Monday, May 10, 2010


Dear friends, as you know, the big enemy of Exopolitics and similar mythologies is the NHS.The "nothing happens Syndrome".

The Exos present the show, but...the promised "aliens" never arrive. Exopolitics is a Play without players, a movie without actors, a book without characters.

So, now we have Exopolitics News, and this will be funny because we will have NEWS but not EVENTS. 

Something like " yesterday, at 10.30 pm, two ....were detected several neighbours who will remain anonymous ....

Dr. Michael Salla said that this new....shows that soon, perhaps..... there will be disclosure...wait a few days more, or a few years if necessary, and READ.....EXOPOLITICAL NEWS...and keep yourself disinformed, sorry a typo, informed.  Of course, the EXONews Agency will have headquarters in Michael and Angelika house...where else? But so much work for two...because you know how many things happen in the "paradigmatic " field of Exopolitics. 

We will have secret meetings in the Vatican, secret meetings in UN, secret meetings in Kona, and a few secret meetings in Moscow and Tokyo.. NO, PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR EVIDENCES..! It's not fair. There will be no evidences at all and ALL OUR SOURCES WILL REMAIN ANONYMOUS... BECAUSE as you all know, the Show must go on..!

(By the way, looks like Alfred Webre was excommunicated...???) 


James Black

Exopolitics Institute

M e d i a   R e l e a s e


Exopolitics Institute News Service (ExoNews) Launched

[[May 10, 2010, Kona, Hawaii] The Exopolitics Institute is proud to announce the launch of an Exopolitics News Service dedicated to bringing to public attention news concerning extraterrestrial life and its public policy implications. The primary mission of "ExoNews" is to promote public debate and awareness of exopolitics which has been defined as "an interdisciplinary scientific field, with its roots in the political sciences, that focuses on research, education and public policy with regard to the actors, institutions and processes, associated with extraterrestrial life, as well as the wide range of implications this entails through public advocacy and newly emerging paradigms." ExoNews is sponsored by the Exopolitics Institute, a U.S. based 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization established in 2005. The Exopolitics Institute News Service will be headed by an international editorial board. The Board comprises Come Carpientier (India); Neil Gould (Hong Kong); David Griffin M.Sc., (United Kingdom); Paola Harris, M.Ed. (USA/Italy); Douglas McClure, M.A. (South Africa); Michael Salla, Ph.D. (USA/Australia) ; and Victor Viggiani M.Ed. (Canada).

According to Dr Michael Salla, founder of the Exopolitics Institute, "the need for an Exopolitics News Service has never been greater as evidenced by the surge in interest in public policy issuesconcerrning extraterrestrial life raised by Prof Stephen Hawking's recent speculations concerning the motivations of extraterrestrial life." Furthermore, Dr Salla claims that "as officially sponsored exobiology conferences increasingly question the social implications of extraterrestrial life being discovered, as evidenced in conferences organized by the Vatican (November 2009) and the Royal Society of London (January 2010), this will inevitably lead to greater scientific and public interest in the field of exopolitics."

Neil Gould, founder of Exopolitics Hong Kong, writes: "Corporate control of the international media has created a polluted worldview through the agenda of transglobal corporations. Association with the geopolitically inspired military industrial complex has deprived mankind of the right to knowledge, technological advancement in science, new energy sources that will eliminate the use of fossil fuels, and of an awareness of the extraterrestrial presence engaging this planet since the dawn or our age. The Exopolitics Institute News Service brings breaking news, articles and general information with regard to extraterrestrial life, circumventing the ET media truth embargo. Its aim is to restore the worldview, freeing up the consciousness of this planet enabling a smooth social and political transition into the new paradigm."

David Griffin (Exopolitics United Kingdom) writes: "Having observed the dramatic rise in the last decade for information and analysis of exopolitical related themes, a dedicated Exonews site contributed to by core researchers in the field will be a useful asset to the online world. It is important that the growing alternative media scene assumes a role equal to that of more mainstream outlets in order to keep the exopolitical context as free of bias and noise as possible in the expanding world of networked communication.

"We are on the brink a of the greatest revelations in human history," according to Victor Viggiani (Exopolitics Canada). "One day very soon our entire planetary civilization will be unitied in its understanding and appreciation of the Extraterrestrail presence. The Exopolitics News Service will play a leadership role in providing professional, and substantive information for global institutions, all levels of governance and mainstream media about the disclosure and post-diclosure significance of engagement with an ET reality. The entire global village is now able to come to one place for news on how off-world civilizations will impact every facet of our existence – and that place is The Exopolitics News Service."

More information about the mission and editorial board comprising the news service is available here.

The Exopolitics Institute News Service website is available here. 


The Exopolitics Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization based in Kona, Hawaii. Website: http://www.exopolit icsinstitute. org/