Saturday, June 4, 2011

More on Richard Boylan and Child Abuse

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From: Gerard Deauville <>
Date: Sat, Jun 4, 2011 at 1:20 PM
Subject: Seriously Concerned People.

Dear Mr. Roth
Moderator of

We are seriously concerned people. We have nothing against Ufology and paranormal investigations, but when these are directed to children, this becomes a very serious matter.
It is easy for some individuals to deny all wrongdoing. The Devil or the Cabal is responsible for their deeds. Judges, victims, lawyers, journalists are all wrong or worst; they work for some kind of shadowy, obscure agency.
The fact is that we are watching the behavior of Dr. Richard Boylan, and each day this man seems to have less control over his own ideas and actions.
The manipulation of kids’ identities, the falsification of facts, the invention of invisible entities, and the totally inadequate content of his insane messages and teachings to children cannot be justified.  
Authoritarianism, paranoia and manipulation are Boylan’s methods. He is always right, and the rest of the world must agree with him or endure his insults and false accusations.
The man believes that he is nothing less than the Councilor of Earth. He tells the children that they are a different race, a superior one that come from the Stars. He falsifies our Human nature and history, and gives those kids impossible, irrational tasks.
All this is indeed Child Abuse, and you know this Mr. Roth, because you are a mature, intelligent person with enough sensibility.
Dr. Richard Boylan sows confusion, isolation and fear in those children whose identities he is destroying.
Boylan’s abusive messages to his group are not only inappropriate for children, but real brainwashing of the worst kind.
Of course, Mr. Roth, in civilized countries like USA, Child Abuse is a very serious offense that requires a scrupulous but rigorous investigation.


Gerard Deauville
Citizens Against Child Abuse.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Richard Boylan creaters a non-event.

Dear friends, you can learn many things from the non-event called workshop. Our comments between Dr. Boylan’s text in bold and sometimes underline.
Please read:

Date: Tue, 31 May 2011 14:30:01 -0700
Subject: [UFOFacts] Report on the Star Kids & Star Seeds Advanced Workshop, Philadelphia, May 28-29


    I am now back home after a transcontinental .  flight yesterday
 (Transcontinental fly means nothing of course, but we suggest a typo. The question is that Pensylvannia, where the non-event presumably happened is in this continent, but who knows, perhaps the self proclaimed paid a visit to the Star Nation ships who are in some place in his imagination. )

    This message is full of joy, but starts with an apology, if needed.
    The basis for joy will be evident below. 
    The apology is to anyone who missed the workshop because it had to become a "stealth" workshop. The need for stealth is because the Cabal sabotaged our first effort to develop a location, and so Star Nations advised that the only way we could continue to put on the Workshop was to not post it on public forums like my Yahoo Groups, website, or Facebook page. (This is very important. The Star nations are so weak and afraid that they suggest their own diplomat to remain in clandestinity. There is however another possibility. the Star Nations have nothing to do with Boylan and his cabalistic obsessions. )That would allow the Cabal to feel that they "had won", and driven us underground.( The secret workshop means that you in fact are underground.)
    I am still reflecting on the powerful experience which was the Star Kids & Star Seeds Advanced Workshop - Philadelphia.
   Thank you to all my team, Fran, Linda, James, Steven, and Star Kids Nick and Tabi, for your contributions to making this the successful and outstanding experience that it was. Nice: 5 humans, two of them kids and one incarnated mantis are all the team of the Supreme Councilor in the Clandestinity. After all these years. Presumably the others do not belong to the personal team of this gentleman. By the way, how many people, real people, attended to your UNREGISTERED NON EVENT in the Ballroom?
   Linda, your quiet unsung service ( unsung, how silly thing after the promissed massive show.) in securing a Workshop facility (twice) and handling the tricky registration process under stealth conditions was exceptional. And your presentation as a Star Seed with multiple Star Being Avatar connections, and as a parent of Star Kids, was truly solid.

   Fran, your many helpful comments all through the Workshop added much. And your allowing Councillor For the Watchers to speak through you permitted his important statements to reach the intended audience.
   James, your quiet service in your own special way helped to make the workshop a success. 
   Steven, likewise your able work at the Workshop is appreciated. Thank you also for your outstanding assistance in getting the attendees steered towards suitable dining possibilities, and for transporting a number of us in your van. And your knowledge of Philadelphia helped us in so many ways. 
   Pete, thank you for your very able handling of the Star Seeds Panel. That was a excellent cross-section of Star Seeds sharing their individual perspectives on being a Star Seed.
   Nick, your courageous and forthright presentation on what it's like to grow up as a Star Kid in today's society really riveted us all. So soulful, so real.
   Tabi, you, too, deserve a medal for courage in speaking out about your experiences as a teen Star Kid. Your honest summary about your growing up and gradually figuring yourself out was compelling. Many could relate to what you said from their own past similar struggles.
   Wendi, we missed you, and felt you might be feeling the resonance of what was going on at the Workshop. I know that Asheoma looked in on the Workshop using out-of-body travel, and hopefully gave you some impressions.(Have Faith in what the Councilor says. He saw Asheoma, and that’s enough.)
   Susannah, thanks for sharing Pete with us. We hope you can catch a Workshop down the road too.
   I have just found out that the Saami person who attended our Workshop was a UFOFacts member who obviously has Scandinavian heritage but her energy signature indicates that such includes a generous amount of Saami genetics.
   As for the Altairian volunteer-consultant Anon Sa Ra, he did not physically leave the NSC's Special Studies Group and its AlphaCom Team facility in southern Virginia, but he was present in out-of-body form at part of the Workshop observing and reporting back.  (Again, have Faith. As you know the ETs are always totally invisible, but IF the Councilor of Earth says they are here, just they are here, right..?
   There were no Tall Whites physically present at the Workshop because in a group of that size they would stand out too much. However, more than one Tall White did remote-view into the Workshop to observe. (Always invisible, inaudible, but…have Faith in Richard please…he is a Hot Tub Saint, remember. He is always wrong.)
   There certainly were no shortage of Orb Folk present, which at least one attendee saw visually and many caught on their camera photos. Any attendees who want to share their Orb photos (small files, please) on UFOFacts please feel free. (Orb Folks…read about this natural phenomenon produced by the digital cameras.The councilor believes that we are all perfect stupids.)
   I hope that my attempt to elucidate some of the implications of the 11 Universal Laws and 11 Spiritual Laws of the cosmos which Star Nations have shared with us was helpful to those who attended.
   Our thanks to all the Star Kids, including Michael and ("Twinkletoes") Tiffany, for showing us what the latest edition of  Star Kids are like.
    Our thanks too to the warm and helpful staff members of the Hampton Inn-Philadelphia Center City which hosted the Workshop in their Ballroom facility. Good energy.
   As for the ramifications of the Workshop on the greater Human society, the energy indication I get is that the information from the Workshop will reach those in the the UFO-interested portion of the population who are likely to want such information, somewhat by word-of-mouth. Public confession of defeat,  indeed.
    For the details of what was covered at the Workshop, the Workshop Agenda is reproduced below.
There are several points here: The ex licensed doctor this time is not the Councilor of Earth, and the Star Nations suggest trhe opposite of the big show: clandestinity. Why? Is the Cabal so powerfull? It’s time for the “councilor” to get a job?
I think that the new mythology of the work on the Underground gives B. the possibility of planting new lies.
If he doesn’t, well, perhaps it’s time for him to look for some serious job.  

    in the light,

   Richard Boylan, Ph.D.