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Richard Boylan and the Alien looking Brothel in Las Vegas.

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Bravo, Councilor of Earth. In the SAME SITE that shows the alien monument, we can learn that a brothel with alien-looking prostitutes was created in Las Vegas. This is SENT TO KIDS ..!

Alien Sex, ET Cathouse Opens, Brothel Has Girls From Another World, Las Vegas

Alien Cathouse brothel to feature 'girls from another world'

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to distant planets, meeting exotic alien women and having sex with them?

If so, you -- and possibly Captain Kirk -- are the target audience for brothel owner Dennis Hof's newest Southern Nevada business venture.

The reality television star and outspoken sex merchant recently bought a rundown bordello 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas and unveiled plans to renovate and reopen it with a science fiction theme.



Follow link please and see by yourselves:





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Wednesday, December 28, 2011 4:21 PM

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    Thanks. It is encouraging that there are folks out there with the consciousness to put themselves in the shoes of the visiting Star Persons, and to feel compassion for those who have lost their lives while trying to establish peaceful contact with Humans.

    Hats off to Nikolay Subbotin, the head of the Russian UFO Research Station (RUFORS) in Molebka, near Perm in Russia's Ural Mountains. The monument's dignified almost-6-foot-tall statue (supposedly of a Tall Zeta, I'd think) shows the compassion of the Russians commemorating their brothers from the stars.

    May Star Nations take encouragement from this display of solidarity from ordinary citizens who have not been bewitched by Cabal anti-Star Visitor propaganda.


     in the light,


     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC


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Subject: [UFOFacts] Monument to Aliens.

Dr. Boylan,


I found this while surfing the web. It's a very short news video of a monument erected in a small russian town to honor the fallen 'aliens' that have tried to establish contact.

Thought you might like to look at it.









Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Richard Boylan's messages of HATE against USA.

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Fran, (and everyone),
    The U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel drone that fell into Iran's hands was part of a joint CIA-military reconnaissance operation. 
    The Sentinel, (which is so advanced that the U.S. Air Force has not even distributed a photo of it), is manufactured by Lockheed Martin and is equipped with stealth technology.
    Nevertheless, Al Jazeera and other news organizations have provided video images of this once-secret RQ-170 drone. See:
    Lockheed-Martin is a prime Cabal advanced-technology military and aerospace contractor. Its Black Projects division, Advanced Development Programs, (the appropriately name "Skunk Works"), is as close to pure evil as a large sprawling corporation can get. It is the chief recipient of captured Star Visitor technology from the Cabal, which maintains an active secret program of trying to capture Star Visitors, shoot down their starcraft, and plunder the technology inside.  All the while Lockheed Martin pretends that the resulting human back-engineered and weaponized technology (such as the Sentinel Stealth Drone) is solely the result of Lockheed's brilliant human engineers. (Sic).
    Fran, you are quite right that the Sentinel drone's navigation and guidance systems are crafted from components which include brain tissue from Star Visitors spliced together with human micro-circuitry to produce a hybrid bionic device.
    Thus the Lockheed-Martin Sentinel represents the murder of Star Visitors and cannibalizing of their tissues. And people thought that defense contractors couldn't sink any lower!   Such evil calls for government investigation and vigorous prosecution.
    I did energy scans and President Obama is not aware of the cannibalism of Star Visitors being done by Lockheed-Martin. CIA Director does not know that the Sentinel drone has Star Visitor parts used in it. General John Allen, the US/NATO commander in Afghanistan, does not know about the Sentinel's Star Visitor-tissue components.
    It certainly is the responsibility of the President of the United States to inform the American people about the atrocities committed on Star Visitors by US aerospace Black Projects military contractors like Lockheed-Martin's Skunk Works, Northrop-Grumman's "Anthill" operation, and Boeing's Phantom Works.  ... But first the President has to find out that this is going on!
    Fran, perhaps soon you and I can find a way to get word to the President about these atrocities, and wise him up.
    in service to Source, Star Nations, Earth, and Humankind,
    Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of Earth

P.S.: It appears that that capture of a Sentinel drone was a sly disinformation "Trojan Horse" operation by the CIA and DoD. That "Sentinel" which is in Iranian hands does not have the same color as real Sentinels (white instead of gray). And the "Sentinel" the Iranians have has wings which stick straight out from its fuselage, whereas real Sentinels have wings which sweep back and up slightly.
    And so it is likely that the electronics and other technology which the Iranians have harvested is low-level, obsolete, and incomplete. (And by the way, there is no Star Visitor tissue in that fake "Sentinel" which the Iranians hold.)
    Thus it appears that the CIA deliberately sent this useless "Trojan Horse" drone into Iran where it would be captured and deceive the Iranians, and the Chinese and Russians whom the Iranians would sell it to, as to the supposed state of advancement of U.S. technology.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC

Monday, December 12, 2011

President Obama is Martian, says Andrew Basiago.

