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Rational polemics about UFOs and the ET. Hypothesis.

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  PERSONAL: Yes, with the right way the wrong thing can be stated.
Now, I am TOTALLY CONVINCED that the UFO Phenomenon is REAL.

- Yes, I totally agree with this, as well as visitation from what you call "non human entities" as well as some interdimensional forms that appear humanoid.

I am also totally convinced that never any extraterrestrial culture or race, payed us a visit.
- I disagree in part with this, but only in part. I think a vast number of these so called aliens are actually something from earth or the immediate surrounding space (atmosphere) , possibly energy forms, thought forms, or mind projections. However I do believe ET/angelic beings have visited us, at least in the past, and perhaps those who are their descendants have the ability to project the UFO phenomenon into our present world.

I also believe in the let us say, 5th Hypothesis: The whole UFO=EXTRATERRESTRAL myth is employed, consciously or not, to cover the TRUTH about UFO Phenomenon.

- To a point yes. There could be numerous factors at work here.

The truth is of such an enormity that probably would destroy us in seconds or WORST. Make us all Insane.
- Possible, but all should not be included. I think a lot is hidden because MOST people would have a big problem with it. There are religious, educational, and governmental issues. But some people would accept it and not go insane, with maybe the exception of a total end of the world scenario where the entire planet experiences extinction with no way out. Ok, THEN people might go insane, but still not everyone.

There is however an attitude against insanity. Is the State of Total Awareness, Complete  Mindfulness.
- True
Also, to believe that everything is for our MINDS, a complex system of INTER-TEXTUALITY.
Let's call this the SEMIOTIC Attitude.

Everything is a TEXT about a TEXT. There is no Original Text.

Tomas Scolarici

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