Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summits, Conferences and Illusionists.

How is it possible to delude a group of adult people? How the charlatans sell their absurdities to some individuals?
In fact, they use some effective techniques that give great results to stage hypnotists and Illusionists.
Let me show you how it works.
Let's consider an event like the Barcelona Exopolitical Summit.
Before the Conference, professional publicists promise fantastic revelations, and write about the participants, the professors. They are "experts" with many titles . Never mind if those titles have nothing to do with Astronomy or Physics. Sometimes this classic fallacy, the Abuse of Expertise, works well.
In the conference, a technique of shock is used. The statements are exposed without doubts: the Lawyer, or the Judge, or the pioneer" come and tell you that we live in a very populated Universe.
The "expert" let us know that one hundred and thirty six races from different planets are now visiting our Earth. This is the technique of Shock.
Although some people in the audience will think that there is absolutely no Evidence of what the expert says, many will accept that statement as an argument based on authority.
("if the professor says that, it must be so. He must know something that we don't know")
After all, these illusionists repeat ad nauseam that the Governments and the Scientists of the whole world are lying to us. They Conspire to keep the Big Secret.
Of course, the Exos will assure us that they are telling the Truth. The Gov. knows but don't tell. NASA, and all the Observatories in the world know that there are big cities in Mars but they don't tell.
If someone asks for  Evidences, the Illusionists will insult her or him, will call him names. She will be a debunker, a psyop, a member of a malignant Cabal, a disinformer.

Unfortunately this scheme not only works, but it is dangerous.
This  scheme gave Hitler and Stalin and Mao their absolute powers.

You have the right to believe in what the Exos tell us.
You have also the right to believe that I am a liar, and a psyop, or an Agent of Darkness.
But let me suggest you this.
When the Exos tell you their story, just ask yourselves if they have any EVIDENCE of what they say.
With surprise, you will find that they have only words, and a very poor idea of our intelligence.

In Truth we Trust.


Dangerous repto-fascism..!

Please read this message post by Boylan in his group.
His rhetoric implies that the 'star nations" will recognize a superior kind of humans, Boylan's sect, and the rest of us Sub-humans.
Boylan must be ready to reopen Dachau and other Nazi Concentration Camps.  The Star Nations will be our "guardians"...
"DrBoylan" <>
Add sender to Contacts
    It is important not to project human fed-up and despirited perspectives onto Star Nations.
    Star Nations is now quite clear about the difference between regular Humans and the Cabal, (whom Star Nations now view as a sub-human variant of Humankind.)
    Contrary to your fears, Star Nations is not about to give up on Humankind, those regular Humans of Good Will as well as the Star Seeds and Star Kids.
     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.




Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The History of Ufology in a few words.

I am old enough to know how the recycling works. Every exo-generation repeats the same things, plus a few novelties they saw in TV or Cinema.
This happens because there is always a fresh  generation of "believers".
In the seventies, Men in Black were visiting everybody. After some time MIB disappeared.
The new exos repeat the same things again and again...Roswell, Adamski, The faked New Age messages.
The UFO phenomenon itself doesn't change. Just a few lights in the sky. Same old.
After some time, the EXOS rhetoric becomes exhausted. Hopes unfulfilled, no Disclosure (because there is nothing to disclose.)
At this point, some Exos invent cults, others look for a new job, but a new generation is ready for the recycling.
But...what happens with the UFO Phenomenon?
It looks like some Non-Human entities provided with an advanced technology are doing their thing.
In other words the Farm Theory.
These "aliens" are not here to help us or 'guide " us.
They never gave us NOTHING. They will never do.
The pathetic Exo-circus repeats again and again his bad, poor show...
This is, in a few words, the "history " of Ufology.



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Exopolitical Summit...much addo about nothing.

In the best style of the cheap show, the Exos promised revelations, evidences, and of course, gave NONE.
Perhaps some of those attracted by the "summit" bought some tickets or booklets or T.Shirts. If this is so, the exopoliticians are happy, since they only wanted to sell something and pay the bills. The Show must go on, of course.
But we must tell also that even compared with the Exo-shows that we know well, this was poor.
Dr. Michael Salla, (looking older) told us that, it was not even necessary to believe in the Extraterrestrials to practice Exopolitics. (please, see Salla's video.)
A journalist wrote that the quality of presumed UFO in Saturn's orbit was so bad that he felt sic. Nauseous.
More important, Greer changed his view and denied that the Gov. was in contact with the Aliens.
Of course the theme of the Conference was: A New Paradigm for a World in Crisis. Sounds big and means nothing at all. As usual the Exos have lots of words but no Aliens. No Evidences, Not even serious hypothesis.
After 60 years, there is nothing new. The same discredited circus tricks.
Suggestion: It would be more modern to call for a Summit on Alan Kardek, spiritism and ectoplasmatic phenomena. And don't forget the piano player, please.

There is no business like Show business...

?Is it possible that all of these summits, videos, audios, speeches, documents and requests for exopolitical disclosure masks a even more sinister and hidden agenda? A agenda disguised into tricking us into yearning for benevolent ETs? As Keel said, could this all be an elaborate Trojan Horse. Hmmmm? Something to think about.


2012 and Planet X could be Fake

Andrew Hennessey

Now I know the arguments for, I've seen the pictures, heard about the secret archaeological and cultural evidence, seen the NASA images, read the books, seen the Mayan calendar photos etc and know about the alleged historic and scientific provenance of all of the beliefs that point to the truth of 2012 and the approach of planet X.

But here's another conspiracy about 2012 for you – and we don't ever see this idea ..
Many of us have reviewed the cultural data, artefacts and witness reports of Reptilian life forms that have been operating this planet for millennia.
Their Hidden hand or claws seem to be rife throughout all of history and looking closely at what they achieve in this artificially engineered despair ridden and backwards cul de sac I came up with the Soul Farming hypothesis at

All digital data and news channels, publications and even historic artefacts can be faked by alien processes and technology. We know this and we know from various staged catastrophes that stir the cauldron of social chaos and despair that we cannot actually count on what we have read or seen being true.

