Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Anonymous Sources: Richard Boylan working for the Cabal.

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Date: Wed, Dec 7, 2011 at 5:22 AM
Subject: Richard Boylan working for the Cabal.

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This “installement” dictated by the Cabal to Richard Boylan,, shows the usual weakness of the presumed Tall Zeta Star Visitors.

   a) 1941 (July 19) - The first UFO crash of modern times occurred when a disc craft carrying Star Visitors went down in the Pacific Ocean west of Tinian Island (North Mariana Islands chain), 6000 miles west of the U.S. The Tall Zeta Star Visitors had been observing Humans on Tinian making war preparations, and specifically were observing the Japanese fighter plane airfields. The starcraft was flying low to observe(very bad equipment indeed. The Spacecraft needs to fly low to see what’s going on in the Island?  and was spotted by the Japanese, who scrambled three fighter planes to attack what they supposed to be an advanced American aircraft. Three old Japanese fighters in 1941, were enough to destroy the interstellar Zeta technology?
The Japanese squadron consisted of one Mitsubishi A6M Zero and two Nakajima Ki-44 Shooki single-pilot fighters. As the Japanese engaged in dogfights with the peaceful Zeta disc, the pilot of the Zero fighter came so close to the disc that he could see non-Human faces in its window. He was so startled that he lost concentration and his fighter crashed into the disc craft.How do they know that? The Zero went down in flames, and parts of the damaged disc fell onto Tinian.The Zetas desperately tried to maneuver their heavily damaged craft to the west out over the Pacific and away from Tinian. But their craft was doomed and fell into the ocean 95 miles west of Tinian, sinking to the bottom of the 10,314 foot deep seabed. It rests at approximately 14 degrees 34' 36.29" North Latitude; 144 degrees 26' 35.68" East Longitude. This event was a first in several ways: the first UFO crash of modern times; the first UFO that was not deliberately shot down; and the first UFO crash not the result of hostile Ameri

 can actions.(Curious this. Of course Americans are the bad fellows as usual. But anyway, all this shows the clear message of the Cabal: we will destroy the old, primitive aircraft of the invaders and we can do that perfectly well.
   When the Marines captured Tinian Island in 1944 from the Japanese, they discovered wreckage that had fallen off from the Zeta disc. The U.S. Navy shipped that exotic-looking debris to the Army Air Corps Air Material Command at Wright Field, Ohio for technical analysis by technicians there expert in the study of captured enemy aircraft components. (The Navy has had a leadership position in UFO matters ever since.) Cf.:

More curious things here: If the Star Nations were just looking the war in 1941, why should their detachment and indifference change?
Well informed sources told us that the Cabal was angry with cabalist Boylan and put an end to his Ego Trips.
After all, the Cabal pays Richard  Boylan’s bills.

    in the light,

    Richard Boylan, Ph.D.