force the Catholic Church and other Religions to rewrite their own Theology.
The exception is of course Buddhism which is a non-theistic religion and recognized from the beginning the presence of the Devas, described as non human but mortal intelligences.
Buddhism, particularly the Tibetan lineage, is also clear and concise about the existence of Shamballah and Agharta.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fwd: Laura Eisenhower, the false gnostic .

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From: <>
Date: Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 5:21 PM
Subject: Laura, the false gnostic .

A well know exopolitician who wants to remain anonymous, told us that Laura Eisenhower,(his ex-friend.) is a false gnostic  controlled by the dark agents of the Forces of Chaos. The self proclaimed Cosmic Alchemist and Divine Femenine worships the Demiurge and the sinister Archons.
Laura, as Sophia, is known in the occult circles as Lilith, the Dark counterpart of Eve. (A succubus indeed.)

The secret Elite are parasites that control the behaviors and perceptions of people, using us a type of energetic food source. also, be careful what info you find on the net, regarding gnosis, exopolitics and time-travel, because those who manipulate these conceps are  agents of the Darkest Forces operating on our Earth.


Friday, February 8, 2013

Shamballah is Agharta.

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Date: Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 9:19 PM
Subject: Shamballah is Agharta.

For the seers the key is here.
For those who have the Eyes to see the TRUTH.

visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultum lapiden


Fwd: Shamballa, Agharta and UFO REVELATIONS

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Date: Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 6:06 PM
Subject: Shamballa, Agharta and UFO

Some questions about Agharta and Shamballah are clarified here:

The famous Russian artist, philosopher and explorer, Nicholas Roerich, who traveled extensively in the Far East, claimed that Lhasa, capital of Tibet, was connected by a tunnel with Shamballah, capital of the subterranean empire of Agharta. The entrance of this tunnel was guarded by Devas, Nagas and Ascended Superiors, who were sworn to keep its actual whereabouts a secret from outsiders.
A similar tunnel was believed to connect the secret chambers at the base of the Pyramid of Gizeh with the Subterranean World, by which the Pharaohs established contact with the underworld.

The various gigantic statues of early Egyptian gods and kings, as those of Buddha found throughout the Orient, represent subterranean entities who came to the surface to help the human race. They are generally represented as sexless, but this lack of gender is symbolic. They were emissaries of Agharta, also called the subterranean paradise.
The subterranean civilization of Shamballah-Agharta is believed to represent a continuation of previous eonic civilizations, which, having learned the lesson of the futility of war, remained in a state of peace ever since, making stupendous scientific progress uninterrupted by the setbacks of recurrent wars, as our surface civilization has been.
Subterranean scientists are able to wield forces of nature we know nothing about, as demonstrated by their flying saucers, which are operated by a new, unknown source of energy, more subtle than atomic energy. The Empire of Agharta consists of a network of subterranean cities connected with each other by tunnels through which vehicles pass at tremendous speed, both under land and under the ocean.
These vehicles of different sizes are the Unidentified Flying Objects we know.


Thursday, February 7, 2013


UFO’s ORIGIN UFO are not extraterrestrials. They come from Shamballah the center of the Superior World, where the Emperor of the Earth lives and reigns. He is the Kacravarti, Lord of the Wheel. This kingdom’s reality is extra dimensional and spiritual as much as physical or geographic. The Vipassanas are the guardians of the worlds. Ufonauts are called the Devas. The Mandala below is guide for those who have eyes to see. The inner and alternative meanings refer to more subtle understandings of what Shambhala represents in terms of one's own body and mind, and the meditation practice. These two types of symbolic explanations are generally passed on orally from teacher to student. The first Kalachakra masters of the tradition disguised themselves with pseudonyms, so the oral traditions are protected. Shamballa doors are located in the higher reaches of the Himalayas in what is now called the Dhauladhar mountains. This is what can be said as a guide for the Truth Seekers.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fwd: The Rhetoric of Andy, Alfred and Laura.

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From: <>
Date: Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 3:16 PM
Subject: The Rhetoric of Andy, Alfred and Laura.

Analysts believe that the inventions of Andy Basiago, Alfred Webre and Laura Eisenhower are becoming more contradictory and unbelievable. Because of this, the rhetoric of Andy, Alfred and Laura is changing and the trio is more and more detached.
Laura is into the Gnostic style as the Eternal Feminine, Sophia and Mother Earth things.
Alfred is back into the extraterrestrial mythology blended with extremist politics.
Andy, the self proclaimed time jumper is in a dead end, repeating the same nonsense about life in Mars, time jumping and that kind of pulp fiction.
Truth is that these fairy tales have something in common: do not sell well, perhaps because the few true-believers that remain in the EXO-Circus are looking for something more believable.

Have a nice day.
The Watchers


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fwd: [criticalufology] Alfred Webre against the whole WORLD..!

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From: Eli Sadhanusari <>
Date: Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 8:49 PM
Subject: [criticalufology] Alfred Webre against the whole WORLD..!
To: criticalufology <>


Learn about the biggest conspiracy in all times. 
Alfred...are you all right?

How NASA, Media, & "Disclosure" groups coverup Life on Mars, with Alfred Lambremont Webre


"How to Evaluate the Evidence for Indigenous Martian Intelligent Life," 



"THE NEWS Live reports the news that the Main Stream News is designed to hide."
THE NEWS Live for Jan. 25, 2013 with Alfred Lambremont Webre  is streamed live every Friday at 6 pm Pacific, 7 pm Mountain, 8 pm Central, 9:00 pm Eastern, 2:00 AM GMT at  Each live broadcast is accessible immediately afterwards on archive at ExopoliticsTV.


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Friday, January 25, 2013

THE UFO=ET Hypothesis.

Let us agree with the most common UFO hypothesis: The ufonauts are here, with us, perhaps from the beginning of historical times or before.  These entities are civilized members of some post-luminic extraterrestrial civilization. They are benevolent.


Do we have any evidence that confirms this hypothesis?


Obviously, the New Age rhetoric is totally human, and so are the religious nonsense that the Exopoliticians and exo-cultists prettend us to believe are Alien Messages.

The whole talk about the "source", and the "laws of the Universe" and the future in a nice, mysterious "fifth world" is human-made. Is the product of our own human culture (or perhaps inculture .)


The so called contactees and self proclaimed ufological experts give us nothing that proves the existence of these shy, pathetic ETs.

If this is so, then we have two possibilities:


The first one is that there are no aliens here, and never were. 


The second one is that these aliens are not benevolent at all, and it is possible to show the evidence of this malevolence by omission.


IF a benevolent extraterrestrial culture is here, and is benevolent concerning us, why Auschwitz or Bushenwald? Why Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? Why the Genocide of 75 % of the North and South American Indians?

Why they do not help us in any way? Why Slavery and Cruelty and Crime? Why all these Horrors are tolerated by the good, wise, benevolent, superior aliens?


Yes, it's true that we are our own murderers but they do not care, and If they don't, they are not benevolent but obviously malevolent by omission.

If we accept the ET hypothesis, the Logical Consequence is that they are (at least) malevolent by omission.

The alternatives : either they exploit us in one or many ways, or they do not exist at all.

 The UFO Phenomenon is an unsolved mystery and soon it will be just the name of a computers game.