Friday, July 3, 2009

Thought about the UFO Meme.

In a message posted in Rational Ufology, Andrew Hennessey writes:

"...and I expect absolutely zero consequences if people hear good things or bad things about me - it really doesn't matter what you say .. you should study the semantics of information chaos ... anything you say about me good or bad increases my profile ...
its a natural law of chaos that things operate like this
its called the butterfly effect...!"

My answer is YES. Andrew is right. That is why I created some neologisms as Infocalipsis, and Infochaos.
The whole pseudoscience called Exopolitics, and all the self proclaimed experts in UFOS, and contactees an charlatans, and pathological liars, and mystics are just keeping alive the UFO galaxy of Memes. The UFO SuperMeme.
Remember that a meme is something like a virus of the mind. It "infects" the minds of hundreds and then millions and grows, and reproduces, and even develop independent life.

Of course I agree that in the end, the natural law of Chaos will prevail, and this is NOT BAD.
If the whole UFO mythology implodes, it becomes a mass of meaningless chaotic contradictory elements.
THEN and only then, after the Infokalipsis, after the Infochaos, we will perhaps learn something about UNINVITED non-human Entities manipulating us.

So, let the UFO Circus go on. Post the fantasies, the pseudoscience, the false history, the New Age mythology.
However, point at it, laugh, ask for evidences, dennounce the hoaxers.
Doing this, the whole Meme of disinformation will collapse.
Perhaps a lie, repeated one hundred times, becomes "true", as the Infamous Goebbels said.
But is also true that something repeated a million times, becomes...Junk Info. Empty, meaningless words.

The show must go on, because in the end, it will precipitate autodestruction.