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Harm to Minors and Inappropriate Material.

How to keep the web clean of profiteers, ABUSERS, con-men and Hot-tub Doctors..!

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Rational polemics about UFOs and the ET. Hypothesis.

On Sun, May 23, 2010 at 7:32 PM, Blue UFO <blueufo2020@> wrote:
  I'll answer in line, in BOLD, ITALIAN

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From: Tomas Scolarici <tscolarici@yahoo. com>
Subject: Re: Fwd: [RationalUFOLOGY] Steve Hammons: Interesting Points
To: RationalUFOLOGY@ yahoogroups. com
Date: Sunday, May 23, 2010, 9:03 PM

  PERSONAL: Yes, with the right way the wrong thing can be stated.
Now, I am TOTALLY CONVINCED that the UFO Phenomenon is REAL.

- Yes, I totally agree with this, as well as visitation from what you call "non human entities" as well as some interdimensional forms that appear humanoid.

I am also totally convinced that never any extraterrestrial culture or race, payed us a visit.
- I disagree in part with this, but only in part. I think a vast number of these so called aliens are actually something from earth or the immediate surrounding space (atmosphere) , possibly energy forms, thought forms, or mind projections. However I do believe ET/angelic beings have visited us, at least in the past, and perhaps those who are their descendants have the ability to project the UFO phenomenon into our present world.

I also believe in the let us say, 5th Hypothesis: The whole UFO=EXTRATERRESTRAL myth is employed, consciously or not, to cover the TRUTH about UFO Phenomenon.

- To a point yes. There could be numerous factors at work here.

The truth is of such an enormity that probably would destroy us in seconds or WORST. Make us all Insane.
- Possible, but all should not be included. I think a lot is hidden because MOST people would have a big problem with it. There are religious, educational, and governmental issues. But some people would accept it and not go insane, with maybe the exception of a total end of the world scenario where the entire planet experiences extinction with no way out. Ok, THEN people might go insane, but still not everyone.

There is however an attitude against insanity. Is the State of Total Awareness, Complete  Mindfulness.
- True
Also, to believe that everything is for our MINDS, a complex system of INTER-TEXTUALITY.
Let's call this the SEMIOTIC Attitude.

Everything is a TEXT about a TEXT. There is no Original Text.

Tomas Scolarici

entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem,

"Occam's Razor"

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fwd: [RationalUFOLOGY] Steve Hammons: Interesting Points

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From: Blue UFO <>
Date: Thu, May 20, 2010 at 9:37 AM
Subject: [RationalUFOLOGY] Steve Hammons: Interesting Points


I've been reading this mans material and it's very interesting. I decided to post this particular article and underlined some important parts relevant to this groups own studies. Of course given this mans background in law enforcement and the military, he would most likely be considered a Cabal by some people in the Exo field.

"People who wonder about or even actively research the topics of UFOs and visitors from elsewhere sometimes begin with certain assumptions that may only be partially correct.

We might assume that if we are being visited, these intelligent beings are all biological life forms, though they might be quite different from humans.

We could also conclude that they are from another planet and they travel here aboard advanced spacecraft, possibly warping or surfing space-time in some way.

However, there are also theories and indications that, although those basic concepts might generally be accurate in some cases, there could be other developments going on as well.

For example, it might be possible that there are several kinds of intelligent visitors on Earth. Some researchers also suggest that certain unconventional beings might not be visitors at all, but somehow native to our planet, though they reside in hidden dimensions or operate in mysterious ways.

And even those who do travel here from a home world of some kind might also be able to visit us by slipping in and out of these mysterious dimensions without the need for sophisticated spacecraft.

In addition, although many might be biological entities or have a biological component, some anomalous beings might be some kind of energy operating outside of what we think of as normal biological life.


The other important questions regarding either extraterrestrial visitors from another planet or other mysterious beings of various kinds involve their possible motives and objectives. Are they friendly, hostile or somewhere in between? If there is some hidden agenda, what is it?

Are they straightforward and honest or deceptive? And if there deception – why? Is it simply "operational security (OPSEC)" of the kind we use ourselves in certain activities to help ensure success? If so, this could work to our benefit if their mission is to help us.

Some people believe in angels and the activities of good entities who watch over us and help humankind in many ways. These types of beings, if they truly exist, are said to operate in discreet, unseen and secret ways, much like some sort of intelligence agents.

Could other kinds of intelligent beings, including extraterrestrial and/or extra-dimensional ones, also work in similar secretive and covert ways?

A related consideration is that other intelligent beings, possibly of many kinds, could be trying to educate us and affect our thinking. They might be waiting for, or even actively assisting humanity in the development of a more advanced consciousness within us.

People try to persuade and influence each other all the time through many kinds of "perception management." These can be applied constructively to help a target population or damaging if used toward harmful outcomes.

Some researchers indicate that the field of study involving UFOs, extraterrestrials and other mysterious kinds of phenomena are full of deception and perception management cover stories, both by the unusual phenomena themselves and by some of the humans involved in trying to deal with them.

When we discuss the idea of "disclosure" of government files about UFOs and visitors from the stars or other dimensions, we might also want to recognize the limitations of what this alleged government-held information might tell us.

There certainly seem to be strong indications that the U.S. and other governments and organizations have been looking into these kinds of anomalous phenomena for quite a while, at least since the mid-1940s. There has probably been useful information obtained as well as attempts to interpret what it all means.

Puzzle pieces involving possible different technologies and various types of beings could be part of these scenarios. And, it is also possible that we have not yet put all the puzzle pieces together. There still may be several unknowns in play.

A major consideration in greater understanding about these possibilities seems to be the mental, emotional and even spiritual preparedness of humans about these mysteries.

And, it may not be so simple as friendly visitors from another planet who want to help us and show us their advanced technologies, though those could be aspects of the situation.

This is why some people advocate a safe and discreet orientation and acclimation process to educate Americans and people worldwide about the nature of the possible elements involved.

It might not be simply that "we are not alone." The very nature of Nature and the dynamics of the Universe or multi-verse around us and within us might be different than what we learned in school.

His own blogs are here, and there is a wealth of info in them.

Recent Activity:



    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis and Galactic Diplomacy.

    The Exopolitical authorities announce their Galactic Diplomacy Classes, and this invite us to analyze some amazing contradictions.

