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Fwd: Can't fool all the people all the time.

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Date: Sun, May 29, 2011 at 4:43 PM
Subject: Can't fool all the people all the time.

It's true that nobody posts messages in UFOfacts, but why?
Dr Richard Boylan has an answer for this "silence". The "cabal "is manipulating those messages that never "see the light" in his group.
But also President Abraham Lincoln had an answer: he said, "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time"
He was right. The problem is that liars despise the same people who believe in those lies.
They think that they are Masters of some asylum and they have power over those "poor idiots".
However, sometimes the asylum is empty and The "patients" runaway. They need fresh air. They need freedom, they need TRUTH. They are intelligent people who think.
But there is something more about the silence in UFOfacts. Call it Karma. Remember that NOBODY gets away with his wrongdoings.
Transcript of California Board of Psychology revoking Boylan's license to practice.
Yes, always the cabal is responsible. (Remembers me those criminals that justify themselves: "the Devil make me do it..!)
It's particularly repulsive to justify our own abuses pointing at some mysterious external Forces. But truth is that we all must pay our debts.
 Dr. Boylan, you talk too much about things, events that never happen, Star Nations shows, Earthquakes, you name it.
You are always wrong. ", "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time"
About that lack of messages in your UFOfacts group, the mystery is solved, "Councilor of Earth". People wants something else. They are tired of your messages of hate and paranoia. They know that you are always wrong.
People want Truth, Honesty, and a clean background. You have nothing to give them. "Councilor". Nothing at all.

Concerned Parents.


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Richard Boylan "workshops" and Child Abuse.

In the following link, you will find many testimonies of  people who were victimized by Richard Boylan's paranoia.

By the way, some experts and concerned parents consider child abuse  the manipulation of kids in workshops or  through inadequate messages sent by Richard Boyla,  self proclaimed Councilor of Earth to StarKidsHangout yahoo group.


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Must Read: Richard Boylan is a Reptilian

Richard Boylan is a  Reptilian..!

Rebuttal to a Reptile in Human Clothing
archived 11-06-99
Archive file# r110699c
donated by L. Savage

Common Sense II 
Rebuttal to a Reptile in Human Clothing 
This Treatise is called "More Common Sense" in memory of Thomas Paine when he tried to explain the facts of life to the colonists prior to the Revolutionary War. 

This letter is in rebuttal to the one Dr. Richard Boylan gave to a female abductee in a recent Contact Forum letter. Boylan's letter was a classic example of a reptilian propagandist and apologist's lame efforts to justify evil perpetrated upon an innocent person. 

My name is James Bartley and I am a close associate and colleague of Barbara Bartholic of Tulsa Oklahoma. Barbara is the most knowledgeable Reptilian researcher on this planet. There is no one on this planet who knows more about the Alien Abduction phenomena than Ms. Bartholic. She has worked with over seven hundred abductees over a span of two decades. I also work closely with Eve Frances Lorgen of San Diego county, California who is also a protege of Ms. Bartholic. I am an abductee myself and speak from the standpoint of Wisdom, which is knowledge gained through experience. I'm not interested in endless conjecture and speculation. 

It IS About Spiritual Warfare 

I have the maturity to recognize that what we are involved with is spiritual warfare on a cosmic multi-dimensional scale. The reader simply must be aware that the first line of defense for the dark gods is the so-called UFO research community itself. There is nothing simpler than activating the ego of the so- called UFO researcher. It has long been a part of their Modus Operandi. Richard Boylan, Steven Greer and the rest of the Muppet Show are classic examples of manipulated and programmed Muppets who have had their puny egos activated and who have been sent out into the world to impose their wills upon abductees and "experiencers" who are still seeking the approval of others. 

Boylan used the usual canned responses in his absurd letter. Namely: 1) The ludicrous notion that the woman was merely suffering from spiritual retardation and was mentally incapable of understanding the "benevolent" nature of the horrific and unwanted experimentation that was being conducted on her. 

Witnesses to the Alien Lies 

Right now Barbie and I are working with a woman who is literally having her nerve tissues harvested by the aliens. They are replacing her nerve endings with alien nerve endings and are plying this woman with chemicals to promote the growth of the alien nerve tissue. 

