Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summits, Conferences and Illusionists.

How is it possible to delude a group of adult people? How the charlatans sell their absurdities to some individuals?
In fact, they use some effective techniques that give great results to stage hypnotists and Illusionists.
Let me show you how it works.
Let's consider an event like the Barcelona Exopolitical Summit.
Before the Conference, professional publicists promise fantastic revelations, and write about the participants, the professors. They are "experts" with many titles . Never mind if those titles have nothing to do with Astronomy or Physics. Sometimes this classic fallacy, the Abuse of Expertise, works well.
In the conference, a technique of shock is used. The statements are exposed without doubts: the Lawyer, or the Judge, or the pioneer" come and tell you that we live in a very populated Universe.
The "expert" let us know that one hundred and thirty six races from different planets are now visiting our Earth. This is the technique of Shock.
Although some people in the audience will think that there is absolutely no Evidence of what the expert says, many will accept that statement as an argument based on authority.
("if the professor says that, it must be so. He must know something that we don't know")
After all, these illusionists repeat ad nauseam that the Governments and the Scientists of the whole world are lying to us. They Conspire to keep the Big Secret.
Of course, the Exos will assure us that they are telling the Truth. The Gov. knows but don't tell. NASA, and all the Observatories in the world know that there are big cities in Mars but they don't tell.
If someone asks for  Evidences, the Illusionists will insult her or him, will call him names. She will be a debunker, a psyop, a member of a malignant Cabal, a disinformer.

Unfortunately this scheme not only works, but it is dangerous.
This  scheme gave Hitler and Stalin and Mao their absolute powers.

You have the right to believe in what the Exos tell us.
You have also the right to believe that I am a liar, and a psyop, or an Agent of Darkness.
But let me suggest you this.
When the Exos tell you their story, just ask yourselves if they have any EVIDENCE of what they say.
With surprise, you will find that they have only words, and a very poor idea of our intelligence.

In Truth we Trust.