Why would 2012 and Planet X flyby be a Repto Grey fake ?
to destroy and bury any hope of release … like some nazi pouring a cup of water out of reach of a thirsty prisoner … no way out … to break down peoples sense of hope – to make them feel totally disconnected and beyond help .. to make them feel captured and manipulated and outwitted .. to entrain them into a mode of surrender and capitulation of spirit and soul.
All in a days work for a Reto-Grey nazi soul farmer.

Well when the Repto-Greys chose earth for a soul farm and prison facility they would have chosen a geologically and environmentally stable planetary installation that they had total control over – they would have set up little zones here and there for beings incarcerated in human DNA and driven by artificially induced amnesia and then worked them into artificially bonded groups, slowly deploying the issues of anger, fear and pain as first one format of social dream and then another would be systematically terminated by an artificial process we know of as `human history' – various scams and charades perpetrated by holographic reptilians and greys wearing the social guises of what would be taken as human success in these epochs.
The planet though including its environment and its structure and its geology would have all sorts of matrix sized machinery in place and flying shields and flying jesters caps would feature in the art of the eras – much of it detuned to the human eyes. The repto-greys could stagemanage feats of social engineering and human catastrophe with big orbital detuned machines. either to aid the hatching of their devils and demons – phoenix-like from the ashes of mankind or to create more opportunities to play god amongst the humans hobbled by DNA straightjackets.
20 millennia of alleged human social, cultural and technological and biological evolution is a charade taking place as it did amongst interstellar infrastructure.

For the repto-greys farming by contradiction and nihilism and the creation of despair on their human straightjacketed victims might well have produced their own farming motto … `supercede to feed'
Though must admit that putting `easily outshone human retards' on the repto imperium resume isn't going to guarantee a lot of respect. The hands on reptilians here, somewhat redneck, may well be organic human cattle and despair farmers – augmenting their own inner disconnection and deadness by tormenting, squeezing and drinking the soul juices of the humans – but still cannot avoid looking and sounding redundant since the only life they can have and get is yours – not anything original of their own.

I suggest that Earth could well be a very stable habitat indeed if not severely tampered with, and that any Earth changes that take place might be stagemanaged by the use of huge theatrical windmachines and earthquake machines – lasering and removing huge blocks off the ice cap, chemtrailing and spraying the environment to make it and its human inhabitants desolate.

I suggest that any natural Earth changes that might take place could be totally fake and artificially produced and that any body of supporting allegedly scientific evidence that suggests acts of nature could also be easily faked too.

Why fake a massive order social cataclysm … the answer is to harvest humanity .. just look at to see matrix droids at street level.

It might be that nothing happens in 2012 !! and it could be that without the intercession of Christ and his Angels, nothing ever will except our fall into packets of highly marketable soul dust – spoken of in the first 20 minutes of the repto film `the golden compass'.
endless galactic war just means more grapes for the winepress.

I suspect very much that hungry dualism and depleted hungry beings are the norm in this density, as is the supremacy of the predatory reptilian form and that this our supercluster at least has to be Jurassic Park on crack.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Dr Salla called incompetent and empty headed

Take a look. The Exo Circus is burning...




Yes, you read that part right but…it's not what you're probably thinking. For some time now I've been engaged in a very intense effort to reveal what I consider to be horrendous disinformation, delusion and deception by people that I consider to be, plainly and simply, con artists, liars, hallucinatory at best and, deliberately or otherwise, destructive to the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrials, etc., and the evidence, circumstances and reason for actual contact with us, if it has occurred.


This effort of mine began innocently and effortlessly enough when I published my article for UFO magazine in 1999. You can read all about that, and what's developed since then, here.


It seems that no matter how much I revealed about the "Alex Collier" hoax, perpetrated by an impostor name Ralph Amagran and willingly supported by Michael Salla and Paola Harris, the majority of the people in the so-called "UFO community" were either completely out to lunch or just viewing me as being unnecessarily "mean spirited".


(As you'll see again in some information below, I'm not the only person who's had it with the empty-headed, intolerably stubborn and incompetent Salla.)


No matter that I tried, for four long years, to get them to come clean and either substantiate all of their claims (and Amagran's) – with actual evidence – or admit that they were wrong and just move on.


Nothing came of it, just avoidance, denial, etc., and from Paola Harris pleas of "can't we just all get along", "don't attack fellow researchers" (and this from someone in "exopolitics" who, I guess, was completely unfamiliar with how real politics, or accountability in real life, for that matter, actually works). Ms. Harris was even troubled that I dare to would criticize "Alex Collier", apparently since elements of her professional reputation rested on her own gullibility in the matter.


It now seems though that, in addition to the challenges she faces from trying to figure out "How to Talk to a Ball of Light", she has discovered yet another "genuine contactee", a not at all camera shy Italian fellow who perhaps wants to pick up where "Alex Collier" fell off. (Note: my problems with all of these people are on a professional, not personal level.)


I even offered to immediately, publicly apologize to Salla and Harris for any inaccuracies in all of my challenges, criticisms, etc. And this was after both of them had threatened me with a lawsuit. I was then contacted by Alfred Webre and asked to provide an affidavit testifying to my opinion and recollection of the facts of the matter. His promise to me was that, if I did send him said affidavit, he'd put it before the organization for a "peer review process" at their "Exopolitics European Summit" being held in Barcelona, on July 25 and 26.


I completed said affidavit, had it notarized and sent it off to Webre, who then promptly broke his word and said that he wouldn't be forwarding it and requesting such a review (a process that most likely could have allowed them to clean house internally and at least rid themselves of these charlatans, eliminating a great deal more work for me). So, in addition to being quite delusional, possibly to the point of a level of mental illness, Webre – a lawyer, an officer of the court – also leaves no doubts about the level of his professional ethics, or the absence thereof.


To try to get through with this mess one more time, I decided to play my own little joke on these unrepentant con artists, in the form of a phony email announcement pertaining to the kind of real "disclosure" that should be occurring at the event in Barcelona. Here, for your reading pleasure, is that email:


"Maybe I'm going to have to issue that apology after all!





A Special Message to the members of Exopolitics World Network (EWN).



