Sunday, July 5, 2009

[XENOPOLITICS] Seeding the ExoStorm

Seeding the Exo-storm

Andrew Hennessey

We have all observed and often participated in the information chaos of UFOLOGY.
We have had lots to say about a surreal circus and its establishment clowns and indeed many of us have been distracted by perverse sounding realities surrounding UFO cults and their gurus.
At the end of the day though – our rational outrage expressed in as many or however many terms you want does not seem to make any impression on the status quo.
That's because one is shouting into the clamour of a massive, stormy and chaotic semantic weather system.
We merely feed and add to the chaos which at one point according to the relatively unknown chaos law of emergence may produce or emerge an alien chaos god religion or doctrine that is a cross between mad max and star wars.
At first observation this doesn't seem right – for here are we producing rational contradictions to the most obvious garbage – and pointing out the real sense that people should think – we ought to make some small difference.
It could at an individual level – which is why its good to have such groups as Rationalufology illustrating the obvious objections to these ideas, tact at a tactical level – our articles could be the straw that finally broke down the wall of blindness in some card-carrying cult members life. Such a person has to be full of questions and probably hasn't recognised or explained the glaring contradictions in Guru announcements to themselves.
At an individual level therefore we can reach some people .. but why have real movers and shakers failed to take down the circus ?

The UFO circus, strategically, though is a totally different issue – it is a swirling all consuming chaotic hurricane rolling across the digital ocean feeding itself with everything positive we say and everything negative we say.
It thrives on rational objections, illustrated contradictions, defamations, scandals, credibility custard pie fights, bad language, personal insults, self-referential documents, omissions and deliberate inaccuracies sucking the energy out of storms of contradiction like some hungry monster repto vampire with a brood to feed.
Its all grist to the satanic mill.
Most of us would like to see the Exocircus stop its psycho behaviour and take the issues of all the affected human lives seriously, but it doesn't.
So how do we make them stop their stuff ?
Obviously if we are dealing with an information storm and we don't have HAARP to carve big square or triangular chunks out of its rotation creating a relative vacuum to use as a nexus to alter the storms path then we have to use the more traditional methods of hurricane dissipation such as seeding the clouds.
Metallic salts dropped above the storm cause the clouds to condense their water and precipitate it out as rain – taking the force out of the storm.
Our concentrated salts though should be collections of witness testimonies repeatedly dropped into the surreal BS.
We wouldn't need to justify doing so or argue for or against the witnessed issues – and we should of course run our own version of the witness protection program because people get very upset if they think their story is going to get messed with and garbaged all over.
We can just state that the name has been changed if necessary.
I think we should collect witness stories and then circulate and post them – good times, bad times but the voices of real people not fake corporation and government goons.
I predict that repeatedly posting lots of true witness accounts will undermine the insanity of the circus and its performers and cause them to overcompensate by precipitating a relative deluge of sickness. The required force of semantic deluge needed to constantly negate reality cannot be sustained by their own artificial world views, cover stories or paradigms over any length of time.
Although for example Boylan bans images and contradictions and decides who is chosen for what they deserve etc in his core group careful posting on peripheral or circus feeder groups of unembellished witness stories – some illustrating negative alien interactions, some illustrating positive content is going to cut off the supply of rationally thinking people to the exo-circus before they can be conditioned – for the only strategy I've seen used to combat negative aliens is that everybody gets what they deserve.
Seeding the exo-circus storm feeder groups with true witness accounts in my opinion is going to take the momentum out of all that social disease.
Simply find the recruiting forums/fora
Certainly the overwhelming majority of rational and fair-minded people in all professions and walks of life would tend to disagree with the exo rhetoric that everybody gets what they deserve.
The only issue really is why people do not get what they deserve – does this question have some rational model that could explain even alien and artificial injustice – is injustice artificial - and there are such models e.g.

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