    First of all, the professors Manuel Lamiroy, Lic. Juris. and Paola Harris, M.Ed. will be teaching how to practice diplomacy...with an hypothesis..!
    For example they will say this:
    " IF the extraterrestrial hypothesis is true, THEN we must practice the following Diplomatic rules with the perhaps existent extraterrestrials."
    Now, if this works, something is wrong with us, humans.
    Please, also consider this.
    Manuel Lamiroy, Lic. Juris. and Paola Harris, M.Ed. will be teaching extraterrestrial diplomacy, and people who pays for their teachings, will want to know what are the EXPERIENCE of Manuel and Paola in extraterrestrial diplomacy. The answer to this is easy. The experience of Paola and Manuel is inexistent, since the extraterrestrials are just an hypothesis..!

    Now people, please, tell me what's going on here...this people is crazy or what? Honestly, this is not serious at all. Will so0meone pay for these hypothetical teachings?

    James Black

    -- Exopolitics Institute
    M e
    d i a R e l e a s e
    IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTIONSummer Semester Courses for Exopolitics Certification Program Start Next Week

    [May 18, 2010 - Kona, Hawaii] The Exopolitics Institute is
    proud to announce that classes begin on May 23 for a number of
    educational programs designed for those interested in developing
    professional qualifications in exopolitics; and/or acquiring analytical
    tools, research methods and investigative techniques for evidence
    concerning the extraterrestrial hypothesis. Our experienced faculty of
    educators and trainers collectively offer decades of experience in the teaching profession and in researching extraterrestrial life; and
    offer you the opportunity to apply exopolitics in a number of unique
    Classes offered for the Summer 2010 Semester are:

    * Exo-102 - Citizen Diplomacy with Extraterrestrial Civilizations, Course Instructor,
    Manuel Lamiroy, Lic. Juris.
    * Exo
    103 - Best Evidence: Expert Witness Testimony and Views on the ET Presence, Course
    Instructor, Paola Harris, M.Ed.
    For 2010 schedule visit:


    Monday, May 17, 2010

    Open Letter to Doctor Richard Boylan.

    Dear Doctor Boylan.
    You cannot imagine how much we enjoy your posts and ideas.
    Believe us, we take our time to read you, and admire your "charisma” and Wisdom.
    Of course we also know that only a limited number of true believers follow your teachings.
    Unfortunately, most of them have not enough intelligence to understand the substance of your Ideas concerning the Source, the Altimarians, the Star-nations and now, the subterranean helpers and a curious crystalline entity whose existence you revealed to the World.
    Gaia is in good, strong, protective hands.
    Particularly we admire your courage. Yes, doctor, because courage is needed to teach all this to kids.
    Of course those kids are star/seeds, right Doctor?
    We hope that in the school, teachers and other “common” kids will recognize this privilege.
    Please Doctor, believe us. We follow your steps and are familiarized with your background.
    However, we are not the only ones. There are others also interested in your new cult.
    But please, don’t worry about your critics. These ignore how Honest, Decent and Sincere you are.
    Have a great day and a better night, Richard.
    Give our regards to Fran, Wendy and Asheoma.

    The Watchers

    Friday, May 14, 2010


    What must be understood is that Serious Ufology INCLUDES the investigation of the impact of this mystery in sociopaths, charlatans, con-men, hoaxers
    Also, analyze the new gullibility. People who believes just ANYTHING without reserves.
    This kind of phenomenons are, in my view, extremely dangerous, so WE, RATIONAL PEOPLE, must push people into THINKING, into REASON.
    Again, the UFO phenomenon is, until now, incomprehensible, and the Extraterrestrial hypothesis is , for me, the less rational of all.
    What for me is obvious is that the ufonauts BEHAVE as Time Travelers would do. They do their thing from a different space-time continuum, perhaps.
    THAT IS WHY THEY ARE NEVER IN THE STAGE. They cannot be there, they cannot risk "killing their grandpa(paradox)"
    Please, come to work on all this...
    Love you people.

    Truth will make us FREE.
    Tomas Scolarici AKA James Black.
    entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem,

    "Occam's Razor"


    Fwd: The problem with the self-proclaimed "prophets"

    Of course, the problem with self-proclaimed Councilors of Earth and "prophets" is just one: to keep their lies alive and well. However, the charlatans always fail.
    Here again, we have the TRUTH. Several truths. First of all, the COE councilor of earth, writes his fantasies for just a few.
    Truth is that people have brains. People think. People, sooner or latter, can recognize the differences between TRUTH and Lies, Science and Charlatanism, Doctors and Abusers. Scientists and con-men. 

    TRUTH will make us FREE.

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    From: <>
    Date: Fri, May 14, 2010 at 4:44 PM
    Subject: The problem with the self-proclaimed "prophets"

    [UFOFacts] Update on Great Quake _coming today_ in north-central Mexico and touching the extreme southern CA, AZ, and NM
    DrBoylan <>  [Chat now]
    Add to Contacts

