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Here we have a wonderful EXO News. Please...send it to Dr. Salla's EXO News Agency...!
The source is the self appointed COUNCILOR OF EARTH.

[UFOFacts] Altimarian-Human hybrid birth announcement , May 10, 4:05 pm EDT - in triplicate [1 Attachment]
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One of my psychic close associates brings the following historic news. Her report, obtained through her out-of-body travel to on-site at the Altimarian mothership, follows.
- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

We have good news this morning! Three Altimarian-human hybrids were born Monday (May 10) aboard the Altimarian mother ship, situated in relatively-near space. :-)
In a previous visit, Amanda told me that the children [prenatally] requested that they be born into water. So there was a warm circulating pool arranged in the birthing room for this purpose -- and to assist Amanda during her labor. She has been spending time in it, with great relief and pleasure. I imagine that water births are also common on Altimar perhaps. It seemed to be a familiar practice.
Amanda was rather busy. She had Alvin (the father) and Mada (team healer) there, along with one of the Freds (couldn't tell which Fred, as I wasn't focused on "who else"). Max (commander Gene's teenage son) was in the adjacent waiting area, as he would not have been useful for the actual birthing -- only to assist once they arrived. (And then he was precious!!)
At 4:05 pm EDT, the first female was born. She is lovely!! It was an easy birth, with a short labor. The second one (male) came at 6:10 pm, with Amanda having a nice rest between the two births. Again it was an easy birth with short labor. However, the third birth was more challenging than the first two. There was pain, and it seemed at first as if the fetus was turned the wrong way. The Altimarians did some things to help -- I'm not sure of all that was done -- but finally with an hour more of intense labor this time, the second female was born. I think that was around 7:30 pm EDT, although I wasn't where I could check my watch easily.
[Thus two baby girls and a boy.]
Alvin was standing on the other side of Amanda with the first two of his children, Mada holding the third while Fred was attending to Amanda to finish what needed to be done so that she would be comfortable and could rest. (She had held each of the children after their births, close to her heart, before passing them to Alvin.)
[Then the Altimarians indicated they wanted my associate to have a close relationship with the infants.]
I will happily be their "godparent" -- and work very hard to find a different word for that, perhaps one that they will eventually provide.
After the above interlude, Alvin held all three infants, stood by Amanda's side, (she was still inside the birthing "pool"), and there was some sort of ceremony of gratitude and celebration for their births. By then I was only as a witness, and not really part of that -- just an observer. There was music, light, and fragrance -- just beautiful. All children should be born into such an atmosphere!
With their permission, I offered the family a Reiki blessing, for happiness, health, and peace.
All three newborns are healthy and strong. They are absolutely gorgeous.
May we all welcome them to Earth/Gaia/Unce Maka with joy and grateful hearts -- that they may one day walk among us on the face of the planet that will probably become the only home they know.
There is a great deal of work to be done, in preparation for that time!
[end of report]

This is an historic moment in Earth society.
A birth (actually three) of Star Visitors from Altimar deliberately hybridized with partial Human genes in order to be able to live and grow up here. And to eventually join their parents and other adult members of the environmental scientists team here trying to help restore Earth's environment to its authentic integrity.
Yes, there have been Star Visitors born on Earth before.
The Saami ["Laplander" ] people, who migrated here from the region near Barnard's Star centuries ago, and who historically have resided above the Arctic Circle in Scandinavia, have of course had many generations of children here.
And then there are the Tall Whites people, who migrated here many centuries ago from their home planet, which orbits a star located approximately 105 light years from Earth "behind" Arcturus, (which is a star 36 light years from Earth), and who reside in the Indians Springs Valley region with a residential complex within French Peak, about 15 miles north of the town of Mercury, Nevada within the highly-secure Nevada Test Range. Though their lifespan extends several centuries, they have had Tall White children born here on Earth.
Now we have three Altimarian-Human hybrid infants born on a mothership near Earth, and destined to grow up soon enough on Earth.
When it is safe to do so, and the Cabal threat removed, the Altimarian scientists team's plan is to eventually bring these children down to live on Earth and to gradually get to know Earth children, and grown-ups.
This is part of Earth's cosmic future, (as soon as we clean up and reform our society from the pin-stripe-suit plutocrat control-freaks (the Cabal) currently controlling major sectors of our society.)
Happy Birthday, newborn Altimarian-Human triplets!
A Note: because my associate was in out-of-body travel to the mothership, there are no photos of the newborns available. If pictures become available later, I will share them.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.