Subject: Major announcement from Exopolitics leaders: Evidence proving Alex Collier real Andromedan contactee to be presented at opening of European Exopolitics Summit


Dr. Michael Salla and Paola Harris now free to present startling proof they've had to keep secret for years

July 21, 4:14 PM

Exopolitics World Network Offices


With mounting pressure on some leaders of Exopolitics from certain critics in the UFO field to provide proof of their well researched claims, the European Exopolitics Summit has been chosen as the venue at which such proof will finally be revealed to the entire world. 


For years courageous researchers, Dr. Michael Salla and Paola Harris, have stood steadfastly in support of Alex Collier being a genuine UFO contactee and his lifelong contacts with several beings from the Andromea galaxy. They, along with Mr. Collier, have endured harsh criticism by uninformed persons, while they alone were privy to the real evidence in Mr. Collier's possession. 


In order to not prematurely reveal too much information, several years ago Dr. Salla and Ms. Harris only provided Mr. Collier's predictions, as the best evidence of his authenticity. While they knew that this would draw the fire and the ire of critics, they also knew that the time wasn't right to put Mr. Collier's hundreds of clear photos and films of the Andromedan space craft, some taken decades ago, on the table. Nor was it time for them to bring forth his other physical evidence, the testimony of dozens of eyewitnesses, or the volumes of specific, important and prophetically accurate information that the Andromedans had entrusted to Mr. Collier, some since his childhood. All of this effort was deemed necessary in order to prevent certain intelligence agencies from prematurely interfering in disclosure, as well as endangering Mr. Collier's life.


Due to his still being under intense surveillance, it isn't known yet if Alex Collier himself will be able to attend this historic event, where a human being from earth is absolutely proven to be in contact with extraterrestrials. However, if not in person, Mr. Collier will narrate and describe each piece of his stunningly clear evidence (which is now safely under guard) in a live TV hookup from a secure location. And with Dr. Salla and Ms. Harris also presenting extensive eyewitness testimonies for all the world to see, it's certain that they too will finally be recognized as courageous leaders who have risked their entire professional and personal reputations in support of Mr. Collier. 


While this is certain to be a focal point of the Summit, and of worldwide news coverage, additional vitally important evidence will be presented by Alfred Webre. Also for the first time, Mr. Webre will reveal the evidence heretofore only known only to him and a small number of other people, which is proof of the actual existence of benevolent extraterrestrials who have, for some time, been literally walking among us here on earth. He will also present documentation that contains the names of many of the one billion human beings who have been abducted by negative aliens, as well as disturbing, graphic proof about the Reptilians that have been abducting and eating large numbers of children who have, until now, simply been presumed to be "missing". (Actual photographs, and many other pieces of physical evidence, of both the benevolent and Reptilian aliens will be presented by Mr. Webre as proof positive of the unimpeachable truthfulness of his recently published exposes of the alien presence on earth.)


With the European Exopolitics Summit providing the perfect opportunity for momentous revelations such as these, a new era of openness in disclosure will begin, putting in perspective the relationship of the alien presence to matters that recently have grabbed international headlines, even including the upheaval in Iran, the U.S. economy, the Swine Flu, etc. 


The voices of the critics will be silenced once and for all, as the abundant, irrefutable evidence validating the claims of Mr. Collier and the leaders of Exopolitics will now be presented to the public.


For the latest updates leading up to the Summit: 



To reply to this message, follow the link below:



This message was intended for Want to control which emails you receive from Facebook? Go to:

Facebook's offices are located at 1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304.


Note: That is where most people would naturally have stopped reading, if not sooner. However, farther down in the email, beyond what anyone would notice at first glance was the following:


Hopefully you read this far so that you now know that this special bit of obvious satire, a joke about a hoax, has been brought to you by...Michael Horn. Of course, it shouldn't be a joke, it should be an actual press release from "exopolitics" to verify all of their unsubstantiated claims for a terrible, shameless hoax perpetrated by its members."


I was fervently hoping that certain people would take the bait and…make some of my points for me. I was not disappointed. So here, below, is Webre's email response, followed by my own comment to it:


                        From: "EXOPOLITICS.COM" <>

Date: July 23, 2009 6:15:35 AM PDT






The message at the end of my letter, circulated on the Internet by Michael Horn, U.S. media representative for reported UFO contactee Billy Meier, is an Internet hoax:


I am not presenting any material on UFO/ET abductions at the European Exopolitics Summit.  My topic is Exopolitics and Solar Cycle 24: 2009-2020.


I have spoken to Dr. Michael Salla and Paola Harris, and the topics they are presenting at the Summit are:


Ranking Evidentiary Sources Of Ufo/Extraterrestrial Information For Public Policy Analysis (Dr. Salla)


Establishing The Protocols For Contact: The Einstein And Oppenheimer Letter (Paola Harris)


Exopolitics As A New Paradigm For Analyzing  U.S.

And International Public Policy Concerning Extraterrestrial Life (Dr.Salla)


Thank you.


Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, Med


Sitges Spain


July 23, 2009




To all concerned,


It's been reported that I sent out a hoax letter over the internet, you know the one that states that Michael Salla, Paola Harris, "Alex Collier" and Alfred Webre will all be presented actual evidence of their various delusional claims regarding "extraterrestrials", "contactees", "abductions", etc., at the summit taking place in Europe this weekend. 


Now would I, lovable, little ol' Michael Horn, do a thing like that?


Well, not without including this at the bottom of that email, as everyone who has a copy can see for themselves:


"Hopefully you read this far so that you now know that this special bit of obvious satire, a joke about a hoax, has been brought to you by...Michael Horn. Of course, it shouldn't be a joke, it should be an actual press release from "exopolitics" to verify all of their unsubstantiated claims for a terrible, shameless hoax perpetrated by its members."


The real hoax, the real bad joke is that Webre sends out a stupid email that affirms that neither he, nor Salla, nor Harris (and of course the con artist "Alex Collier") will indeed present any evidence to back up their delusional, fraudulent, hysterical, insane claims...and he wants to make that absolutely clear!!!!!!!!!