    Friends, amigos,

       Saludos. Here is an Update, with most likely time of the Great Quake to occur today.
       The impacts of the Great Quake today in the Sierra Madre Occidental are not known with precision for communities at a great distance from the Sierra Madre Occidental.
       (The full text of my complete original Great Quake Warning for today is below*.)
       A worse-case scenario appears to be possible today as follows for those in communities fronting the northern end of Gulf of California/Mar de Cortez.
       The mouth of the Colorado River at the northern end of the Sea of Cortez experiences one of the highest tides in the world, about 33 feet (10 meters). If, in addition to the up-to-200-foot (61 meters) estimated possible wave-height tsunami action from today's coming SMO 9.2 Great Quake, the Quake occurs when there is a high tide in the Gulf of California, then it is conceivable that a Super Tsunami exceeding 250 feet (76 meters) height could sweep up the Colorado River and northward over the land to where it slopes down to the Salton Sea area (below sea level) in California, causing  flooding. Cities in the path of any such potential wave action that might occur include Mexicali, MX, and Calexico, El Centro, and Brawley, CA. If in addition it occurs during a New Moon (like today's), an even extra-high tide occurs.
       Since these cities like Mexicali are at a distance from the banks of the Colorado River, it may be wise for their citizens to take some precautions against unusual flooding.
       Note that today's high tide in the north end of the Sea of Cortez occurs around 2:30 pm, PDT this afternoon.
       It appears from my energy signature reading that the time of the large Quake may well occur in the afternoon near the time of the extra-high tide. Today is also a New Moon which causes some of the largest tidal variations.
       My psychic source-persons did not provide a specific city-by-city prediction.
       Warn your friends or neighbors if they live near the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico, or near Antelope Wells and Hachita, New Mexico, or near Yuma, Arizona, or near Calexico, El Centro, Brawley or Westmoreland, California.
        I would suggest to you and your friends that if they live near the Sierra Madre Occidental, that they avoid being inside buildings made of brick, masonry, adobe, or other unyielding material from today until pre-dawn Saturday.
       Vaya con Dios.
    * [Original warning sent out May 4.]
    *   The psychic abilities which Star Seed adults and Star Kids have can often be put to social benefit.
       An outstanding example of this is the remote-viewing work below which my close associates Wendi and Fran have been recently engaging in the past few days.
       They have foreseen that about 9 days from now, there will be an enormous 9.2-magnitude Great Quake along a 1500-mile (2414 km) stretch of north-central Mexico.
       The Quake will be situated along the Sierra Madre Occidental, a very long ridge of mountains which forms the Continental Divide in much of Mexico and is the defining mountain range of western north-central Mexico, (much like the Sierra Nevada mountain range is in California.)
       That monster earthquake zone will extend from the US-MX Border at Antelope Wells, New Mexico, southward past east of Hermosillo, and past east of Culiacan, loops around Durango, (the Epicenter area, as much as you can call this monster having an epicenter), and extends southward past Zacatecas and down to where the Sierra Madre Occidental range crosses MX Hwy 70 (between Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosi), where the seismicity peters out according to my energy signature readings.
       At 1500 miles (2414 km) long, this has to be one of the largest earthquake shaking zones on record. It exceeds the shaking zone of the largest earthquake in recorded history, the Great Chilean Quake of 1960 (9.5 magnitude), whose shaking zone extended 840 miles north-to-south.
       This upcoming Sierra Madre Occidental (SMO) Great Earthquake is of the same strength (9.2) as the Great Alaskan Quake of 1964, (second largest recorded), which caused land to move vertically 40 feet!
       This Quake will also almost certainly cause large tsunamis in the Gulf of California, 300 miles (482 km) west of the Sierra Madre Occidental.
       Across the Gulf of California from mainland Mexico, cities on the Baja California Peninsula such as La Paz and Loreto could very well experience damaging tsunamis.
       On the Mexican mainland near the Sierra Madre Occidental, there could be multiple ruptures in, or failures of, large dams with potential disastrous flooding of cities downstream. These include: Presas (Dams) Angostura, Rodriguez, Alvaro Obregon, Mocuzari, Boquillo, Torreoncillos, Sanalona, Calles, and Santos.
       The mouth of the Colorado River at the northern end of the Gulf of California experiences one of the highest tides in the world, about 33 feet (10 meters). If in addition to the up-to-200-foot (61 meters) estimated wave-height tsunami action from the SMO Great Quake, the Quake occurs when there is a high tide in the Gulf of California, then it is conceivable that a Super Tsunami exceeding 250 feet (76 meters) height could sweep up the Colorado River and northward over the land to where it slopes down to the Salton Sea (below sea level) in California, causing  flooding. Cities in the path of any such potential wave action that might occur include Mexicali, MX, and Calexico, El Centro and Brawley, CA.
        The SMO Great Quake will not trigger an additional quake along California's San Andreas Fault. Rather, the damage in the southern region of the San Andreas Fault will be due to its being nearer the northern end of the SMO Great Quake, and thus receiving its share of the shaking, any land rising or subsidence, and tsunamis which will be caused by the Sierra Madre Occidental Great Quake.
       When I asked Fran how definite the Friday, May 14 date for the great Quake is, she replied, "Depending on the circumstances of Gaia's movements it could very well be a day early or a day later."
       Thus, persons near the Sierra Madre Occidental range in Mexico and along the Sea of Cortez/Gulf of California will want to maintain vigilance for earthquake and any resultant tsunami from Thursday, May 13 through Saturday, May 15.
       This very large earth movement is part of Gaia's natural process of rebalancing and compensating for damage sustained. Thus it is not appropriate to mount any effort to stop it from occurring, (such as a Joint Psychic Exercise).
       But lightworkers can prepare to send healing and balancing energy to Gaia in that zone, as well as prepare to send supportive energy to any persons affected by the Quake when it occurs.
       I will be sending information about the Great Quake to U.S. authorities, with the request that they relay the advisement to their Mexican counterparts, so that they can make preparations.

        in service,

        Richard Boylan, Ph.D., COE

    Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
    drboylan@sbcglobal. net
    www.drboylan. com/

    Thursday, May 13, 2010

    Fwd: The Impossible Conspiracy.

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    From: James Black <>
    Date: Thu, May 13, 2010 at 8:39 PM
    Subject: The Impossible Conspiracy.

    Conspiracy is a curious word. It comes from " conspirare" which means breathing together.
    So, let's consider for a moment that the idea of Extraterrestrials "visiting" our planet is true.
    However, if this is so, and if the government is in contact with the Aliens, then both, the authorities and the ETs are co-conspirators. Both are involved in a huge conspiracy.
    Consequently, to point the Government as responsible for the so called Cover-up is limited to one of the parts. Obviously both, ETs and Gov. are keeping the Cover Up, the secret of the extraterrestrial presence on our Earth.
    If this is so, the aliens conspire against Humanity. They are allied with the government. They are hostile to us, the people.
    Gov and Aliens breath together. Conspire against us.
    Obviously, the disclosure would be the recognition of the Aliens-Government conspiracy.
    The whole thing is contradictory, illogical and irrational.
    More, it would be impossible to keep such Cover-Up.
    The conclusion is that Extraterrestrial massive presence implies contact, open contact. Since this open contact doesn't exist, there are no Extraterrestrials here.
    The UFO phenomenon however is with us from the beginning of times, but the ET hypothesis doesn't solve the enigma.
    From our perspective, after decades of research, the Time-travelers hypothesis is more rational and explains the lack of contact and the furtiveness of the Entities behind the phenomenon. Time-travelers cannot and will not destroy time continuum.
    The ufonauts apparently work in a different space-time dimension, but again, if this is so, we cannot understand how they do it.
    So, the whole phenomenon remains a mystery. An unsolved mystery.


    James Black


    The Impossible Conspiracy.

    Conspiracy is a curious word. It comes from " conspirare" which means breathing together.
    So, let's consider for a moment that the idea of Extraterrestrials "visiting" our planet is true.
    However, if this is so, and if the government is in contact with the Aliens, then both, the authorities and the ETs are co-conspirators. Both are involved in a huge conspiracy.
    Consequently, to point the Government as responsible for the so called Cover-up is limited to one of the parts. Obviously both, ETs and Gov. are keeping the Cover Up, the secret of the extraterrestrial presence on our Earth.
    If this is so, the aliens conspire against Humanity. They are allied with the government. They are hostile to us, the people.
    Gov and Aliens breath together. Conspire against us.
    Obviously, the disclosure would be the recognition of the Aliens-Government conspiracy.
    The whole thing is contradictory, illogical and irrational.
    More, it would be impossible to keep such Cover-Up.
    The conclusion is that Extraterrestrial massive presence implies contact, open contact. Since this open contact doesn't exist, there are no Extraterrestrials here.
    The UFO phenomenon however is with us from the beginning of times, but the ET hypothesis doesn't solve the enigma.
    From our perspective, after decades of research, the Time-travelers hypothesis is more rational and explains the lack of contact and the furtiveness of the Entities behind the phenomenon. Time-travelers cannot and will not destroy time continuum.
    The ufonauts apparently work in a different space-time dimension, but again, if this is so, we cannot understand how they do it.
    So, the whole phenomenon remains a mystery. An unsolved mystery.


