Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2012 and Planet X could be Fake

Andrew Hennessey

Now I know the arguments for, I've seen the pictures, heard about the secret archaeological and cultural evidence, seen the NASA images, read the books, seen the Mayan calendar photos etc and know about the alleged historic and scientific provenance of all of the beliefs that point to the truth of 2012 and the approach of planet X.

But here's another conspiracy about 2012 for you – and we don't ever see this idea ..
Many of us have reviewed the cultural data, artefacts and witness reports of Reptilian life forms that have been operating this planet for millennia.
Their Hidden hand or claws seem to be rife throughout all of history and looking closely at what they achieve in this artificially engineered despair ridden and backwards cul de sac I came up with the Soul Farming hypothesis at http://www.xenopolitics.com

All digital data and news channels, publications and even historic artefacts can be faked by alien processes and technology. We know this and we know from various staged catastrophes that stir the cauldron of social chaos and despair that we cannot actually count on what we have read or seen being true.

Why would 2012 and Planet X flyby be a Repto Grey fake ?
to destroy and bury any hope of release … like some nazi pouring a cup of water out of reach of a thirsty prisoner … no way out … to break down peoples sense of hope – to make them feel totally disconnected and beyond help .. to make them feel captured and manipulated and outwitted .. to entrain them into a mode of surrender and capitulation of spirit and soul.
All in a days work for a Reto-Grey nazi soul farmer.

Well when the Repto-Greys chose earth for a soul farm and prison facility they would have chosen a geologically and environmentally stable planetary installation that they had total control over – they would have set up little zones here and there for beings incarcerated in human DNA and driven by artificially induced amnesia and then worked them into artificially bonded groups, slowly deploying the issues of anger, fear and pain as first one format of social dream and then another would be systematically terminated by an artificial process we know of as `human history' – various scams and charades perpetrated by holographic reptilians and greys wearing the social guises of what would be taken as human success in these epochs.
The planet though including its environment and its structure and its geology would have all sorts of matrix sized machinery in place and flying shields and flying jesters caps would feature in the art of the eras – much of it detuned to the human eyes. The repto-greys could stagemanage feats of social engineering and human catastrophe with big orbital detuned machines. either to aid the hatching of their devils and demons – phoenix-like from the ashes of mankind or to create more opportunities to play god amongst the humans hobbled by DNA straightjackets.
20 millennia of alleged human social, cultural and technological and biological evolution is a charade taking place as it did amongst interstellar infrastructure.

For the repto-greys farming by contradiction and nihilism and the creation of despair on their human straightjacketed victims might well have produced their own farming motto … `supercede to feed'
Though must admit that putting `easily outshone human retards' on the repto imperium resume isn't going to guarantee a lot of respect. The hands on reptilians here, somewhat redneck, may well be organic human cattle and despair farmers – augmenting their own inner disconnection and deadness by tormenting, squeezing and drinking the soul juices of the humans – but still cannot avoid looking and sounding redundant since the only life they can have and get is yours – not anything original of their own.

I suggest that Earth could well be a very stable habitat indeed if not severely tampered with, and that any Earth changes that take place might be stagemanaged by the use of huge theatrical windmachines and earthquake machines – lasering and removing huge blocks off the ice cap, chemtrailing and spraying the environment to make it and its human inhabitants desolate.

I suggest that any natural Earth changes that might take place could be totally fake and artificially produced and that any body of supporting allegedly scientific evidence that suggests acts of nature could also be easily faked too.

Why fake a massive order social cataclysm … the answer is to harvest humanity .. just look at http://www.flashearth.com to see matrix droids at street level.

It might be that nothing happens in 2012 !! and it could be that without the intercession of Christ and his Angels, nothing ever will except our fall into packets of highly marketable soul dust – spoken of in the first 20 minutes of the repto film `the golden compass'.
endless galactic war just means more grapes for the winepress.

I suspect very much that hungry dualism and depleted hungry beings are the norm in this density, as is the supremacy of the predatory reptilian form and that this our supercluster at least has to be Jurassic Park on crack.

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