By the way, in case you think I'm the only person who sees these fools and impostors for what they are, this was just forwarded to me:


So, to any and all of you who have interest in this UFO/ET topic, it's long past high time to practice discernment, logical thinking and be demanding of actual evidence for all claims, lest this whole field be completely destroyed by the likes of the imbeciles in "exopolitics", people with too much time on their hands who do to this field of interest more damage than any (other?) deliberate disinformation campaign could hope to do. Do some due diligence on these people, like Salla, whose main claim to fame is that he was thrown out of actual academia for unprofessionalism there (according to information circulated by PRG and others).


Yes, it's called a "hoax" when an email goes out saying that these fools are going to use some fancy "Exopolitics Summit" to present actual evidence to back up their gibberish. Now that has to be the biggest example of the inmates running the asylum that I know of.





Michael Horn

Authorized American Media Representative

The Billy Meier Contacts


I really couldn't have asked for anything better than to have these people clearly state that they certainly were not going to produce any evidence for all of the garbage that they have been peddling for the last number of years! Instead, they will present more nonsensical, mumbo-jumbo and psychobabble. And I love the apparent indignation that Webre expressed at the mere idea that such evidence would be forthcoming. Good golly, if not at this big "summit", then when and where?


When one of the people following this drama wrote to the organizer of the event, asking if there were going to be such revelations as were included in my email, he received this reply:


Dear George,


No one will talk about Alex Collier. Thank you!


You are right, there is nothing on the website. As I told you before, the fact that we are not alone is more important than Alex Collier, with my respects.




Yes, indeed, I'm sure that no one wants to talk about "Alex Collier", probably not even his carny huckster front man, Michael Salla. So they will have a "summit" to proclaim that "we are not alone", which while it may be true, will not, I guarantee you, not be established at this clown-vention with an iota of actual, credible, irrefutable…evidence.


An Analogy

Perhaps this is a good time to try to make this all a bit clearer with an analogy, metaphor, story, call it what you will. Let's use the Sasquatch mystery and see if it works.


With all of the interest in Sasquatch, what would happen if a man (and we'll definitely use the specific attributes and limitations that Meier has as a reference point or model) was to claim that he had not only seen this creature but then put over 1,200 clear daytime photos (with up to four of the creatures), 8 films, a video, several sound recordings and (for the sake of our story) hair samples from the creature on the table as evidence?


And, in addition to that, what if dozens of credible witnesses, and even other photographers, came forward to vouch for him, a good number even taking, and completely passing, lie detector tests? What if scientific and special effects experts attested to the authenticity of the evidence, that it was irreproducible with models, camera effects, etc.? Yes, "what if" all of this and then the various groups that had formed who were looking for just such evidence…decided to completely ignore or suppress it and, instead, various self-proclaimed Sasquatch "contactees", experts and "investigators", started to hold meetings, publish pronouncements about their "research", etc. – all the while doing their absolute best to ignore and/or suppress the abundant, already existing and examined evidence of the existence of the Sasquatch?


Hopefully I don't have to flesh that analogy out any more but I do have to say that while such isn't the case with the Sasquatch (to the best of my knowledge) it absolutely is the case with the single most amateurish, unqualified, illogical, non-discerning groups, organizations and individuals in the, deservedly badly marginalized, "UFO community".


So Why Worry About It?


While the completely self-demolishing response from Webre, and effectively from his cohorts as well, shows just how pathetic, delusional, and deceitful they are, the real damage is not done primarily to the gullible, uncritical, non-thinking members of these UFO groups, it's done to the rest of the people in the world who simply are looking for the truth.


I don't mean just the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrials, I mean the capital "T" Truth, the truth about life, existence, the nature of the universe, the origins of human life, the purpose of life, the meaning and purpose of death, reincarnation, spiritual teaching, etc.; all of the most fundamental and important aspects of life itself – without any beliefs, cults, religions, dogmas, rituals, superstitions, outside authorities, gods, gurus, master, angels, saints, spirit guides, etc.


And, since there are no beliefs involved in the only, scientifically proven, still ongoing UFO contact case, one is free to examine, research, contemplate, test, apply, consider, refute, reject, etc. any and all of the absolute abundance of the (over 25,000 pages) of information therein.


The answers to our problems won't come from focusing on other beings and "contacts" that still lie far, far in the future for earth humanity. They won't come from psychopaths who have corrupted true and accurate information and substituted their imaginary "benevolent ETs walking among us", "Andromedans", etc. This is a call for self-responsibility, complete and total, self-responsibility, and the disinformation campaigns run by these groups and individuals sends people looking in the absolutely opposite direction, where they will never find the answers that they are looking for, that they deserve to find.


It's simply time for the packs of frauds, phonies, wannabes, incompetents, fame seekers, money-grubbers, con artists – such as promote the nonsense with "exopolitics" – and the ego driven "disclosure" people involved in PRG, like Stephen Bassett, who want the Meier case to "wait until" they "force the government to disclose the UFO cover-up"…to all pack up, go home, stop polluting the search for truth with their foolish agendas, "faxes to the White House", etc., and clear away some of the awful interference they generate with their unsubstantiated claims.


Michael Horn

July 23, 2009










Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boylan is now the Aliens' Protector.

Boylan gives (in his post below) the image  of  the "protector of our alien friends, and his message deserves some comment.
First of all, most of the  EXOS are protectors of those poor, vulnerable extraterrestrial races, so gentle with us, HUMANS.
Of course, these EXOS have nothing to say about abductions, or about the total indifference of the ETs to the human suffering.
But this shows also a different angle.
Do the 'star nations" need the protection of the EXO illuminati?
If they do, they are vulnerable. If they are vulnerable, we are talking nonsense.

The MOON is OUR natural satellite.
If the aliens do not like our scientific experiments, the best thing they can do is to get out of our Earth and Natural Satellite.
Until now, we own NOTHING to the Aliens. On the contrary, they use us for their own experimentation.

The EXOS want to become the new Vichy collaborationist government in the occupied Earth.