This woman is eminently qualified to discuss what is happening to her. She is an Electron Microscopist and has spent over ten years working in Tissue Culture Research and Dermatology. She has worked for 23 years in Cancer Research. 

This woman is in constant pain and has contemplated suicide on a number of occasions. What has happened to her has absolutely nothing to do with spiritual evolution. 

We have also worked with countless women who have suffered painful and bloody hemorrhages, sometimes lasting for days, after the "benevolent ET" doctors had made an unwanted housecall. What, the discerning human must ask, does profuse and painful bleeding have to do with "spiritual evolution." Whatever sophistry of reasoning Boylan uses to justify all of this just gives the reader an excellent opportunity to study the language of a Perpetrator. 

Blame it all on Human Military/Industrialists 

The second familiar excuse Boylan uses is to heap all of the blame upon "the Global Industrialist and Militarist." This is one of the most insidious methods the dark side is using against the human race. 

One of the main planks of the Reptilian Agenda has been to heap all of the blame upon the apparent humans who are merely the errand boys of the reptilian overlords of this world. I say "apparent" because many of the "Illuminated" members of the human race are actually high ranking Adepts, well versed in the Black Arts. 

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil 

The New Age La-Dee-Dahs claim that there is no such thing as Evil or Demons, which makes these same New Age La-Dee-Dahs the butt of endless jokes by Witches, Warlocks and Satanists throughout the world because the latter derive their power from demonic entities. An Adept who invokes the power of the dark side and conjures up malevolent non-human entities know more about the paranormal in general and about UFO's in particular than the densest UFO researcher will ever know. 

Blame Game Creates More Human Conflict 

By constantly blaming "the military" and the "globalist industrialist" the reptilian propagandists condition the abductees into believing that ALL human institutions are bad and that the only hope one has to reach the chimerical ": next level of consciousness, evolution, vibratory frequency" et al is to look to the skies towards the same dark gods who are responsible for their current state of spiritual enslavement. 

Never mind that for the most part these "Globalist and Militarist" are part of the same old fraternal orders which worship the patriarchal serpent gods and in many cases are Hosts for Reptilian entities themselves. (We know people who can actually SEE the reptilian image superimposed upon the features of apparent "people" whether the latter are in public or on CSPAN. Some of them can also "sniff out" shape shifting reptilians because they simply don't smell the way normal humans do. I can feel negative reptilian energy when it's in my presence and I can tell you that Boylan has abusive and nauseating reptilian energy in god-awful abundance) 

Indwelling Reptilian Beings in Humans or Hosts 

These hosts and their fellow travelers operate as a Fifth Column here on Earth to set the stage for the return of the Dark Reptilian Gods. The so-called UFO Research Community is awash with these "Muppets." Even I have to laugh at the irony of it: Literal hosts for reptilian entities facilitating abductee support groups, lecturing at so called "UFO Conferences" and speaking on the Art Bell Show. This is so because of the long term genetic and soul.matrix manipulation of the human race. 

At a recent conference in San Diego an abductee was regressed "live" in front of all the other conferees in a closed session. When her memory of a benevolent childhood ET encounter transformed into a frightening encounter with a claw-handed reptilian, Boylan asked her after the regression if she had heard "the sound of helicopters" prior to the encounter. 

The implication of his question is apparent to anyone who can still think: It wasn't nasty and harmful ET's abducting the was "the military in their helicopters." 

First of all, I have no beef against mind controlled and perhaps cloned out military security thugs. (They do exist. Ask survivors of Hurricane Andrew in the horrific devastation) It's questionable whether the latter even have souls as we have come to know them. 

Infestation of Reptilian Astral Pod-like Entities 

Another irony about that conference was that the individual at the situation desk at the register was a Host for a Reptilian Entity. This particular entity is summoned by her "Spirit Guides" to visit Sedona Arizona at intervals throughout the calendar year to take part in "Rebirthing Exercises." 

