Friday, January 31, 2014

Professional Prophets little tricks

The experts in Extraterrestrial Visitors need at least two things: one is the clear understanding of amphibology and the other is believers’ forgetfulness.
The less known fallacy of amphibology implies the utilization of statements that can be interpreted in many ways.
Suppose you can predict the results of a presidential election. You can perhaps tell your amazed followers that a man who talks about change will win the election. Also you can say that this man smiles and points frequently to the audience.
The prophet will always be right in his/her prediction, since every candidate talks about change and points an imaginary friend with his finger while he smiles.
Believers’ forgetfulness is nothing but self-delusion.  The true believer wants to believe. Needs someone to tell her/him what is right and what’s wrong. Needs somebody to tell him what the future will bring.
So, he must have a bad memory, and forget previous predictions. If nothing happens in 2013, and predictions remain unfulfilled, the prophet will be talking and writing about what 2014 will bring to us: Ascension, Redemption, Quantum Jumps, Arrival of the Saviors, a guide from the stars, and some catastrophic events.
These are the same things he predicted for 2013. If he used meaningless words, the believers will again follow the Cosmic Prophets’ teachings. They will forget and renew their faith.
In this way, Exopoliticians, Exoexperts, Exobiologists and Cosmic Alchemists will keep the audience and clients.

Monday, January 27, 2014

UFO, wishful thinking and self-delusion.

Jon Kelly writing in the Vancouver UFO Examiner, shows wishful thinking and delusion at work. In his words,
“A new video posted to YouTube on January 23, 2014, reveals evidence for communications bridging the gap between human consciousness and other cosmic intelligences. A series of displays from mysterious sky objects recorded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, reveal how these entities appear to possess an uncanny knack for showing up in the right place at the right time whenever the cameras are rolling.”
In my own perspective, after decades of awareness of the UFO phenomenon, UFOs are not in a process of gradual approximation to contact, not at all. On the contrary the ufonauts, (if any) are doing in the last four of five thousand years their own thing, performing some kind of operation that we cannot understand.
But there is even more (or less,) because the UFO entities are not interested in telling us what are they doing here.
The ants in your garden probably see something big moving near the anthill, but neither can these poor insects imagine who or what you are, nor will you tell the ants about you and your activities.
Presumably life in the Universe is a rare phenomenon, and distances and differences make the communication impossible and perhaps undesirable.
The big problem of Humanity is self-destruction. It is our own problem and nobody else’s.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sadhanusari and the future of UFO controversy

The astrologer Eli Sadhanusari's analyzes the future of the UFO controversy.

Richard Dolan, UFO and the "prosperous few"

Richard Dolan's ideology is pretty clear.He reclaims our freedom from a lifetime of UFO secrecy . How nice and courageous. He doesn't care abut capitalism, corporate corruption, hunger, the "prosperous few" a the "poor" many. 
Somewhere, Richard confessed that he was a reader of Noam Chomsky, perhaps the most lucid critic of Capitalism and Imperialism. 
Now, Dolan is a public figure. He is into selling fantasies, urban legends and ghost hunting. Men change. Richard Dolan is not worried about injustice, cruelty, exploitation. He cares about the UFO cover up and the disclosure. He thinks that UFOs sells more than hunger.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Disinformation Game and the “Mirrors Palace”.

Disinformation is first of all a meme, and a very active one. Simple minds believe that someone is behind disinformation campaigns, but they are wrong, because they live in the Mirrors Palace, where everything is a reflection of everything else. However, given that in the palace there are only mirrors, reflections are just reflections of reflections…there are not things, not original things.
Back to the disinformation meme, the word disinformation suggests that there was some original information that in the Mirrors Palace, become disinformation. This is wrong.
In the origin, there was disinformation.
The Logos, the original Presence was itself disinformation. In the beginning there was disinformation, not Logos, not the Word or God.
The Universe, or the Multiverse if you prefer this word, was created by disinformation. The Universe is the Palace of Mirrors.
Jorge Luis Borges wrote that mirrors multiply reality unnecessarily, and that is the secret purpose of disinformation: the superfluous increment of reality.
This must be shared as soon as possible. Thanks.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

About Richard Dolan "unconditional" giving.