My message to the non-human entities is this:

If you find that our Moon is insecure, you are free to get out from here as soon as possible.
Aliens Go Home

--- On Mon, 7/20/09, DrBoylan <> wrote:

From: DrBoylan <>
Subject: [UFOFacts] LCROSS Satellite is NASA peril for Star Visitors dwelling on the Moon
Date: Monday, July 20, 2009, 11:33 AM


    Star Nations wishes to advise of a Cabal plan to harm a settlement of Star Visitors on the Moon.
    The operation, currently in motion, involves crashing NASA's LCROSS satellite and its attached rocket stage into the Moon's surface within a shadowed South Pole crater on October 9, 11:30 UT (7:30 EDT, 4:30 PDT) . The LCROSS satellite would hit the Moon's surface at a speed of about 5600 miles per hour. NASA isn't saying yet which of its eight "candidate craters" will be the one smashed into. ( http://www.nasa. gov/mission_ pages/LCROSS/ main/index. html )
    That impact would be so powerful that it would throw matter up skyward for a distance of anywhere from six miles to 30 miles! according to Anthony Colaprete, NASA Ames lead scientist for the LCROSS mission.
    The Cabal knows that there is a colony of Star Visitors living within one of the "candidate craters". The Cabal's secret objective is to use the LCROSS and attached rocket stage to destroy the Star Visitor settlement residing within that crater.
    Star Nations has asked that I contact the U.S. Administration authorities and inform them of the evil purpose behind the Cabal's targeting. I have done so.
    Clearly Star Nations expects that the U.S. Administration will react helpfully and make sure that the LCROSS satellite does not impact onto a Star Visitor settlement. It is the responsibility of the Obama Administration to take corrective action once they have been informed. They have now been informed.
    If for any reason the Administration is not successful in redesignating where that LCROSS satellite goes, I'm sure that Star Nations will have a fall-back plan to prevent the LCROSS from hitting that Star Visitor settlement. And of course we stand ready to assist in that circumstance with a Joint Psychic Exercise if Star Nations wishes such assistance.
    At this point this message is an advisement for the general public. If action by the public later becomes necessary, a follow-up message will advise you.
     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
Diamond Springs, CA 95619-1009 USA


FUNNY MONEY with postscript


Andrew Hennessey

This might be a fanciful conjecture – but it is possible.
One of the pleasures of urban life in the UK is having hypermarkets like Walmart/ASDA and Tesco within fairly easy reach in the towns.
As our small change piles up during our active consumerism, we can keep it all in a jar – and then when the jar is full .. we then take our assortment of very small change around to one of these stores to find a machine there like COINSTAR that we empty our cash jar into and then for a small fee, it sorts it, counts it and gives us a ticket to go get some real money in the form of large denomination banknotes from the shop.

This machine processing though usually rejects quite a large handful of assorted small coins usually looking in perfect physical condition.
What's wrong with them ?

Wrong weight, or magnetic or molecular properties – but what major league counterfeiting outfit would invest in time and machinery and infrastructure to mass produce mountains of relatively financial rubbish like these extremely low denomination coins. That wouldn't be a good black market business would it ?

So given these strange relatively worthless coins cannot possibly be manufactured by human criminals – who or what is churning this stuff out or what strange process is altering the physical and chemical composition of this perfect looking money.

Extra Terrestrial colonists – many of them Greys are within human society and use energy to matter technology – boxes that project holograms of the humans they have replaced [David Moncoeur on the Robert France case] and who can also manufacture other bits and pieces of human infrastructure with their technology.
e.g. see my story Alien Pizza

I suggest that Non-humans and colonists amongst humanity manufacture such things as money and other human-looking materials and fabrics and artefacts at no cost to themselves.

I suggest therefore that these low denomination coins rejected as abnormal in machine based coin sorts have been manufactured to equip and outfit non-humans living amongst us.
There are quite a few of those coins in circulation.

It could be that those coins are actually an exotic and alien alloy with a very different chemical and atomic composition from what we would usually find in this solar system.

The manufacturing process of such coinage, from energy to matter convertors of an alien nature is predicted by the physicist John Hutchison who can produce a Hutchison atomic and molecular jelly from High Energy driving of atomic ingredients – which fuse into strange hybrid materials.
This is known as the Hutchison Effect

An effect that interstellar aliens would have perfected ..

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Monday, July 13, 2009

[RationalUFOLOGY] alleged coastline changes post 2012

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: andrew hennessey <>
Date: Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 5:38 PM
Subject: [RationalUFOLOGY] alleged coastline changes post 2012

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

UFO into the SUN..!

Yes, why not? If people can breath in Mars and Moon surface, it is also possible to believe that  a UFO can enter into the SUN. 
This must be a test in credulity . If someone believes  this, then he/she will believe anything. She or he is a mindless zombie.

UFO captured on SOHO coincides with crop circle prediction

July 11, 7:55 AM


SOHO LASCO C2 image of UFO heading into the sun
Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) has captured satellite images
of what appears to be a UFO entering into the sun after a solar flare.
The flare was part of a series that had been predicted by a crop
. The Milk Hill crop circle evolved over three stages from June 21-30. It had a coded message predicting
solar activity in the form of Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) beginning
on July 6/7. The UFO is not a planet and does not have the
characteristics of a comet both of which are regularly captured on SOHO
. The UFO is seen moving through a solar flare that appeared on July 9 after a CME is ejected. With the large amount of interest generated in the crop circle prediction, the UFO may have been related in some way.

cont: http://tinyurl. com/l3av79



Thursday, July 9, 2009



Andrew Hennessey

This is my best guess as to why and how we are here on earth and how things work - the article is a synthesis of several other smaller pieces.


To celebrate the 200th Dynastic Cycle of the Imperial Draconis Eternal War on Error the Imperium declares a Supercluster Day of family celebration.
Those families officially registered as in internal dispute on that day will be terminated in the interests of a pure Imperial continuum.

The eternal error is to not acknowledge we the Draco as the Masters of
Everything, but as we believe in freedom of speech and allowing everybody to do everything they can do or want to do – it is a simple statement of our law that we can do everything and anything we want.
And we do.

Our family is celebrating and great Uncle Fester looking somewhat like two big sticks of red liquorice with a lamp standard and big flappy red beach towel will be bringing his Great Aunt from the Serpens constellation in one of the twilight galaxies.

Speaking of Great Ants – the Zeta Imperium will be sending some of their hive personae – if that is the right term … as they don't seem to be the life and soul of any party .. not really having much left of one themselves. The only irony that computes for them is haemoglobin.