During one of these exercises reptilian astral pods (very dark smoky reptilian shaped astral entities) were seen by numerous witnesses to enter and exit the abdomen of the host whilst the latter growled and hissed as if in a state of possession. The host was merely being "re-infested" and this is done at intervals. This host has all the facial and physical characteristics that mark it as a reptilian hybrid and yet to the unsuspecting "contactee" or "experiencer" she merely comes off as a ditzy New Age La Dee Dah. 

This entity has facilitated a number of support groups in the southwest and has left scores of psychologically and physically wrecked "contactees" in its wake over the years. (There are harmful side effects from being in too close proximity to a reptilian host over an extended period of time. The reptilian energy/essence, which oozes out of these containers, seeks to enter through holes in our light body and will eventually corrupt us from within if we hang around them for too long. 

An Occult Connection 

It may seem somewhat paradoxical that Sedona Arizona is a "New Age Mecca" when at the same time it is a major hub of Satanic Ritual Activity. Also places like Salt Lake City. (Black magicians who have defected from the craft have stated this) There is also a large underground reptilian base beneath Boynton Canyon where much work is done jointly by the ET's and their human military vassals because the entire region is a dimensional vortex area which explains why there is so much Satanic Ritual Activity there. There is a FUNDAMENTAL CONNECTION BETWEEN THE OCCULT AND THE UFO PHENOMENON. THATS IT, PERIOD. 

Now, back to the "globalist and industrialist." Mind controlled security thugs are not the problem and anyone with the proper amount of maturity will understand that. And I speak as an authority on the subject because *I've been run off the highway by them, dosed with powerful infections by them, dosed with powerful drugs by them etc, etc, etc. My beef is not against the human vassals of the dark gods. My beef is against the dark gods themselves. I'm not interested in the third team. 

Time and again abductees accept at face value what is presented to them. If they "see" men in military attire, they automatically assume that what they are looking at are human beings when in some cases the latter have proven to be shape shifting reptilians. Unlike the surface world, sensitive information is not limited to levels of classification or "Need to Know" but rather to Levels of Awareness. 

All that is required of a mind controlled security thug is to apply muscle when needed. It doesn't have the luxury of Independent Thought. It is a tragic mistake for abductees to assume that the "Military" is responsible for high level policy making in the underground bases. The latter presupposes that humans are in charge and that the human/non-human interaction is a relatively new phenomenon, which it is most certainly not. The interaction between human and non-human intelligences has an Occult basis and was thousands if not millions of years in the making. 

Who Benefits From This New Social Movement? 

The discerning abductee must ask the question: Who benefits by making abductees believe that everything negative about the UFO subject is due to the Military? Why, the "Benevolent ET's" of course. At this point the abductee should be asking, "Why does Boylan and Greer and the rest of the Muppet Show hate the human race so much? (Greer says people who call themselves "abductees" have an inferiority complex and just want people to feel sorry for them) More to the point, why do these Muppets want Humans in general and abductees in particular to fear and to loathe "the Military?" Again, who or what stands to benefit by this? Who indeed. 

Apocalyptic Disaster Scenes 

Yet another phony apology the reptilian apologists come up with is "how mankind is responsible for ruining the ecology of the planet." It is very common for abductees to be shown horrific scenes of climactic and ecological catastrophes in holographic or virtual reality scenarios sometimes to the point where the abductee breaks down in tears. 

Question to all of the experiencers out there who have been shown these types of visions: Why are they trying to lay this ecological guilt trip on you? Were you responsible for running the Exxon Valdez aground in Alaska and spewing millions of barrels of crude oil into the ocean? Were you responsible for setting the oil rigs on fire in Kuwait or releasing all that oil in the Persian Gulf? Then why do you allow this very basic psychological warfare strategy to work on you to the point where you start crusading against the human race for "our collective mismanagement of this planet" instead of the aliens who are experts in weather weaponry? 