    James Black


    Cults: Mind Control and Brainwashing

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    From: <>
    Date: Thu, May 13, 2010 at 6:10 PM
    Subject: Cults: Mind Control and Brainwashing


    Studies have shown that today's cults use a stronger form of control than those of 50 years ago. The advent of new psychological experiments in the 60's and 70's have produced the modern methods of mind control which are far more sophisticated than the BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION TECHNIQUES and THOUGHT REFORM developed by the Chinese. To understand mind control you need a basic understanding of BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION TECHNIQUES.

    What is "behaviour modification."

    Simply described, it is "reward or punishment for actions" association. It was used on you as a child whenever you were being commended or otherwise for your behaviour.

    Taking away a privilege is usually a sure-fire method to persuading a child to change its behaviour when that child is old enough to under-stand the process. Praising a child for doing good is another method of changing behaviour, especially in the child who is anxious toplease. The rod of education applied to the seat of learning is another method of bringing about a desired behaviour change.

    When behaviour modification techniques such as these are applied in a loving, caring and consistent way, the child changes their behaviour without holding feelings of resentment. However, if these techniques are perverted in any way, damage is done to the child's psyche, their emotions. e.g.. the abused child syndrome. Cults use a sophisticated and perverted form of behaviour modification which damages an individuals emotions.


    Leon Festinger is a psychologist who studied groups that predicted the end of the world. He found that most members became stronger than ever when the prophecy failed. His investigation revealed that members had to find a way to cope psychologically with the failure. They needed to maintain order and meaning in their life. They needed to think they were acting according to their self-image and values.

    Festinger described this contradiction which they had to overcome as what has become known as the "COGNITIVE DISSONANCE THEORY." The three components he described are:


    Each component has a powerful effect on the other two: CHANGE ONE AND THE OTHERS WILL TEND TO FOLLOW. When all three change the individual undergoes a complete change. Festinger summarised the basic principle:

       "If you change a person's behaviour, his thoughts and feelings will change to minimise the dissonance."

    When there is a conflict between thoughts, feelings or behaviour, then those in conflict will change to minimise the contradiction. This is because a person can only tolerate a certain amount of discrepancy between these components which make up his identity. In cults this dissonance is created to exploit and control them.

    Steven Hassan, author of Combating Cult Mind Control, added a fourth component to Festinger's:


    By controlling the information one receives you can control and restrict the individual's ability to think for himself. You limit what he is able to think about.

    BEHAVIOUR CONTROL - The control of an individual's physical reality.

    This can include control of where he lives, what he eats, his clothing, sleep, job, rituals etc. This is why most cults have a stringent schedule for members. There is always something to do in destructive cults. Each cult has its own distinctive set of behaviours that bind it together. This control is so powerful that the cult member will actually participate in their own punishment and come to believe he actually deserves it!

    No one can command a person's thoughts but IF YOU CAN CONTROL BEHAVIOUR THEN HEARTS AND MINDS WILL FOLLOW.

    THOUGHT CONTROL - The control of an individual's thought processes.

    The indoctrination of members so thoroughly that they will manipulate their own thought processes. The ideology is internalised as "the truth". Incoming information is filtered through the beliefs which also regulates how this information is thought about.

    The cult has it's own language which further regulates how a person thinks. This puts a great barrier between cult members and outsiders.

    Another form of control is "thought stopping" techniques. This can take many forms: chanting, meditating, singing, humming, tongues (some even pay money to learn it), concentrated praying, etc. The use of these techniques short-circuits the persons' ability to test reality. The person can only think positive thoughts about the group. If there is a problem the member assumes responsibility and works harder.

    EMOTIONAL CONTROL - The control of the individuals emotional life.

    This manipulates a person's range of feelings. Guilt and fear are used to keep control. Cult members cannot see the control by guilt and like other abuse victims are conditioned to blame themselves when things are wrong, even grateful when a leader points our their transgressions.

    Fear is used to manipulate two ways. The first is to create an outside enemy (we vs them) who is persecuting you. The second is the fear of punishment by the leaders if you are not "good enough." Being "good enough" is following the ideology perfectly. The most powerful emotional control is phobia indoctrination. This can give the person a panic reaction at the very thought of leaving the group. It is almost impossible to conceive that there is any life outside the group.

    There is no physical gun held to their heads but the psychological gun is just as if not more powerful.

    INFORMATION CONTROL - The control of the individuals information sources.

    Deny a person the information needed to make a sound judgment and he will be incapable of doing so. People are trapped in cults because they are denied both the access to the critical information they need to assess their situation. The psychological chains on their minds are just as powerful as if they were locked away physically from society. So strong is this psychological process they also lack the properly functioning internal mechanism to process any critical information placed in front of them.


    Mind Control is a PROCESS of eradicating former beliefs and instituting new beliefs in their place through the use of COERCIVE persuasion. It is a PROCESS which is designed to break a person's independence and individuality and replace it with the ideology clone. The Chinese called this process "thought reform" which was poorlytranslated into English as "brain-washing".


    Brain-washing is now considered to be a different process to thought reform or mind control. In brain-washing the victim knows who is the enemy. An example is American Patty Hearst who was kidnapped by a terrorist group. Through physical abuse she finally became a member of the group and took part in terrorist activities and bank robberies.


    Thought control is more subtle. The victim doesn't know who is the enemy because the enemy seems like their best friend who only has their best interests at heart.

    Cults practice a more refined form of thought control than that used by the Chinese. Leading psychologist, Dr Margaret Singer, said cults do it better than the Chinese because it is easier to get people to do what you want through manipulating them with guilt and anxiety.

    During this process the prospective recruit is re-educated and will abandon the precepts he has learnt from life for the "truth" or "enlightenment" offered by the group. In some cults this is done over a long period of time; Other cults can bring about this change within 48 hours. Whichever way the process takes place the results are the same. The individual has undergone a total change in personality and is often unrecognisable by their family.

    The process of thought control has been documented by Robert J Lifton who researched what happened to the American prisoners of the Communist Chinese. He labelled the steps which have become the standard by which to judge whether a group is using "brain-washing" or "thought reform" on it's recruits.