The Great and Eternal War on Error requires fresh Anunnaki blood and our surrogate and nursery projects on these farm worlds have managed to keep up with the Draco losses on the hundreds of separate regional galactic and interdimensional zones we are helping to correct.
The errors in these places are unspeakable and just need to be put right.

A good steady supply of slaves and livestock for our projects has the full Imperial attention as without fresh hosts and creative nannies for the nursery worlds our supply of educated and intelligent and socially functional Reptilian apprentices and executives would dry up.
Our ever increasing consumption creates an ever increasing need to feed huge numbers and thus we must keep expanding or die as a species or we will run out of resources.

When we went into the dark zone we took several dimensional nexus that gave us access to several dimensional pockets and zones and we acquired 10% of our monthly performance target in livestock alone on that first day.
We separated the captives out for their correctional duties – most as menial factorial and mining labor, but quite a few of the most creative and talented captives we handed over to the Zeta for screening for role playing positions in earth-type nursery farming and hosting.

The earth-type worlds are most amusing.
The captives believe they have freedom and self-determination and that they evolved from the primitive animus on those worlds, they also believe that their worlds and society and its technology is slowly evolving .. but they are mostly in a constant state of amnesia and stupidity and are often linked into several educational roles with the young Reptilian larvae.
The nymphs or phoenix burst out - hatch out eventually from the ashes of the self-destruction of their host.
Often the Draco/HU families will go there amongst the slow moving, slow thinking and slow acting men or HUmen beings and totally outperform them in every and any way – breaking their hearts in the process.
Indeed some of the lesser families never tire of sending their ne'er do well juniors or unfortunates there to play.
It is no accolade however to be able to say that they are kings amongst retards.
The slow HUmen do not know or suspect that role playing Draco shapeshifters and Greys with hologram projectors have these massive amounts of capacity and live amongst them.

Sometimes it amuses us to humiliate the competing Reptilian families by sending their relatives to these places, forcing them to surrender to the artificial attrition and the Imperial will.

For the most part, one would never visit these places to eat and drink the essence in those common essence-feeding zones driven by our chaos technicians.
When ones finest vehicle gets clogged up and grid-locked amongst the rusting HUmen junk and ones nose is amongst the oil and stench – supping the essence of some frenzied driver is no consolation.
Its one thing to stand around at a crowded football match in the semblance of human rags drinking in the essence of those allegedly exciting moments and quite another leaping about between slow moving bullets and other gas propelled projectiles in the middle of some alleged war zone whilst feasting on the last moments of the inmates.
Its so ….… primitive.
One prefers pre-processed essence – and making the best use of our essence management teams - its just a tad more civilised.
One also prefers to dine Not wearing the semblance of HUmen rags in either their textiles of their DNA. One can see where the term redneck first originated from.
Red Draco amongst the HUmen stench.

I was somewhat irritated by a disobedient and slow witted vassal last season and one was not amused so one had him incarcerated and tasked so as to put him on an essence diet as it were … and it was amazing how shrivelled he ended up without the benefits of his daily essence.
His family paid a ransom for him and no doubt he is still chasing the raptors along the seashore trying to feed himself.

One has ones own collection of rebels stored in the soul jars of the Imperial museum.
They were the cream of the rebellious prisoners, elite warriors and leaders from the resisting republics.
Our war on error was able to correct their attitudes and their essence is
imprisoned in ones Imperial collection.
One likes to let the geni escape from the bottle from time to time, on planets such as Earth and then if one is displeased by their efforts one can always recall them home.
in the Earth year of 1963 AD the President of the tribal state known to the inmates as the United States of America, which is a farming stockyard supervised by the 2nd Annunaki livestock franchise holders on that world. President Kennedy was one of the Imperiums prized prisoners from the era of our cluster wars in this sector and had been starting to show his rebellious, defiant and humanitarian nature to the governors of his stockyard – making speeches about dark elites.
One arranged for a public display of Imperial power by formally taking his soul back in front of those who had eyes to see, during the transit of a public promenade in an earth vehicle and then one pandered to the humans by having him shot with lead projectiles called bullets variously from several positions and directions one minute later.

One's collection of Soul Jars or Urns is a highly sought after exhibit and one suspects that that being would require to be quelled even further to curb his rebellious tongue – perhaps in a more underprivileged, abused and dependent outing in his next incarnation.

One doesn't disapprove of the Nursery planets that entrain the next generation of young Anunnaki as they also provide us with soul food and essence and other such mixtures of ideas that from time to time are unique – or intimate new flavours and combinations of technology and processes that one finds appealing.

One has to admit that if it were not for the farming efforts in such places made by the Imperial Zeta Hive there would be a lot more of the Anunnaki walking around these worlds looking like human muppets.

Fortunately the Anunnaki tradition has incorporated the canning and packaging industry supplied by the Zeta, although many of the Anunnaki lines still prefer organic farming and predation.

The Eternal War on Error is hungry work and needs the creation of more HUmen by the HU to supply us with the quality essence and new process descriptions one needs for food and entertainment.
Admittedly the one advantage the HUmen have though is that they can farm their sheep and pigs and milk their cattle without dressing up to look like them.

The foregoing was probably an Anunnaki Imperial point of view but next we need an idea of how it is we are all here in this facility.

All the matter we can see with our eyes and our telescopes is probably all of this density and that is galaxy upon galaxy of material that has two aspects - positive and negative, its called dualism, it has opposite poles - it has an ecology of eating – beings of one sort eat the others in some way because the density is so disconnected from the abundant energy bodies and spheres of God.
In our dark pit therefore the reptilians and greys and others have specialised in farming the more energy abundant souls who tend to be more connected to the source and therefore more creative and original - and they have places that they bring these beings to out of their society where they can milk them and disconnect them harvest them and feed - and I think earth is only one of thousands of such worlds - full of artificial dysfunction and despair.
The dysfunctional tools social injustices etc milk the creatives to outpour and this life filled outpouring is the milking]
spoken of by Bob Dylan in his song .. ballad of a thin man

It has to be UP and Out but beware those who tell you that we can do it with our own will .. like we were gods of magik etc - thats a deliberate repto-grey ego trap - we can never be objective inside this farming matrix - where we get blanked by amnesia etc

I don't know if you've seen the quote about amnesia and soul farming from someone elses book - can't remember but here it is in case you missed it

What follows is a quote from Alien Interview – where it is revealed that Earth is a prison planet. The disclosure fails to identify Reptilians and Greys as the warders or reveal the true purpose behind stacking all the most creative and innovative prisoners of galactic war and society in such a place.