In the counterintelligence world, a "sib" is a carefully planted rumor designed to undermine the morale and the will to resist of the enemy. For example, the British political warfare executive, "PWE planted sibs amongst the German soldiers on the Russian front that the German medical establishment was compelled to start using Jewish blood during surgeries and blood transfusions on German soldiers because of the overall shortage of blood products. You can imagine the kind of effect this rumor had on German soldiers imbued with the Aryan superman myth! Likewise, another sib, which was planted amongst the front line German soldiers, was that Jews were responsible for spreading the bubonic plague in certain German cities. 

Please observe how the hard core researchers like the late Karla Turner were constantly slandered and verbally abused by the likes of Boylan and the rest of the Muppet show. Question: What was it about Kandy Turner's research that these Muppets found so threatening that they would heap endless streams of abuse and invective at her? Could it possibly be that there are aspects of this phenomenon that are so terrible that the Muppets of the world would rather have you dwell on the metaphysical and "spiritual" aspects of the experience--rather than the cold hard truth? What is doubly insidious about this form of Muppet propaganda is that it neatly capitalizes on the innate desire of the abductee, that what is happening to them is for their own spiritual evolution as well as for the ultimate benefit of mankind. 

It is clear from the above examples that the British political warfare executive and its offspring--the American Office of War Information (OWI) did not spare the sensibilities of the German troops at the front--and indeed exploited absurd Nazi notions of Aryan racial supremacy and racial inferiority. They were trying to wear down the fighting capacity of the enemy. 

Do you remember what Philip Kramft said in his book "Contact Has Begun?" He said "The Verdants" (Why didn't they just call themselves the Green Party?) said they have perfect control over the weather and can manipulate the gravity field of any planet they choose to accommodate them perfectly. It's called Terra Forming and Weather Weaponry. I myself have seen UFO's cloak themselves in cloud formations, indeed I have seen the cloud formations actually being created, which was quite a sight to see, let me tell you. Psychological Warfare Tactics 

Bottom line: Do not allow these very basic psychological warfare and propaganda methods to work on you, the hapless :"experiencer", "contactee", "light worker" or whatever adjective is used to describe people who are being injected, experimented upon, sexually molested et al by non human intelligences. 

Please take the time to study Military History and especially the intelligence/counterintelligence and security apparatus, which has evolved since World War Two. 

Some of the methods being used by the reptilian propagandist like Boylan and Greer are so basic they wouldn't even have passed muster with any self respecting counterintelligence officer of World War II. 

Study the "Double Cross System" in which captured German agents were "turned" by Britain's MI5 and made to send back misleading information (disinformation) to their Nazi German controllers. (And yes, did you know that Adolf Hitler had connections with the occult dark gods who worked their evil atrocities through him? Most of the people today naively believe that Adolph Hitler was the root source of the evil Nazi Regime, rather than the dark malevolent forces working through him. His abusive childhood is a classic study of how the dark forces eventually consume someone from within. Base, primordial and perverse characteristics are symptomatic of a manipulated and demon infested individual such as Adolph Hitler was. 

Read about the supersecret "London Controlling Section" which was responsible for the dissemination of all "Ultra" derived intelligence (intel obtained through the deciphering of enemy codes) and was responsible for all the cover and deception operations related to ultra derived intelligence. As Winston Churchill says, "In war, the truth must be guarded by a body guard of lies." 

An understanding of the Surface Intelligence and Security Apparatus is absolutely essential to any understanding of this whole mess before you start delving into the subsurface world where "need to know" and "security clearances" don't even matter. As stated above, in the deep black aerospace/reptilian controlled subterranean world, knowledge is limited to levels of awareness and there is always a price to pay to get to the next level of awareness. There is no such thing as a free lunch, not on this planet anyway. If you want the knowledge there is going to be a certain price you will have to pay and most are unwilling to pay that price. 

Conditioned and Triggered Responses in Contactees/Experiencers 

The reason why so many abductees are hopelessly confused about this whole mess is because trigger mechanisms have been programmed into them to keep them from getting at the truth of their experiences. I have seen it countless times where an abductee will immediately fall asleep the moment the lecturer begins talking about "fear based" issues but when he/she attends a lecture by a channeller or some other light worker, the abductee is bright and attentive and awake during the whole lecture. 

