Tuesday, January 21, 2014

About Richard Dolan "unconditional" giving.

Richard Dolan wrote in Facebook.

Richard Dolan
To those of us – and this includes just about everyone – who feel deeply and have been hurt by someone we love, I'll repeat something that a wise friend very recently told me.

*First, do not keep records and accounts of what you feel is owed to you.

*Second, do not expect people to appreciate what you do. It's okay if they don't.

*Third, give unconditionally anyway. I know it sounds like platitude, but I really do believe in it--and was glad for the reminder.

My comment in bold.

FIRST: You are a business man who sells books, lectures, etc. Do you feel that people who buy your things must not pay for your “knowledge”? Do you give your products free? Please make it simple: tell us what we own to you. Thanks in advance.

SECOND: Why should people appreciate what you do or what I do? Why should people believe what you say, (and sell) without giving evidences? Why should people like your portraits? Is not enough to show your face a couple of times? (…sorry but it looks like an Ego trip.)

THIRD: Please inform us about what you give unconditionally. Oh sorry…thanks for your hundreds of Richard Dolan pictures. By the way, you are a “public figure” right? I see…