Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Disclosure as Capitulation?

Let's believe for a moment in what the Exos tell us.
The governments not only know that the Aliens are here, but also they recognize that they have knowledge of advanced technology provided by the presumed aliens.
IF this is so, THEN the action of disclosure is an act of Capitulation.
The official disclosure means is recognition of the unauthorized presence in our planet of an advanced Power.
This recognition (disclosure) implies that Human authorities recognize that they have failed to protect our independence and sovereignty.
After that, what can we expect?

We can expect political, social, economical and psychological chaos.
Governments know this better than us, consequently, the disclosure will take place only if the non-human entities are ready to control that chaos.
However, chaos control implies repression and oppression. An Alien Dictatorship.
What the government must tell us is in what way are the authorities protecting us from those mischievous and secretive Aliens.

James Black