Falling asleep is just one trigger mechanism. Another is annoyance or anger at the "fear based" lecturer or abductee. Likewise an overwhelming compulsion to get up and walk out, to get up and eat, to get up a smoke a cigarette, getting nauseous, a headache etc etc etc. 

I have known people who are absolutely incapable of finishing a "fear based" book but can rip through reptilian disinformation books in a matter of hours. What's up with that? I've seen abductees listen to their spirit guides who consistently detract them away from the alleged fear based research information that will probably trigger them into a panic attack. Why do you think that is? Could it be that the self-same spirit guides are the perpetrators themselves? 

In the battleground commonly referred to as the "Abductee Support Group" this knee-jerk hostility immediately manifests itself amongst programmed and manipulated New Age La-Dee-Dahs. Whenever "Fear Based Issues" like painful back problems (very common amongst those who have memories of reptilian contact especially amongst females) or autoimmune disorders or the whole gamut of gynecological problems are regarded as spiritually retarded fear mongers. Furthermore, those who bring these topics up are sometimes accused of being some kind of spiritually unevolved disinformation artist! The cold hard truth is that most UFO researchers and abductees aren't even worth spying on. To the gullible and manipulated---everyone seems to be a government agent! If that were true there would be no one left to spy on. The painful truth is some of these abductees and researchers are having their phones tapped and mail opened because there is no one else around in their region worth instilling paranoia on. 

Consider this scenario: An intelligence officer says to his general:"General, it seems that the enemy is massing in our front. We have identified certain units, which have arrived recently from other areas. The enemies wireless communications traffic has suddenly gone dead and all signs point to an imminent attack in our sector." How do you think the general will respond to his intelligence chief? " Why are you being so fear based? Why are you drawing that negativity to you? Bla, bla, bla, quack , quack, quack." 

Can you see why I have so little patience for that sort of immaturity? 

The New Age La Dee Dahs consistently use a melange of metaphysical spiritual platitudes about the whole ET phenomenon and often times become irate and livid during these exchanges with abductees who are more mature and sensible than they are about the ET subject. And all of the vindictiveness and hollering by these New Age La Dee Dahs (Pagan Idolaters) is done in the name of "Love and Light." Of course. 

Other programmed behaviors are promiscuity, self destructive behaviors such as substance abuse, self destructive relationships (many female abductees have had at least one and usually more controlling, domineering and abusive men on their lives for extended periods of time. (It never occurred to them that these abusers were themselves being manipulated) and the list goes on and on and on and some of you "researchers" out there are still running around with that metal spoon in your pocket hoping to get a CE2 sample for analysis. You are still staying up all night atop a wind swept plateau hoping a UFO flys by. GROW UP. 

Ego Activation by the Dark side 

Once and for all: This is not an Alien Phenomenon per se, it is a Human Phenomenon because it's happening to humans. Logic, is what Mr. Spock calls it. And if you are going to take part in this great drama--please, please, please do not allow the aliens to activate your ego. It is the simplest thing. A few meaningless telepathic transmissions, a few UFO fly-bys, a few:"meaningful synchronicities" and your egos are activated and then you turn into another Muppet. I call these types of manifestations "parlor tricks." I'm not interested in parlor tricks. The same exact thing happens to budding wiccans and witches. The very first spell or incantation works and they think they were responsible for it when it was actually the demon or familiar spirit who is manipulating them. i.e. their Handlers. (Handler is a term I use for the abduction syndrome because it is the most apt.) 

The real message of the Boylan's, Greers and all of these other Muppets is "Don't bother me with the facts." "If you don't believe what I believe you are a spiritual retard and probably a government agent to boot." And once again, all of this wailing and gnashing of teeth is done in the name of:"Love and Light " 

What we are involved with is Spiritual Warfare and I'll argue that point until someone else is blue in the face. Everything has to first manifest in the unseen realms before they manifest in the visual spectrum, in the spiritual before it manifests in the physical. Look around you: The symbology of the reptilian overlordship is all around. The thought form of reptilians in the mass media is constantly hammering you. Crude and vulgar behaviors are being presented to you in the mass media and the so-called entertainment industry--as if crude and vulgar behavior is The Norm in our society today. The baseness and vulgarity, which is being promoted, is symptomatic of a reptilian influenced society. People are so used to the lies that if they heard the truth they would probably have an allergic reaction to it! 