I also have been illustrating my own soul prison and farm hypothesis at and also have spoken to many of the IS-BE prisoners here ie. immortal spiritual beings [entrapped in an artificial dysfunctional straight jacket of HUman flesh – where HU are the reptilians and man means the clay.

I also promoted the story of Ralph X – who remembered being a prisoner and being recycled through a control room.

Although I agree with the prison planet scenario of Alien Interview – I am in reasonable doubt that in many ways it is deliberately misleading as to the true nature of its intentions as a document.

My doubt comes from such issues as its conformity to the Human Darwinian paradigm to give us lessons in interstellar biology – when we know from the suppressed supercomputing and complexity and chaos modelling that any and every kind of biological diversity spontaneously emerges for nothing out of chaos e.g. see Dr Stuart Kauffman's `autocatalytic self-organising polymers' for his DNA emerges out of chaos for nothing – model, and also Dr Brian Goodwin's model of
Acetabularia that proves the eye emerges quickly and spontaneously out of nothing as and when required.

For that reason then I began to grow suspicious as I reviewed the nature of the prisoners reality here – and it may be that I have head the ideas way too often for it to be a co-incidence .. but I heard them again … that in trillions of years all that needs to be thought has been thought, and all that could be invented has been invented and that there is nothing new under the sun etc etc

I have seen Reptilian illuminati preach that as a form of Daoism, I have head that theme from imperious types on the net over the years and now I see it here wrapped us as a truth.

For the same reason that chaos biology emerges infinite and unending diversity – e.g. just get hold of Evolver the chaos software to grow your own biomorphs I was totally suspicious of this allegedly alien and allegedly superior philosophy of science.

We know for example that from a potentially finite amount of atomic elements e.g. say 200 – that an infinitely diverse universe is constructed out of these limited amount of atomic events.

How therefore can even trillions of years of civilization have come up with an infinity of art and science applications and expressions.

Perhaps though as in the atoms, there is a limited set of tools, a limited set of creative processes and a limited set of facilities and canvasses, but there can never be a limited set of created product types and styles and fabrics and artefacts – not even after trillions of years.

It isn't rational or logical to state that.

There are always new recipes for even the most basic of things,.

Why coop up creatives therefore … ???

Here though we get to the real secret of planet Earth the Repto-Grey nursery ..
it is a place where Death farms Life.

Highly creative souls a rich seam of connection with and deposition of higher frequencies are taken prisoner or rounded up etc because they are full of such life-force and juices.

The Repto-Grey continuum which must extend for at least half a supercluster in any direction probably has highly stable megapopulations of robotically subservient classes whose hierarchy has settled for the best configuration of technologies and social fabrics that they have agreed to be happy with – and as they live in states of depleted hungry disconnection of soul have 2 Imperatives.

1. the need to feed off life force
2. the need to increase their numbers and rate of life force acquisition by
exponential conquest

So they bring the creative souls here to grind into a life-soulfood-paste and or use as hosts like Aliens2 for their ancestral spawn feeding links, gestation and education.

The artificial social stresses and injustices squeeze the creatives like lemons.

In connection to the True Vine of Christ though we are strong and can escape the net. [John 15]


Based On Personal Notes and Interview Transcriptions Provided by :

Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy

Editing and Supplemental Footnotes by:

Lawrence R. Spencer

Eventually The Domain discovered that a wide area of space is monitored by an "electronic force field" which controls all of the IS-BEs [immortal spiritual beings] in this end of the galaxy, including Earth. The electronic force screen is designed to detect IS-BEs and prevent them from leaving the area.

If any IS-BE attempts to penetrate the force screen, it "captures" them in a kind of "electronic net". The result is that the captured IS-BE is subjected to a very severe "brainwashing" treatment which erases the memory of the IS-BE.
This process uses a tremendous electrical shock, just like Earth psychiatrists use "electric shock therapy" to erase the memory and personality of a "patient" and to make them more "cooperative".

On Earth this "therapy" uses only a few hundred volts of electricity. However, the electrical voltage used by the "Old Empire" operation against IS-BEs is on the order of magnitude of billions of volts! This tremendous shock completely wipes out all the memory of the IS-BE. The memory erasure is not just for one life or one body. It wipes out the all of the accumulated experiences of a nearly infinite past, as well as the identity of the IS-BE!

The shock is intended to make it impossible for the ISBE to remember who they are, where they came from, their knowledge or skills, their memory of the past, and ability to function as a spiritual entity. They are overwhelmed into becoming a mindless, robotic nonentity.

After the shock a series of post hypnotic suggestions are used to install false memories, and a false time orientation in each IS-BE. This includes the command to "return" to the base after the body dies, so that the same kind of shock and hypnosis can be done again, and again, again -- forever. The hypnotic command also tells the "patient" to forget to remember.

What The Domain learned from the experience of this officer is that the "Old Empire" has been using Earth as a "prison planet" for a very long time -- exactly how long is unknown -- perhaps millions of years.

So, when the body of the IS-BE dies they depart from the body. They are detected by the "force screen", they are captured and "ordered" by hypnotic command to "return to the light". The idea of "heaven" and the "afterlife" are part of the hypnotic suggestion -- a part of the treachery that makes the whole mechanism work.

After the IS-BE has been shocked and hypnotized to erase the memory of the life just lived, the IS-BE is immediately "commanded", hypnotically, to "report" back to Earth, as though they were on a secret mission, to inhabit a new body. Each IS-BE is told that they have a special purpose for being on Earth. But, of course there is no purpose for being in a prison -- at least not for the prisoner.

Any undesirable IS-BEs who are sentenced to Earth were classified as
"untouchable" by the "Old Empire".

