Friday, May 14, 2010


What must be understood is that Serious Ufology INCLUDES the investigation of the impact of this mystery in sociopaths, charlatans, con-men, hoaxers
Also, analyze the new gullibility. People who believes just ANYTHING without reserves.
This kind of phenomenons are, in my view, extremely dangerous, so WE, RATIONAL PEOPLE, must push people into THINKING, into REASON.
Again, the UFO phenomenon is, until now, incomprehensible, and the Extraterrestrial hypothesis is , for me, the less rational of all.
What for me is obvious is that the ufonauts BEHAVE as Time Travelers would do. They do their thing from a different space-time continuum, perhaps.
THAT IS WHY THEY ARE NEVER IN THE STAGE. They cannot be there, they cannot risk "killing their grandpa(paradox)"
Please, come to work on all this...
Love you people.

Truth will make us FREE.
Tomas Scolarici AKA James Black.
entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem,

"Occam's Razor"