The Original Serpent Seed 

The reptilians strive to activate that dark serpent seed which is programmed within all of us. The struggle is within. The opposing polarities of Good and Evil are striving to promote certain attributes and behaviors within us. One side wants to corrupt us from within. the other wants us to break out of this spiritual prison. Ultimately it comes down to your own individual choice. I hesitate to use the term "free will" because being an abductee myself I know that I have been manipulated and programmed and it's a constant struggle to overcome all of these hang-ups-- but that's what will make the ultimate victory that much greater. I firmly believe in the indomitability of the Human Spirit and I firmly believe that it is in our destiny to achieve Nobility as a race. If we had just been left alone I am sure we would have reached that level of greatness already but alas, that hasn't been the case. 

Take the time take to read books by Frederick Douglas, the pre-civil war ex- slave who wrote the classic autobiography, "My Bondage, My Freedom." 

This Is Not a Popularity Contest 

I don't want to know what the academic community knows because they are not qualified to tell me anything. Everything I've learned has come from my own experiences and studies as well as from the mentorship of Barbara Bartholic of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'm not in this for popularity or ego gratification, which seems to be the norm in the UFO research community. Indeed most of you out there never even heard of me. All I ever wanted was the respect and admiration of the people I respected and admired. People like Barbara Bartholic and Eve Lorgen. I am not seeking the approval of others. I could give a rip about popularity. 

"War is about's not about popularity making." General William Tecumseh Sherman 

I can't say enough about Barbie and Evie. They have endured things that would have made a lesser person run off screaming to the nearest mental institution. They are true spiritual warriors in every sense of the term. 

Spiritual Warfare, ladies and gents... that is what this gig is all about. Were it left up to some of you peaceniks out there, those of us on the West Coast would be speaking Japanese, those on the East Coast would be speaking German and we would need passports to visit the southern states of the Confederacy where there would still be slavery. The fight has been programmed right out of some of you people. You will continue to "research" up and until the great reptilian cattle drive in the sky begins. 

It's the old story, "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." Words to live by. And if you choose to be a New Age La Dee Dah and your children are having these abductions and you just blow off their concerns as being of no consequence, that makes you in my book a very bad parent. If people knew what kinds of conditioning and programming are being done to our children by the aliens, people's minds would short circuit instantly to retain their sanity, if nothing else. 

God Give us the Victory, 
James Bartley
San Diego

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Open Letter from Tomas Scolarici to Alfred Webre and everybody else.

(This message to Alfred Webre is also a message about me. An Open Letter to all of you, possible readers.)

No, no I am joking Alfred. I think I know what's happening with you. Remember that   I am also a depressive. You are into a maniac depressive crisis. You are into absolute nihilism and you are joking with infinite B.S.  You are laughing about all this as I do. It is the revenge of meaninglessness.
Of course, it's true also that you could channelize that negativism into a positive rebellion, but no, you are into the intellectual suicide.
Your rhetoric  shows no possible solution, as any dark paradox. Reality is defined by obscure, sinister clowns in a Circus of Deception and Death, the Abyss.
"Nothing is true, everything is permitted" wrote once Hakim Bey, the self proclaimed Ontological Anarchist.
But of course IF nothing is true, THEN is not true that nothing is true.
We are in a logical in-between.
Even if you don't like what I wrote here, you will see my meaning. My deep, humanistic meaning.
Here nothing less that the Orquesta de Aragon, Alfred. Listen to this...