    Robert J Lifton's research showed that -

       "These criteria consist of eight psychological themes which are predominant within the social field of the thought reform milieu. Each has a totalistic quality; each depends upon an equally absolute philosophical assumption; and each mobilises certain individual emotional tendencies, mostly of a polarising nature.

       Psychological theme, philosophical rationale, and polarised individual tendencies are interdependent; they require, rather than directly cause, each other. In combination they create an atmosphere which may temporarily energise or exhilarate, but which at the same time poses the gravest of human threats." (Thought Reform & the Psychology of Totalism p 420)

    The eight marks noted by Lifton are:

       * 1. MILIEU CONTROL - Control of the Environment and Communication

         The control of human communication is the most basic feature of the thought reform environment. This is the control of what the individual sees, hears, reads, writes, experiences and expresses. It goes even further than that, and controls the individuals communication with himself - his own thoughts.

         Everything other than their beliefs is excluded. The organisation appears to be omniscient. They seem to know everything that is going on. Reality is their exclusive possession. In this environment the individual is deprived of the combination of external information and internal reflection required to test reality and to maintain a measure of identity separate from his environment.

         The individual can feel victimised by his controllers and feel the hostility of suffocation - the resentful awareness that his striving toward new information, independent judgment and self-expression are being thwarted.

         EXAMPLE - Jehovah's Witnesses are a classical example of a closed community living within and mixing with the wider community. Because they are so well known we have used them as an example.

         e.g. - In Jehovah's Witnesses

             o - You could "go beyond the 'truth' - beyond what they taught. This showed you were thinking for yourself and put yourself above leadership. Those moving ahead of the Organisation are counselled
             o - No gatherings other than those allowed or organised by organisation (1982).
             o - Not making comments from your own thoughts at the meetings. Only comments from the study articles are permitted. No independent thinking is permitted.
             o - The organization always seemed to know what was going on in your congregation and article appeared in Watchtower publications just at the right time ("food at the proper time"). This was done through Circuit Servants reports to Headquarters.
             o - Use of 'publisher record cards' etc. to monitor activities of members. Watchtower is aware of trends etc. by strict reporting and control of individual Witnesses activities.
             o - Report on fellow brothers & sisters (cannot get away from organisation)
             o - Monitoring or observation of disfellowshipped or marked people.
             o - Non Witnesses are viewed as 'bad association'
             o - Worldly education discouraged - better to go door-to-door
             o - Employment that takes up time which should be devoted to Watchtower activities is also discouraged.
             o - Should be 'buying out the opportune time' in 'theocratic activities'.
             o - Taught to indoctrinate self!
             o - 'Shepherding' of those who fall behind.

       * 2. MYSTICAL MANIPULATION - The Mystique of the Organisation

         This seeks to provoke specific patterns of behaviour and emotion in such a way that these will appear to have arisen spontaneously from within the environment. For the manipulated person this assumes a near-mystical quality. This is not just a power trip by the manipulators. They have a sense of "higher purpose" and see themselves as being the "keepers of the truth." By becoming the instruments of their own mystique, they create a mystical aura around the manipulating institution - the Party, the Government, the Organisation, etc. They are the chosen agents to carry out this mystical imperative.

         The pursuit of this mystical imperative supersedes all considerations of decency of immediate human welfare. The end justifies the means. You can lie, deceive or whatever to those outside the organization. Association with the "outside" is only to benefit their own cause in some way.

         Some cults like Moonies and Hare Krishna's call their deception "heavenly deception" or "transcendental trickery".

         Members believe in the ideology to such a degree that they rationalize these deceptions. Members are kept in a frenzy of cult related activities. There is little time or energy to think about their lifestyle.

         "The psychology of the pawn" - This person feels unable to escape from forces he sees more powerful than himself. His way of dealing with this is to adapt to them. He learns how to anticipate problems with the organisation and to manipulate events to avoid incriminating himself.

         This is the person who has been in the organisation long enough, knows something is wrong, is on the verge of leaving then suddenly becomes very loyal. They sell out to the organisation and will turn in friends who may have confided in them.

         e.g. - In Jehovah's Witnesses

             o - "Theocratic strategy" - If you don't have a right to know the truth it is OK to lie to you. (See "Insight" under 'Lie')
             o - Avoid telling prospects- No blood, holidays, family, friends, etc
             o - Bring someone new each time they call so prospect gets to know the people at the Kingdom Hall when they attend. (Planned spontaneity)
             o - The ideology supersedes the welfare of the individual. They are not involved in charities outside the group [or in the group].
             o - Not helping fellow memmbers to the detriment of promoting the ideology. This is more important than helping the sick & elderly.
             o - Prayers are general - for the organisation not the needs of the individual. See God as not interested in you as a person.
             o - Blessed only for effort in promoting the Kingdom.
             o - Ability of organisation to accomplish the 'preaching work' seen as evidence of Jehovah's blessing, direction and angelic help
             o - Jehovah 'sifts out' those not truly 'in the truth', those without 'the right heart condition' which is why people leave or must be disfellowshipped. No one leaves legitimately.

       * 3. DEMAND FOR PURITY - Everything is black & white

         Pure and impure is defined by the ideology of the organization. Only those ideas, feelings and actions consistent with the ideology and policy are good. The individual conscience is not reliable. The philosophical assumption is that absolute purity is attainable and that anything done in the name of this purity is moral.

         By defining and manipulating the criteria of purity and conducting an all-out war on impurity (dissension especially) the organisation creates a narrow world of guilt and shame. This is perpetuated by an ethos of continuous reform, the demand that one strive permanently and painfully for something which not only does not exist but is alien to the human condition.

         Under these conditions the individual expects humiliation, ostracism and punishment because of his inability to live up to the criteria and lives in a constant state of guilt and shame. Since the organisation is the ultimate judge of good and evil, this guilt and shame is used to manipulate and control members. The organization becomes an authority without limit in the eyes of members and their power is nowhere more evident that in their capacity to "forgive".

         All impurities are seen to originate from "outside" (the world). Therefore, one of the best ways to relieve himself of the burden of guilt is to denounce these with great hostility. The more guilty he feels, the greater his hatred, the more hostile is his denouncement.

