Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FUNNY MONEY with postscript


Andrew Hennessey

This might be a fanciful conjecture – but it is possible.
One of the pleasures of urban life in the UK is having hypermarkets like Walmart/ASDA and Tesco within fairly easy reach in the towns.
As our small change piles up during our active consumerism, we can keep it all in a jar – and then when the jar is full .. we then take our assortment of very small change around to one of these stores to find a machine there like COINSTAR that we empty our cash jar into and then for a small fee, it sorts it, counts it and gives us a ticket to go get some real money in the form of large denomination banknotes from the shop.

This machine processing though usually rejects quite a large handful of assorted small coins usually looking in perfect physical condition.
What's wrong with them ?

Wrong weight, or magnetic or molecular properties – but what major league counterfeiting outfit would invest in time and machinery and infrastructure to mass produce mountains of relatively financial rubbish like these extremely low denomination coins. That wouldn't be a good black market business would it ?

So given these strange relatively worthless coins cannot possibly be manufactured by human criminals – who or what is churning this stuff out or what strange process is altering the physical and chemical composition of this perfect looking money.

Extra Terrestrial colonists – many of them Greys are within human society and use energy to matter technology – boxes that project holograms of the humans they have replaced [David Moncoeur on the Robert France case] and who can also manufacture other bits and pieces of human infrastructure with their technology.
e.g. see my story Alien Pizza http://www.whale.to/b/hennessey28.html

I suggest that Non-humans and colonists amongst humanity manufacture such things as money and other human-looking materials and fabrics and artefacts at no cost to themselves.

I suggest therefore that these low denomination coins rejected as abnormal in machine based coin sorts have been manufactured to equip and outfit non-humans living amongst us.
There are quite a few of those coins in circulation.

It could be that those coins are actually an exotic and alien alloy with a very different chemical and atomic composition from what we would usually find in this solar system.

The manufacturing process of such coinage, from energy to matter convertors of an alien nature is predicted by the physicist John Hutchison who can produce a Hutchison atomic and molecular jelly from High Energy driving of atomic ingredients – which fuse into strange hybrid materials.
This is known as the Hutchison Effect

An effect that interstellar aliens would have perfected ..

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