You know something, Alfred?; Basiago, the pseudo everything, the clowns that give the big show DO NOT UNDERSTAND what I am talking about.
The Time Travel machine will carry you back to your grandmother's house, tu Abuela, Alfredo. It's Friday and you are dancing with some girl and the music of the Orquesta de Aragon.
There is no transcendental meaning, Alfred Webre. There is no Telos, no Cosmic Plan. Just you and me as memory,
Self, Soul, Spirit, are just that: memory and nothing else. When we understand this we are alone, as always, and we are also free from B.S. Ready to confront the emptiness that was before us and the emptiness that will be after us. This, I think, is the courage of the Warrior, Alfred.
Tomas Scolarici.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Walk ins" and Vampirism.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ralph Levi <>
Date: Tue, May 17, 2011 at 6:09 PM
Subject: Fwd: "Walk ins" and Vampirism.

This message was sent with copies to the one named below and some others. Please let this be known.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Ralph Levi <>
Date: Tue, May 17, 2011 at 6:04 PM
Subject: "Walk ins" and Vampirism.

Dear Maria Edith
We read that while you were doing the "psychic exercise" a member of the Star Nations apparently went into your organism.
It's our purpose to give you an advice: never, never, in any situation let any entity "take you". This is posession and of course a very dangerous practice, even if the Entities come as "friends".
Believe us, NOBODY can imagine how it is to become  an empty but conscious shell floating in the dark void forever, yes, forever.
The ufological environment is a preferred place for psychic vampires. Some of them have a long history of vampirization of people doing some "joint psychic practices" and also of female patients.
So, when you protect yourself, ALWAYS say : "I do this in the name of the Divine Tetragrammaton." (four names of God.)
No vampire will be able to challenge HIM.
If possible send this message to others.
In the Name of the Divine Tetragrammaton.
Frater Ralph Levi
Servant of the True, Absolute Light.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

UFOfacts Doctor about Richard Boylan

The TRUTH about Richard Boylan.

J. Holland Smiley

Good point Fran... Here's the part of the message that "A" didn't include but maybe you already know. I have had some discussions with Dr B off list. And I dont think that its the same person responding. Like I said, either who ever responded for Dr B  either hadnt read any of the prior conversation or completely forgot what we had been discussing. Another point to consider is from a psychological perspective (kind of my speciality) "he" really goes off the deep end and immediately accuses someone of being "cabal" if they have a different view than him or disagree with him. Views, beliefs etc are subjective based off of (in my case) personal experience. This in and of itself, suggest some deep rooted issues of superiority. Even experts have to remain open minded enough to learn more. Just so you know, I'm not "cabal" though maybe a recruit for the real "illuminati" not the dark imposters ... I believe they have a rite to their views. The same way the people of UFOFacts have a rite to their own....ya dig?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Richard Boylan's monumental blunder.




   Dec. 31, 2010, 11:59 pm, EST, [05:00 hrs.,Jan. 1, 2011, Greenwich Mean Time/UTC/Zulu], is the official Deadline for theU.S. Government to make a formal Official Public Acknowledgment that StarVisitor Contact and Communication has occurred.

   Preparation for this publicinformation announcement was the subject of an official ExecutiveOrder (classified) signed by President Barack Obama, directing theNational Security Council's Special Studies Group to prepare a plan for such aseries of Official Government Public Acknowledgments of Star Visitor Contactsand Communications with U.S. Government representatives.

   The U.S. Government is preparing to do thispursuant to a formal Agreement made with Star Nations: that the U.S.would stop its policy of UFO Cover-Up this year.

   Of course such a public announcement couldoccur any time prior to December 31st too.

   Star Nations, through its representative theCouncillor of Earth (Dr. Richard Boylan), have advised the Government that ifthey renage on complying with that Agreement, that Star Nations will initiate aseries of open, public, dramatically-obvious demonstrations-of-presence suchthat the Government will then be compelled to publicly acknowledge StarVisitors reality.

    in service to Source,

    Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fwd: Natalie Hills tells the Truth about Richard Boylan.

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From: Natalie Hills <>
Date: Mon, May 2, 2011 at 10:23 PM
Subject: Natalie Hills tells the Truth about Richard Boylan.