         Organizationally this eventually leads to purges of heretics, mass hatred and religious holy wars. The group will point to the mistakes of all other belief systems while promoting their own purity. This gives the impression that their organisation is perfect, clean and pure as a people or group.

         e.g. - In Jehovah's Witnesses

             o - Dress and grooming have been laid down at various times.
                   + No pantsuits for ladies
                   + No beards or moustaches
                   + Short hair on men
                   + No coloured shirts for men
                   + No gold rimmed glasses
                   + Certain styles of clothing
             o - Only 2 organisations: Jehovah's and Satan's. You cannot be part of both.
             o - World has no conscience - all dishonest
             o - Must keep clear of worldly celebrations (Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Mother's & Father's Day, Thanksgiving etc)
             o - Loyalty displayed through meeting attendance and participation, field service, choice of marriage partners [strong 'in the truth'], shunning disfellowshipped relatives and friends.

       * 4. CULT OF CONFESSION - Reporting to leadership

         This is closely related to the demand for purity. Confession is carried beyond the ordinary religious, legal and therapeutic expressions to the point of becoming a cult in itself. In totalist hands, confession becomes a means of exploiting, rather than offering solace for these vulnerabilities.

         Totalist confession is an act of self-surrender, the expression of the merging of the individual and environment. There is a dissolution of self, talents and money. Conformity.

         The cult of confession has effects quite the reverse of its ideal of total exposure; rather than eliminating personal secrets, it increases and intensifies them.

         The individual becomes caught up in continuous conflict over which secrets to preserve and which to surrender, over ways to reveal lesser secrets can be revealed and ways to protect more important ones.

         The cult of confession makes it virtually impossible to attain reasonable balance between worth and humility.

         e.g. In Jehovah's Witnesses

             o - Confessing infringements to an Elder.
             o - Putting in field reports (test of spirituality) [A monthly report of one's activities for that month. How many hours door-knocking; number of books and magazines sold; number of people one studied doctrine with etc]
             o - Accept orders without question. Ask "How high" when told to jump.
             o - Any who are aware of another's sin must put this one in to the elders or the guilt will rest on their shoulders.
             o - Congregation is made aware of the sin through talks and restrictions placed on guilty ones.

       * 5. SACRED SCIENCE - Absolute "Truth"

         Their "truth" is the absolute truth. It is sacred - beyond questioning. There is a reverence demanded for the leadership. They have ALL the answers. Only to them is given the revelation of "truth".

         The ultimate moral vision becomes the ultimate science and the person who dares to criticise it, or even think criticism, is immoral, irreverent and "unscientific".

         The assumption here is not so much that man can be God, but rather that man's IDEAS can be God.

         This gives sense of security to the member. They are confident they can get the answer to the most difficult problem or question.

         e.g. In Jehovah's Witnesses you can be disfellowshipped (kicked out) for daring to question what is taught in their publications.
             o - Watchtower demands full devotion of members. Must not question the Organization (= questioning God)
             o - There is an answer to everything, if you cannot find it in the publications you must 'wait on Jehovah' and not 'push ahead'.
             o - Organisation itself will survive Armageddon but individual Jehovah's Witnesses have no such assurance.

       * 6. LOADING THE LANGUAGE - Thought terminating cliches

         Everything is compressed into brief, highly reductive, definitive-sounding phrases, easily memorised and easily expressed.

         There are "good" terms which represents the groups ideology and "evil" terms to represent everything outside which is to be rejected. Totalist language is intensely divisive, all-encompassing jargon, unmercifully judging. To those outside the group this language is tedious - the language of non-thought.

         This effectively isolates members from outside world. The only people who understand you are other members. Other members can tell if you are really one of them by how you talk.

         This narrowness of the language is constricting. The individual is linguistically deprived because language is central to the human experience and his capacities for thinking and feeling are immensely restricted.

         While initially this loaded language can give a sense of security to the new believer, an uneasiness develops over time. This uneasiness may result in a withdrawal into the system and he preaches even harder to hide his problem and demonstrate his loyalty. It may also produce an inner division and the individual will publicly give the right performance while privately have his own thoughts.

         Either way, his imagination becomes increasingly disassociated from his actual life experiences and may even tend to atrophy from disuse.

         e.g. - In Jehovah's Witnesses

             o - Theocratic strategy
             o - "ark of salvation"
             o - "new light"
             o - "meat in due season"
             o - "faithful & discreet slave"
             o - "apostate"
             o - "The anointed"
             o - Book study
             o - Christendom
             o - "Christ Jesus" instead of "Jesus Christ"
             o - 'back calls' now called 'return visits' (terminology changes indicate who might be falling behind or who is not really a member)
             o - "Jehovah will take care of it in his due time."
             o - "It's the truth" - doesn't matter if they make a mistake
             o - Where else is there to go?
             o - Worldly - Governing Body - New System of Things

       * 7. DOCTRINE OVER PERSON - Doctrine supersedes human experience

         The ideological myth merges with their "truth" and the resulting deduction can be so overpowering and coercive that is simply replaces reality. Consequently past events can be altered, rewritten or even ignored to make them consistent with the current reality. This alteration is especially lethal when the distortions are imposed on the individual's memory.

         They demand character and identity of a person be reshaped to fit their clone of mentality. The individual must fit the rigid contours of the doctrinal mould instead of developing their own potential and personality.

         The underlying assumption is that the doctrine - including its mythological elements - is ultimately more valid, true and real than is any aspect of actual human character or human experience. The individual under such pressure is propelled into an intense conflict with his own sense of integrity, a struggle which take place in relation to polarised feelings if sincerity and insincerity.

         Absolute sincerity is demanded by the group yet this must be put to one side when changes take place the individual has to deny the original belief ever existed. Personal feelings are suppressed and members must appear to be contented and enthusiastic at all times.

         Some cults believe that all illness is a result of lack of faith and evidence of sin in your life. These things have to be prayed away and medical attention is ignored as a "sign of faith."

         e.g. - In Jehovah's Witnesses

             o - "There is no life outside the organisation" so when they see people who have made a life outside they revert back to doctrine over what they see.
             o - If an experience doesn't fit, it must be demons.
             o - Will ignore needs of others because doctrine overrides human experience. i.e. will ignore needs of disfellowshipped or marked persons no matter how serious those needs are.
             o - Those who were JW's before 1975 and are still JW's will deny they ever believed Armageddon was due that year - even those who sold homes, delayed medical treatment etc.
             o - Watchtower has final authority even over personal experience.
             o - Blood transfusions, etc. Conscience matters are discussed only in the light of Watchtower doctrine (not left to individuals' consciences).

       * 8. DISPENSING OF EXISTENCE - Who is worthy to live

         They have the right to decide who is worthy of life and who isn't. They also decide which history books are accurate and which are not.

         Those in the organisation are worthy of life; those outside worthy of death. The outsiders can be permitted to live if they change and become an insider. Members live in fear of being pronounced "dead". They have a fear of annihilation or extinction. The emotional conflict is one of "being vs nothingness".

