Friday, January 24, 2014

Disinformation Game and the “Mirrors Palace”.

Disinformation is first of all a meme, and a very active one. Simple minds believe that someone is behind disinformation campaigns, but they are wrong, because they live in the Mirrors Palace, where everything is a reflection of everything else. However, given that in the palace there are only mirrors, reflections are just reflections of reflections…there are not things, not original things.
Back to the disinformation meme, the word disinformation suggests that there was some original information that in the Mirrors Palace, become disinformation. This is wrong.
In the origin, there was disinformation.
The Logos, the original Presence was itself disinformation. In the beginning there was disinformation, not Logos, not the Word or God.
The Universe, or the Multiverse if you prefer this word, was created by disinformation. The Universe is the Palace of Mirrors.
Jorge Luis Borges wrote that mirrors multiply reality unnecessarily, and that is the secret purpose of disinformation: the superfluous increment of reality.
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