Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Exopolitical Summit...much addo about nothing.

In the best style of the cheap show, the Exos promised revelations, evidences, and of course, gave NONE.
Perhaps some of those attracted by the "summit" bought some tickets or booklets or T.Shirts. If this is so, the exopoliticians are happy, since they only wanted to sell something and pay the bills. The Show must go on, of course.
But we must tell also that even compared with the Exo-shows that we know well, this was poor.
Dr. Michael Salla, (looking older) told us that, it was not even necessary to believe in the Extraterrestrials to practice Exopolitics. (please, see Salla's video.)
A journalist wrote that the quality of presumed UFO in Saturn's orbit was so bad that he felt sic. Nauseous.
More important, Greer changed his view and denied that the Gov. was in contact with the Aliens.
Of course the theme of the Conference was: A New Paradigm for a World in Crisis. Sounds big and means nothing at all. As usual the Exos have lots of words but no Aliens. No Evidences, Not even serious hypothesis.
After 60 years, there is nothing new. The same discredited circus tricks.
Suggestion: It would be more modern to call for a Summit on Alan Kardek, spiritism and ectoplasmatic phenomena. And don't forget the piano player, please.

There is no business like Show business...

?Is it possible that all of these summits, videos, audios, speeches, documents and requests for exopolitical disclosure masks a even more sinister and hidden agenda? A agenda disguised into tricking us into yearning for benevolent ETs? As Keel said, could this all be an elaborate Trojan Horse. Hmmmm? Something to think about.