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Subject: President Obama is Martian, says Andrew Basiago.

Andrew D. Basiago, an attorney from Seattle, Washington who has spent the past few years or so trying to convince anyone who will listen that he was part of a super-secret Government experiment in time travel (known as Project Pegasus) has come out with a most odd claim.

He claims that while he was part of the Project Pegasus experiments, he spent time with a young Barrack Obama (then going by his slave name, Barry Soetoro) while the two were training (as part of a team) to go to the American base on Mars.

Yes, that Mars.

Read More

Read More following link...



Richard Boylan' s anti-USA statements.

Richard Boylan, the self proclaimed “Councilor of Earth”, is also a self proclaimed enemy of the United States. Of course, he is the only one who posts in his group UFOfacts. Intelligent people doesn't associate their names with his pathetic rants.
 Please, see the message above, and remember that it’s not only sent to adults but to children. His anti-USA statements in Bold and Italic. Of course no evidences at all are given.


Sunday, December 11, 2011 1:45 PM
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Maria Edith,

    Regarding those stories you've read about "great underground lakes and great caverns", most of that is disinformation put out by the Cabal to distract people interested in underground bases and secret installations.
    What is true is that the U.S. government has used underground nuclear explosions to carve out artificial large caverns, which it then refashions into space for an underground installation, such as are under Area 51 and Site S-4 on the Nevada Test Site/Nellis Air Force Range.
    And now you know why there were so many underground "tests" over the years on the Nevada Test Site. That many explosions were not need to test whether triggers for or new designs of nuclear weapons worked properly. Most of  those explosions were for the purpose of  excavating underground.
    Yes, there are underground tunnels criss-crossing the United States. Much of this is for TAUSS, the Trans-America Underground Subway System, a classified secret military bullet train which operates in vacuum tubes supported by magnetic levitation, and transports VIPs between military bases and between government centers like Washington, DC, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Area 51, Nevada, and Naval Base Coronado, San Diego, California, etc.
    For carrying heavy freight like some of the starcraft which have been shot down, there is an electric freight train which operates underground on rails between Sandia National Laboratories on Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico and Area 51 in Nevada. There may be other such underground freight train "short lines".

     in the light,

     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Extraterrestrials with Mushroom-shaped heads

Aliens with “mushroom-shaped” heads abducted a young man but he knew nothing about it until months later. All he remembered was that he and a friend had seen a huge UFO rise up out of a field late one night and shoot a ray of light at them.

A series of hypnosis sessions conducted by a medical doctor some weeks later disclosed an incredible story about five strange creatures that examined the man aboard the UFO.

"The creatures told me not to be afraid, that they weren't going to hurt me," David Stephens said in an interview three months after the encounter. He said all five creatures had enlarged heads and looked alike.

The doctor who hypnotized Stephens was convinced he was telling the truth, as was a psychiatrist who questioned Stephens and eight members of his family for eight and a half hours.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Examiner to Alfred Webre: "you are fired..!"

Notice from Examiner.Com - Dec. 6, 2011
Dear Alfred Lambremont Webre,
Here is some information regarding your recent support request.
Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. The content audit took longer than expected. After reviewing a segment of your articles, it has been determined that much of your content violates our Terms of Use, specifically the following passage:
6. Prohibited Content and Activities
You agree that you will not post to the Site, or use the Site to transmit or make available any Content that: you know or have reason to know is false, misleading, or fraudulent.
While there is certainly an audience for your topic of expertise, it is not the type of content we want associated with
Therefore we have decided to retire your account and remove your content from our site. You will be paid out the balance of your earnings in the January payment cycle (on or around Jan. 20th).
Good luck in your future endeavors.
Matt Sandy
Pacific Experience Director

Anonymous Sources: Richard Boylan working for the Cabal.