This included anyone that the "Old Empire" judged to be criminals who are too vicious to be reformed or subdued, as well as other criminals such as sexual perverts, or beings unwilling to do any productive work.

An "untouchable" classification of IS-BEs also includes a wide variety of
"political prisoners". This includes IS-BEs who are considered to be
noncompliant "free thinkers" or "revolutionaries" who make trouble for the governments of the various planets of the "Old Empire". Of course, anyone with a previous military record against the "Old Empire" is also shipped off to Earth.

A list of "untouchables" include artists, painters, singers, musicians, writers, actors, and performers of every kind. For this reason Earth has more artists per capita than any other planet in the "Old Empire".

"Untouchables" also include intellectuals, inventors and geniuses in almost every field. Since everything the "Old Empire" considers valuable has long since been invented or created over the last few trillion years, they have no further use for such beings. This includes skilled managers also, which are not needed in a society of obedient, robotic citizens.

Anyone who is not willing or able to submit to mindless economic, political and religious servitude as a taxpaying worker in the class system of the "Old Empire" are "untouchable" and sentenced to receive memory wipeout and permanent imprisonment on Earth.

The net result is that an IS-BE is unable to escape because they can't remember who they are, where they came from, where they are. They have been hypnotized to think they are someone, something, sometime, and somewhere other than were they really are.

In the meantime though those awakening are predated upon as they search for the keys to their self-recognition.

While we are here in this facility though – those using smoke and mirrors and blinding us with deceptions and their secret advantages are slowly working on us and picking us off at their leisure and ours.


Location: Mt Shasta
time: The Summer Solstice

Karga invites you to a networking and hosting workshop under the mighty spires of Mt Shasta.
Karga, one of the Overlord HU who first created the HU-man incubators after the first Orion crusade is not like you and I.
Born in Vladivostok, his great Uncle Vlad the Impaler was one of the 5 Drac Council who administered to the HU-man herd in Eastern Europe from about 1500AD our time.
Now, Karga has made his home in Zone 2, North America and has developed an Alliance with the Anunnaki family that governs its Southern region and has been invited by them to take on the shepherding of their Ancestral HU-man hosting quota, reporting directly to Zone 2 administration.

At Kargas workshops, you the HU-man will fulfil all your potential to serve the Anunnaki effort to educate and nurture the batches that will when properly bursting forth, as the Phoenix, commit their efforts to bring new eras of intergalactic peace to the supercluster.
Think of HU-manity – not so much destined to be ashes but to be the launching platform for whole new waves of Reptilian love.
Bring your HU-man clay and nesting material back to the primal vibrations of natural splendour of this scenic environment at Mount Shasta and feel the love and sympathy of your nervous system as the secret buttons of awesome are pushed by Karga the Sentient Reptilian.

Your chakras pulsate as you all sit in a circle breathing in and breathing out and Karga will introduce you to the Primal Spawn of Zoog by linking the broodlings to the area at the top of your back just below your neck.

The Hrumachis of Zoog will link with you and will not make you feel like an incubator – Karga will explain that these primal surrogate links into the clay of HU are the whole purpose of the HU-man condition.

Marvel at the end of the workshop as you discover that we are truly not alone.
Meditation CD's and exercises will help you be a nourishing host and you will be groomed to pour your energies out in abundant mindless surrender.

The Second intermediate workshop in the Series will look at lifes relationships and how the Hrumachis inside feels about your efforts.



Former Navy Seal commander Colonel D Dark reports to us through his asset at the United Notions, that he led an away team of New Earth Army battalion to rescue 6 Federation prisoners from a DUMB base in Nevada.

They gained access to the facility saying that they had come from Colonel Saunders with a consignment of deep fried chicken.
It was dumb of them to leave the back gate open notes Colonel Dark or D1 to his comrades.
Fierce firefighting broke out once his team had gained access via the kitchen elevator and they then went through the airduct system that carried them safely over the laser threshing security machine in the corridor below.

Wearing their special anti-telepathic stealth mode meditation crystals which you can buy from they advanced past 20 psionically and technologically enhanced alien security personnel employed with scanners and attack droids.

They then freed the 6 MimboJimbo star scientists who led them straight to the time rift Stargate – where they told colonel dark that there was an asteroid coming to destroy the Earth and that if they jump into the future and beam back a big forklift truck from their interstellar factory they can jump back in time with it – round up the asteroid and save the earth, and still get Colonel Dark and his brave away team home in time for Supper – as if the whole episode never took place in the first place – because time travel is like that.

Reporting to the United Notions in secret colonel dark was awarded the purple heart for gallantry – which he can never tell anyone about because it isn't listed anywhere public … but he can rest assured that he has the undying gratitude of Earth and the MimboJimbo star system forever.

Counts as 0.25 of a course unit towards the full XENOPOLITICS XENOFACILITATOR Diploma.
Keynote: Mankind has been banging about in the mud for a long time doing bad things and as a result of that the consensus here at the Xenopolitical Institute is that in order to properly facilitate being truly free range humans and to serve ourselves up as a platter full of good intentions towards our shy and bashful starbrothers – we need to think of ourselves more as a pleasing spiritual and life force banquet.
First things first though and in order to be starters on the academic and spiritual road to being invited for interstellar dinner there has to be a cleansing and washing of our natural need to tell it like it is.
This unfortunate and unpalatable mechanism humans have for `telling it like it is' can make for an unsavoury spiritual offering to our starbrothers hence the Xenopolitics Institute offers the MINDCLEANSE MEDITATION so that us humans can get our minds right.
1. All aliens are good
2. you cannot see any evidence for them having been here for millennia
3. you pour your intentions and lifeforce out to them
4. all planetary evils are caused by mankind including abductions which are only military that have just started about 50 years ago.
5. Homosapiens rule the world and are making a bad job of it
6. our starbrothers know and care and may be coming soon
7. this society and its science, medicine and technology is not a charade – its just taking slow careful steps forward
8. Aliens have not been overflying famines and droughts for millennia without offering help.
9. There are no such things as controlling Reptilians
10. Specially contrived historic mixes of despair and desolation and burning and devastation are in no way artificial and controlled and are not to milk life essences and in no way related to this idea

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