Richard Dolan wrote in Facebook.

Richard Dolan
To those of us – and this includes just about everyone – who feel deeply and have been hurt by someone we love, I'll repeat something that a wise friend very recently told me.

*First, do not keep records and accounts of what you feel is owed to you.

*Second, do not expect people to appreciate what you do. It's okay if they don't.

*Third, give unconditionally anyway. I know it sounds like platitude, but I really do believe in it--and was glad for the reminder.

My comment in bold.

FIRST: You are a business man who sells books, lectures, etc. Do you feel that people who buy your things must not pay for your “knowledge”? Do you give your products free? Please make it simple: tell us what we own to you. Thanks in advance.

SECOND: Why should people appreciate what you do or what I do? Why should people believe what you say, (and sell) without giving evidences? Why should people like your portraits? Is not enough to show your face a couple of times? (…sorry but it looks like an Ego trip.)

THIRD: Please inform us about what you give unconditionally. Oh sorry…thanks for your hundreds of Richard Dolan pictures. By the way, you are a “public figure” right? I see…

Monday, January 20, 2014

Think twice before buying another UFO book.

If you are interested in Ufology, conspiracies and the ET-UFO hypothesis, let me tell you something. Before buying a new UFO book, see the book’s content and let the book in the bookstore.
Now do some googling and you will find that everything is there, and for free.
Needless is to say that if you are familiar with the traditional pre-internet UFO books, you know already that there is nothing new in the UFO subculture.
Some imaginative ufologists will of course write books telling you how the world will be after disclosure, but this nonsense is meaningless.  
Probably you know all this, but the important thing is to share it with others.
This is important because if we share, we make our positive contribution to a healthy, free and intelligent internet.
Besides, the manipulation of paranoid ideas and the creation of new cults in the virtual space are dangerous practices.
We do not need self proclaimed gurus to guide us into new and profitable cults. We need truth, honestly and intelligence.
This is FREE,

SHARE if you agree.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Eli Sadhanusari solves the UFO abductions mystery.

EXO-fantasists: How to keep selling lies and trivia

We must recognize that isn’t easy for the EXO-Fantasists to keep people interested in the UFO=ET mythology. Since these professional ufologists have never anything new to say, victimized by the Nothing Happens Syndrome (NHS), these men and women appeal more and more to the conspiracy theory.
And here we have a logical consequence of their fallacious rhetoric.
If they accept that the ETs are here, and the governments conspire with the scientific establishment to keep this presence secret, then it’s obvious that the Extraterrestrials agree with this cover-up.
If the ET were not into the conspiracy, the obvious thing to do would be to present themselves openly and publicly.
So, logically, these pro-cover up aliens are bad people, right? Or…simply they do not exist and the whole ETH is a big fantasy sold as a fact by unscrupulous individuals.
Why it’s necessary to say and repeat this?
Obviously, because to write and share it, makes more and more difficult for the self-proclaimed “UFO-ET experts” to sell their trivia and nonsense as fact.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

UFO Mythologist learn from Preachers and snake oil sellers.

In the video linked above, we can see and hear Richard Dolan learning every trick, every gesture from the televangelist’s rhetoric stile.

Richard Dolan of course is not an exception. He is after all in the UFO, and paranormal industry and as we say, the show must go on.
He, like the televangelists and preachers, must convince us that the invisible exists, that we must have Faith in nonexistent entities. He sold a book about how the world will be after disclosure, and since there is no such thing as a UFO cover-up, there will never be a disclosure. (Time is always against the prophets…they are always wrong.)
But who cares? Exomythologists, ghost hunters, preachers, televangelists and quake healers give us fiction, but there is a big difference between a fiction writer and a charlatan. Fiction writers sell their fiction as such; as fiction. They are honest.
A QUESTION HERE…to all of you: How we call those who sell their fictions as truth?


Recycling the Urban Legend

The show must go on..!