         Existence comes to depend upon creed (I believe, therefore I am), upon mission (I obey, therefore I am) and beyond these, upon a sense of total merger with the organisation. Should he stray from the "truth" his right to exist may be withdrawn and he is pronounced "dead".

         e.g. - In Jehovah's Witnesses

             o - "Sheep and goats" - how one responds to "Christ's brothers" decides their future. ("Christ's brothers" are those who rule the organisation. How you respond to their message as carried by their messengers decides your eternal future).
             o - Elders decide who is worthy of life at Judicial Committee meetings.
             o - They decide who is worthy of a resurrection - (Sodom & Gommorah).
             o - Disfellowshiping 'sinners' denyies them any hope for a future outside the Organisation.
             o - They will blatently lie to achieve goals and consider this to be "theocratic strategy".
             o - Any information contrary to the Watchtower 'system' is not considered worth listening to or reading.
             o - Witnesses are forbidden to discuss such information, especially if is considered 'apostate' [put together by former members]


    The more clearly these eight points are obvious, the greater the resemblance to ideological totalism. The more an organisation utilises such totalist devices to change individuals, the greater its resemblance to thought reform.

    Remember ..... A group does not have to be religious to be cultic in behaviour. High demand groups can be commercial, political and psychological.

    Be aware, especially if you are a bright, intelligent and idealistic person. The most likely person to be caught up in this type of behavioural system is the one who says "I won't get caught. It will never happen to me. I am too intelligent for that sort of thing."

    Written by Jan Groenveld
    Internet Address:
    Fidonet Address : 3:640/316
    (c) Cult Awareness & Information Centre, PO Box 2444,
    Mansfield 4122, Australia,

    May be distributed freely providing it contains the above identifying information and the text is not altered in any way


    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

    Fwd: Former Legislator Makes Statement on Extraterrestrials

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: <>
    Date: Thu, May 13, 2010 at 12:58 AM
    Subject: Former Legislator Makes Statement on Extraterrestrials


    Yes, you can do it, and believe me, you will find just the Alien you want.
    Why? Because in the Exopolitical Circus, everybody has his own kind of Alien (ET.)

    Let me tell you about this:

    Consider the Aliens  Dr. Michael Salla likes best. He is a politician-mystic, so his aliens are politicians. They interview Eisenhower and their presence creates political events in the UN. Salla also worries about the Disclosure that would be, after all, a political event, right? Also he teaches Galactic Diplomacy.

    On the contrary, Alfred Webre's aliens are in strict conformity with the Law. They are legalistic, since Webre is a Judge. His ET's punished us with a Quarantine and dictated the Corpus of Universal Laws to...a lawyer. (see his books in the matter)

    Dr. Richard Boylan, self proclaimed Councilor or Earth, finds his audience in kids, star/seeds and other sensitive true -believers. Consequently his aliens are nice, interested in finding girls and boys, and  have Family. (Human-Alien Hybrids). They were friends of the Indians, but not truly friends since the White Conquerors of America massacred 75 % of the American Native Popularion. Not very effective this "friendship" right?

    Dr. Greer is, between other things, a body-builder, and of course a strong man, so, with a snap of his fingers, he brings alien crafts to his living-room.

    This teaches us several things. Each one creates his /her own Aliens. The Aliens of Webre are NOT the aliens of Boylan or Salla.

    So, as we wrote before, each EXO creates his own kind of aliens, but ALL OF THEM have a characteristic in common. They are never here. They are the promised future show but the Real Thing never comes. The Stage is Empty. We have people talking and writing about Aliens, but not Aliens.

    Now, to those who think I am a Skeptic, on the contrary, I am not a Skeptic. After more than four Decades of Research I am convinced that the UFO Phenomenon is with us from the beginning of times, but we do not know what it is. Probably, the complexity of the whole Phenomenon, present and historical is such that we cannot understand it.
    The ET theories are just Class B science-fiction, a crude simplification of something that we don,t understand.

    James Black

    Tuesday, May 11, 2010


    Here we have a wonderful EXO News. Please...send it to Dr. Salla's EXO News Agency...!
    The source is the self appointed COUNCILOR OF EARTH.

    [UFOFacts] Altimarian-Human hybrid birth announcement , May 10, 4:05 pm EDT - in triplicate [1 Attachment]
    DrBoylan <> [Chat now]
    Add to Contacts

    [Attachment(s) from DrBoylan included below]


    One of my psychic close associates brings the following historic news. Her report, obtained through her out-of-body travel to on-site at the Altimarian mothership, follows.
    - Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

    We have good news this morning! Three Altimarian-human hybrids were born Monday (May 10) aboard the Altimarian mother ship, situated in relatively-near space. :-)
    In a previous visit, Amanda told me that the children [prenatally] requested that they be born into water. So there was a warm circulating pool arranged in the birthing room for this purpose -- and to assist Amanda during her labor. She has been spending time in it, with great relief and pleasure. I imagine that water births are also common on Altimar perhaps. It seemed to be a familiar practice.
    Amanda was rather busy. She had Alvin (the father) and Mada (team healer) there, along with one of the Freds (couldn't tell which Fred, as I wasn't focused on "who else"). Max (commander Gene's teenage son) was in the adjacent waiting area, as he would not have been useful for the actual birthing -- only to assist once they arrived. (And then he was precious!!)
    At 4:05 pm EDT, the first female was born. She is lovely!! It was an easy birth, with a short labor. The second one (male) came at 6:10 pm, with Amanda having a nice rest between the two births. Again it was an easy birth with short labor. However, the third birth was more challenging than the first two. There was pain, and it seemed at first as if the fetus was turned the wrong way. The Altimarians did some things to help -- I'm not sure of all that was done -- but finally with an hour more of intense labor this time, the second female was born. I think that was around 7:30 pm EDT, although I wasn't where I could check my watch easily.
    [Thus two baby girls and a boy.]
    Alvin was standing on the other side of Amanda with the first two of his children, Mada holding the third while Fred was attending to Amanda to finish what needed to be done so that she would be comfortable and could rest. (She had held each of the children after their births, close to her heart, before passing them to Alvin.)
    [Then the Altimarians indicated they wanted my associate to have a close relationship with the infants.]
    I will happily be their "godparent" -- and work very hard to find a different word for that, perhaps one that they will eventually provide.
    After the above interlude, Alvin held all three infants, stood by Amanda's side, (she was still inside the birthing "pool"), and there was some sort of ceremony of gratitude and celebration for their births. By then I was only as a witness, and not really part of that -- just an observer. There was music, light, and fragrance -- just beautiful. All children should be born into such an atmosphere!
    With their permission, I offered the family a Reiki blessing, for happiness, health, and peace.
    All three newborns are healthy and strong. They are absolutely gorgeous.
    May we all welcome them to Earth/Gaia/Unce Maka with joy and grateful hearts -- that they may one day walk among us on the face of the planet that will probably become the only home they know.
    There is a great deal of work to be done, in preparation for that time!
    [end of report]

