Thursday, April 17, 2014

Beam me up, Laura Magdalene...

More than 60 years with the same music: disclosure…cover up…! Contact…! Who believes in all this nonsense? My personal interpretation: the fantasy sellers work with new generations of believers. Why not? After all Xstians remain waiting for the second coming for 2 thousand years…can you believe this?
From the personal perspective of the snake oil sellers, the whole thing is to make some money as soon as possible , and then perform some elegant disappearance. Alternative: become gurus and keep some true believers in “the Sanctity of Faith…” Turn the “aliens” into gods and invent new religious sects.
YOUR IDEAS WELCOME…let me know if I can publish your thoughts…Thanks…Beam me up Basiago..!

Massive Cover Up of ET Contact - Alfred Lambremont Webre interviews Cosmologist Laura Magdalene Eisenhower (Video)

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rational Ufology: The Psychosocial Hypothesis


The psychosocial hypothesis builds on the finding that most ufo reports have mundane explanations like celestial objects, airplane lights, balloons, and a host of other misperceived things seen in the sky which suggests the presence of an unusual emotional climate which distorts perceptions and the perceived significance and anomalousness of merely terrestrial stimuli.
 In the more exotic situation where people claim direct contact with extraterrestrials, the need for a
psychosocial approach seems obliged by the presence of at least 70 claims of people meeting Venusians and at least 50 claims of meeting Martians; both worlds now known to be uninhabitable and devoid of any advanced civilization.”Read More

THE PSYCHOSOCIAL HYPOTHESIS  “is particularly popular among UFO researchers in the United Kingdom, such as David Clarke, Hilary Evans, the editors of Magonia magazine, and many of the contributors to Fortean Times magazine. It is also popular in France since the publication in 1977 of a book written by Michel Monnerie,[1] Et si les ovnis n'existaient pas? (What if ufos do not exist?).
UFO hoaxers in action. A nice hobby.