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Date: Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 5:22 AM
Subject: Richard Boylan working for the Cabal.

Our comments between text, bold, italic.
This “installement” dictated by the Cabal to Richard Boylan,, shows the usual weakness of the presumed Tall Zeta Star Visitors.

   a) 1941 (July 19) - The first UFO crash of modern times occurred when a disc craft carrying Star Visitors went down in the Pacific Ocean west of Tinian Island (North Mariana Islands chain), 6000 miles west of the U.S. The Tall Zeta Star Visitors had been observing Humans on Tinian making war preparations, and specifically were observing the Japanese fighter plane airfields. The starcraft was flying low to observe(very bad equipment indeed. The Spacecraft needs to fly low to see what’s going on in the Island?  and was spotted by the Japanese, who scrambled three fighter planes to attack what they supposed to be an advanced American aircraft. Three old Japanese fighters in 1941, were enough to destroy the interstellar Zeta technology?
The Japanese squadron consisted of one Mitsubishi A6M Zero and two Nakajima Ki-44 Shooki single-pilot fighters. As the Japanese engaged in dogfights with the peaceful Zeta disc, the pilot of the Zero fighter came so close to the disc that he could see non-Human faces in its window. He was so startled that he lost concentration and his fighter crashed into the disc craft.How do they know that? The Zero went down in flames, and parts of the damaged disc fell onto Tinian.The Zetas desperately tried to maneuver their heavily damaged craft to the west out over the Pacific and away from Tinian. But their craft was doomed and fell into the ocean 95 miles west of Tinian, sinking to the bottom of the 10,314 foot deep seabed. It rests at approximately 14 degrees 34' 36.29" North Latitude; 144 degrees 26' 35.68" East Longitude. This event was a first in several ways: the first UFO crash of modern times; the first UFO that was not deliberately shot down; and the first UFO crash not the result of hostile Ameri

 can actions.(Curious this. Of course Americans are the bad fellows as usual. But anyway, all this shows the clear message of the Cabal: we will destroy the old, primitive aircraft of the invaders and we can do that perfectly well.
   When the Marines captured Tinian Island in 1944 from the Japanese, they discovered wreckage that had fallen off from the Zeta disc. The U.S. Navy shipped that exotic-looking debris to the Army Air Corps Air Material Command at Wright Field, Ohio for technical analysis by technicians there expert in the study of captured enemy aircraft components. (The Navy has had a leadership position in UFO matters ever since.) Cf.:

More curious things here: If the Star Nations were just looking the war in 1941, why should their detachment and indifference change?
Well informed sources told us that the Cabal was angry with cabalist Boylan and put an end to his Ego Trips.
After all, the Cabal pays Richard  Boylan’s bills.

    in the light,

    Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fwd: Richard Boylan's True Story

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Date: Tue, Dec 6, 2011 at 5:21 PM
Subject: Richard Boylan's True Story

Dear friends
Follow links and learn who is the self proclaimed "Councilor of Earth"


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dr. Michael Salla: Second Coming of Christ Orchestrated by Evil Aliens.

New Show: Exopoliticians against Aliens

Apparently, the same Manipulative Extraterrestrials who scripted the Bible, described their cube in the Book of Revelation. Alex Collier and ancient Pagan Gnostic insights documented by Dr. John Lash suggest that the Bible in general and its Book of Revelation was authored Manipulative Extraterrestrials to script their own “anointed“ arrival.

Is this alleged apparent cube “Mothership“, a part of what Dr. Michael Salla describes as an alien orchestrated “Second Coming of Jesus”. Is Jesus really an alien-human hybrid like Adam and Eve, based upon Dan Sewell Ward‘s insights?

Was the Immaculate Conception an alien abduction event, as claimed by some researchers?. Is Comet Elenin a Holographic projection for interdimensional regressive alien “mind parasites” documented by Pagan Gnostics and described by Alfred Lambremont Webre as the ‘archons‘?

A battle has been raging on this planet for thousands of years. The battle for control of the minds and wills of humanity. Many have been taught that it is a battle between God's angels and Satan's demons. The truth of the matter is something much more insidious.

A conspiracy of cosmic proportions has been orchestrated against the inhabitants of this planet by an alien influence which is so deceptive, elusive, cunning and evil that even the most brilliant minds have failed to detect its presence.