Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Yes, you can do it, and believe me, you will find just the Alien you want.
Why? Because in the Exopolitical Circus, everybody has his own kind of Alien (ET.)

Let me tell you about this:

Consider the Aliens  Dr. Michael Salla likes best. He is a politician-mystic, so his aliens are politicians. They interview Eisenhower and their presence creates political events in the UN. Salla also worries about the Disclosure that would be, after all, a political event, right? Also he teaches Galactic Diplomacy.

On the contrary, Alfred Webre's aliens are in strict conformity with the Law. They are legalistic, since Webre is a Judge. His ET's punished us with a Quarantine and dictated the Corpus of Universal Laws to...a lawyer. (see his books in the matter)

Dr. Richard Boylan, self proclaimed Councilor or Earth, finds his audience in kids, star/seeds and other sensitive true -believers. Consequently his aliens are nice, interested in finding girls and boys, and  have Family. (Human-Alien Hybrids). They were friends of the Indians, but not truly friends since the White Conquerors of America massacred 75 % of the American Native Popularion. Not very effective this "friendship" right?

Dr. Greer is, between other things, a body-builder, and of course a strong man, so, with a snap of his fingers, he brings alien crafts to his living-room.

This teaches us several things. Each one creates his /her own Aliens. The Aliens of Webre are NOT the aliens of Boylan or Salla.

So, as we wrote before, each EXO creates his own kind of aliens, but ALL OF THEM have a characteristic in common. They are never here. They are the promised future show but the Real Thing never comes. The Stage is Empty. We have people talking and writing about Aliens, but not Aliens.

Now, to those who think I am a Skeptic, on the contrary, I am not a Skeptic. After more than four Decades of Research I am convinced that the UFO Phenomenon is with us from the beginning of times, but we do not know what it is. Probably, the complexity of the whole Phenomenon, present and historical is such that we cannot understand it.
The ET theories are just Class B science-fiction, a crude simplification of something that we don,t understand.

James Black