Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Extraterrestrials unfulfilled promise.

Jon Riley is NOT a yes man. He thinks, he is a thinking Human Being.
He is teaching us that it is possible to express DOUBTS without being banned ipso facto, by the self proclaimed councilor of Earth.
He puts something else in EVIDENCE.
If the star nations are here, wanting to help us; why they DON'T give the world the promised Big Show?
Indeed they are not helping their own councilor of Earth at all.
It looks like these Big Brothers ALWAYS
play Hide and Seek.
You are right Jon. Why not "hundreds or thousands of star craft and or a low flyover of a massive mother-ship over major U.S."
Not even one, Jon, not even ONE.
Their rule is always to "do" something that looks like something else". lots of talk, but NEVER the FACTS.
Know something Jon and people? It always looks like they don't exist, that they are not there at all.
What can you do? Just two things. TALK and keep on WAITING. There is NOTHING more.

"Jon Riley"

Yes, you were right. Our definitions of dramatic differed and was the result of the misunderstanding. I was expecting mass displays of hundreds or thousands of star craft and or a low flyover of a massive mother-ship over major U.S. cities within a few days after October 24. I kept looking up every day hoping to see something dramatic and then after several weeks of disappointment I stopped looking. Perhaps I was expecting too much too fast.
I do however agree that the cancellation of the Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert Rally on the Washington Mall Oct. 30 was just and fair because it would have been wrong to knowingly put all those people in harm's way. I'm glad those people are OK as I would imagine myself in the shoes of those people there. The Cabal failed to stage a disaster sabotage attack thanks to good judgment on our part. Star Nations fleet can now plan a surprise display in an undisclosed location and time where the Cabal will not expect and not have enough time to sabotage. I still hope that dramatic change and reform will come very soon.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ufologist just HATE Ufologists

Dear people, as you well know already, ALL the Ufologists, exopoliticians and EXO(you name it, ) have ONE THING IN COMMON, JUST ONE and it's HATE...they hate themselves, exchange insults and waste time with mutual accusations.
Well, you know, it's just competence. They are fighting between them for the UFO market..$

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Date: Mon, Dec 20, 2010 at 1:44 PM
Subject: About Webre and Salla

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That bogus story about "three large objects headed for Earth", featured by the Cabal dynamic-duo-disinformers Alfred Webre and Michael Salla in their blog-pretending-to-be-a-newspaper, The Examiner, is typical of the hoaxes and tired disinformation they "publish" at that site.
I went to the Cabal distract-and-disinform operation, the SETI "Institute" ( and looked up the scientists in their roster and there is no "Craig Kasnov".
So even a sister Cabal disinformation is not part of this second-rate hoax.
Read the energy signatures for: SETI, Craig Kasnov, and for that faked object-in-space photo.
You will find that all three energy signatures are dark, indicating deception.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ufologists Fighting against Shadows.

Those who promote the UFO=ET. hypothesis, are not fighting against the cover-up or the Cabal conspiracy, as they want us to believe.
Some logic will show us that this battle against the imaginary conspiracy, is a fallacy.
The real enemy of the UFO=ET hypothesis is the Nothing Happens Situation.

But nothing can be done against this lack of events. The enemy is invincible, because it is a shadow, a non-existence.

EXOS do not fight against what is happening, but against what's not happening at all.

They need desperately to convince the believers that something is going on, or that something will happen soon.
They are doing this for the last 70 years. Reality however is hard to defeat. Day after day, year after year, Nothing Happens and the ET=UFO believers will promote hallucination. A birthday party balloon will be an alien craft. A bird will be a disguised fast-walker.
The will to believe (or to make-believe) in what is not there, will be the rule,
however, there is a price to pay: Isolation, more and more lies, pathetic whistle-blowers and paranoia.
The world of the ufo=et. believer becomes a circus, and worst, an asylum.
Denial of reality is a hard work, the hardest perhaps.
Twisted interpretations will replace the obvious, and every new day without nice ETs landing in the White House, becomes a failure, a new challenge.
The cosmic gurus ask the believers to wait, just wait one day, one month, one year more, and promise them that the big show is coming soon. However the sky remains empty, and the "guests" never arrive.
The promised cosmic spectacle becomes the Theater of the Absurd.

Monday, December 6, 2010

ALERT: Dangerous idea..!

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Date: Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 5:59 PM
Subject: Dangerous idea.


The self proclaimed Councilor of Earth's most dangerous idea.

Friends and Star Kids,

Here is a quick quiz.
What percentage of people you know would say "yes" to the following proposition?

"I would welcome a starcraft coming down and landing in my back yard and the occupants getting out and coming up to my back door, knocking on it, and asking for a glass of tea?"

I will be tabulating each of your estimated-percentage answers. Don't give your own response, just add it to the percentage total figure. For example, if you know 20 people, and estimate, or ask and find out, that 6 of them would say yes to such a proposition, and then were to add yourself to make 7, then you would report that 35% (7/20) of your acquaintances and you would welcome such a touch-down.
Thank you.

in service to Source,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.