    This is an historic moment in Earth society.
    A birth (actually three) of Star Visitors from Altimar deliberately hybridized with partial Human genes in order to be able to live and grow up here. And to eventually join their parents and other adult members of the environmental scientists team here trying to help restore Earth's environment to its authentic integrity.
    Yes, there have been Star Visitors born on Earth before.
    The Saami ["Laplander" ] people, who migrated here from the region near Barnard's Star centuries ago, and who historically have resided above the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia, have of course had many generations of children here.
    And then there are the Tall Whites people, who migrated here many centuries ago from their home planet, which orbits a star located approximately 105 light years from Earth "behind" Arcturus, (which is a star 36 light years from Earth), and who reside in the Indians Springs Valley region with a residential complex within French Peak, about 15 miles north of the town of Mercury, Nevada within the highly-secure Nevada Test Range. Though their lifespan extends several centuries, they have had Tall White children born here on Earth.
    Now we have three Altimarian-Human hybrid infants born on a mothership near Earth, and destined to grow up soon enough on Earth.
    When it is safe to do so, and the Cabal threat removed, the Altimarian scientists team's plan is to eventually bring these children down to live on Earth and to gradually get to know Earth children, and grown-ups.
    This is part of Earth's cosmic future, (as soon as we clean up and reform our society from the pin-stripe-suit plutocrat control-freaks (the Cabal) currently controlling major sectors of our society.)
    Happy Birthday, newborn Altimarian-Human triplets!
    A Note: because my associate was in out-of-body travel to the mothership, there are no photos of the newborns available. If pictures become available later, I will share them.

    in the light,

    Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

    Monday, May 10, 2010


    Dear friends, as you know, the big enemy of Exopolitics and similar mythologies is the NHS.The "nothing happens Syndrome".

    The Exos present the show, but...the promised "aliens" never arrive. Exopolitics is a Play without players, a movie without actors, a book without characters.

    So, now we have Exopolitics News, and this will be funny because we will have NEWS but not EVENTS. 

    Something like " yesterday, at 10.30 pm, two ....were detected several neighbours who will remain anonymous ....

    Dr. Michael Salla said that this new....shows that soon, perhaps..... there will be disclosure...wait a few days more, or a few years if necessary, and READ.....EXOPOLITICAL NEWS...and keep yourself disinformed, sorry a typo, informed.  Of course, the EXONews Agency will have headquarters in Michael and Angelika house...where else? But so much work for two...because you know how many things happen in the "paradigmatic " field of Exopolitics. 

    We will have secret meetings in the Vatican, secret meetings in UN, secret meetings in Kona, and a few secret meetings in Moscow and Tokyo.. NO, PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR EVIDENCES..! It's not fair. There will be no evidences at all and ALL OUR SOURCES WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS... BECAUSE as you all know, the Show must go on..!

    (By the way, looks like Alfred Webre was excommunicated...???) 


    James Black

    Exopolitics Institute

    M e d i a   R e l e a s e


    Exopolitics Institute News Service (ExoNews) Launched

    [[May 10, 2010, Kona, Hawaii] The Exopolitics Institute is proud to announce the launch of an Exopolitics News Service dedicated to bringing to public attention news concerning extraterrestrial life and its public policy implications. The primary mission of "ExoNews" is to promote public debate and awareness of exopolitics which has been defined as "an interdisciplinary scientific field, with its roots in the political sciences, that focuses on research, education and public policy with regard to the actors, institutions and processes, associated with extraterrestrial life, as well as the wide range of implications this entails through public advocacy and newly emerging paradigms." ExoNews is sponsored by the Exopolitics Institute, a U.S. based 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization established in 2005. The Exopolitics Institute News Service will be headed by an international editorial board. The Board comprises Come Carpientier (India); Neil Gould (Hong Kong); David Griffin M.Sc., (United Kingdom); Paola Harris, M.Ed. (USA/Italy); Douglas McClure, M.A. (South Africa); Michael Salla, Ph.D. (USA/Australia) ; and Victor Viggiani M.Ed. (Canada).

    According to Dr Michael Salla, founder of the Exopolitics Institute, "the need for an Exopolitics News Service has never been greater as evidenced by the surge in interest in public policy issuesconcerrning extraterrestrial life raised by Prof Stephen Hawking's recent speculations concerning the motivations of extraterrestrial life." Furthermore, Dr Salla claims that "as officially sponsored exobiology conferences increasingly question the social implications of extraterrestrial life being discovered, as evidenced in conferences organized by the Vatican (November 2009) and the Royal Society of London (January 2010), this will inevitably lead to greater scientific and public interest in the field of exopolitics."

    Neil Gould, founder of Exopolitics Hong Kong, writes: "Corporate control of the international media has created a polluted worldview through the agenda of transglobal corporations. Association with the geopolitically inspired military industrial complex has deprived mankind of the right to knowledge, technological advancement in science, new energy sources that will eliminate the use of fossil fuels, and of an awareness of the extraterrestrial presence engaging this planet since the dawn or our age. The Exopolitics Institute News Service brings breaking news, articles and general information with regard to extraterrestrial life, circumventing the ET media truth embargo. Its aim is to restore the worldview, freeing up the consciousness of this planet enabling a smooth social and political transition into the new paradigm."

    David Griffin (Exopolitics United Kingdom) writes: "Having observed the dramatic rise in the last decade for information and analysis of exopolitical related themes, a dedicated Exonews site contributed to by core researchers in the field will be a useful asset to the online world. It is important that the growing alternative media scene assumes a role equal to that of more mainstream outlets in order to keep the exopolitical context as free of bias and noise as possible in the expanding world of networked communication.

    "We are on the brink a of the greatest revelations in human history," according to Victor Viggiani (Exopolitics Canada). "One day very soon our entire planetary civilization will be unitied in its understanding and appreciation of the Extraterrestrail presence. The Exopolitics News Service will play a leadership role in providing professional, and substantive information for global institutions, all levels of governance and mainstream media about the disclosure and post-diclosure significance of engagement with an ET reality. The entire global village is now able to come to one place for news on how off-world civilizations will impact every facet of our existence – and that place is The Exopolitics News Service."

    More information about the mission and editorial board comprising the news service is available here.

    The Exopolitics Institute News Service website is available here. 


    The Exopolitics Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization based in Kona, Hawaii. Website: http://www.exopolit icsinstitute. org/