Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thanks Altimarians

Dear Doctor
You have a wonderful imagination.
Give our regards to your close associate Fran, the Incarnated Mantis, and to all those Altimarians always ready to help us, poor humans.
Thanks to the Source, the planet is saved by there Cosmic Brothers.
Everything is changed since they are here, on Earth, which is honored by our beloved Councilor of Earth.

In the Light
Daughters of Earth.
(Below the message of the Councilor)


My close associate Fran relays the following news from Altimarian scientist Sam.
"I learned from Sam, who works with Water, that the following Altimarians have been working in earnest to deal with keeping the spilling of what is called Oil into the ocean water. They are Luke, Fred-1, Chris and Oman.
"Their work has been difficult, but they are working on keeping the mass of liquid from reaching the land and shoreline.
"They also await for the Human species to assist them in this healing process. On a individual basis."
When I asked, "How can individual Humans help the Altimarians in this clean-up process?", the reply came back:
"By just directing their energy, Heart-Wise, distinctly to the Altimarians [at work]. Source [God] will guide [where the healing energy needs to go.]

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.