----- Original Message -----

From: Natalie Hills

Sent: 05/02/11 10:19 PM

Fran asks me what I wan. Below you will find my answer and also the message of Fran, the incarnated mantis, to my demmands.
Of course insults and denial are what they can give. What else?
You, people MUST believe that the whole California Court, Newspapers, TV, Professional organizations and personal opinions are a conspiracy. A Cabal conspiracy.
The Councilor of Earth is pure and cast, whe never abused her female patients. He is the legal Councilor of Earth. He is always right when those who he dislikes are concdemned as cabals. He is always right when he promises us massive Star Nations shows. He is right when he speaks of the forgotten altimarians, cleaning our environment. He is right when he says that I am a she-male and am cabal and dark as the Ace of Swords and have a depraved belly aching.( this is from Fran...)
I invite you to do RESEARCH. I invite you to read carefully the improper messages sent to the "star kids".
But do not limit yourselves to that research: ask yourselves what is R.Boylan giving you in UFOfacts and StarKidsHangout, other than hate, paranoia and suspiction.


Dear Fran this is what is wanted from him.

1) Recognition of his lies and errors.
2) Recognition that his accusations are unsubstantiated.
3) Recognition of his wrong doing and abuses against female patients.


Fran writes this:


Natalie... the court ruled by the elite cabal have done their worst to him as far as this recognition is concerned that you CRAVE for your own selfish ego. They have dragged him though s---. Aside from the physical assaults he has endured and survived from. Suffered financial compared to some of these high payed morons that charge BIG $$$$$ for their appearances to shoot off their mouth about garbage.

*** LEAVE THE MAN ALONE*** You would probably prefer that he die too while you are at it wouldn't you??? Forget about it! He has more honorable work to do compared to your depraved belly aching.

*** Let us look at it this way... shall we?? If I'm wrong.. then I owe the Biggest, Hugest M-F apology of all time. And yes, I have read the lame court files, news briefings, and yada, yada, yada... and they say nothing but, tantilizing garbage. And THE MAN WAS ATTACKED BECAUSE OF WHAT HE FOUND OUT AND LEARNED ABOUT STAR BEINGS AND THEIR CRAFT AND LET IT BE KNOWN TO THE PEOPLE. The power elite used Taggert to use SEX to take him -Boylan- down to pay for noting the people of what he learned.

4) End the manipulation of children through his StarKidsHangout yahoo group.

Give me 1 -one example of manipulation on that group list??? Just one! Otherwise get a life!



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From: Fran Obsidian Harris

Sent: 05/02/11 04:06 PM

To: Natalie Hills

Subject: Re: About Richard Boylan.

So what do you want from him??
Sent: Monday, May 02, 2011 3:57 PM
Subject: About Richard Boylan.
The man who is also ready to condemn others...the man of Light and Source. The Councilor of Earth.

About Richard Boylan.


· Legal Findings Against Richard Boylan: Licenses Revoked (PSY-10047)

· California Superior Court: Subsequent Ruling Against Boylan

· District Attorney Taggert: Boylan Brainwashes Patients

· Sacramento Union: Sexual Misconduct in Bizarre Psychologist Malpractice Suit

· Sacramento BEE: Boylan Abuses His Role as Therapist

· KCRA News: Negligence and Sexual Misconduct -- A Danger to Other Patients

· FOX 40 News: Case is About Gross Negligence, Not Extraterrestrials

· Hathaway: Former Member of Boylan's CE-IV UFO Cult Blows Whistle on "Father Boylan"

· Stewart: No Evidence to Support Boylan's "Government Harrassment" Ploy for Money, Support, and Sympathy from the UFO Community

· PRNewswire: Psychologist Boylan Encourages Young Children to Trust Paedophiles

· Feminist Alert: Psychologist Boylan Publicly Defames His Patients, Calling Them "Homely, Grossly Obese, Lesbian. Poor or Welfare-Dependent Substance Abusers"

· Lindemann's CNI News: Richard Boylan Stripped of Licenses

· UFOlogist Velez: Boylan is Raving Paranoid Lunatic

· Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D. - "Reptoid Hugger"

· A B:.B:. Plea For IUFO Sanity re: CIA Shill Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

· Boylan Banned from FIDO UFO, BAMA Echoes and EBK UFO List

· California Board of Psychology: Order Boylan License Revocation Report