Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ufologists Fighting against Shadows.

Those who promote the UFO=ET. hypothesis, are not fighting against the cover-up or the Cabal conspiracy, as they want us to believe.
Some logic will show us that this battle against the imaginary conspiracy, is a fallacy.
The real enemy of the UFO=ET hypothesis is the Nothing Happens Situation.

But nothing can be done against this lack of events. The enemy is invincible, because it is a shadow, a non-existence.

EXOS do not fight against what is happening, but against what's not happening at all.

They need desperately to convince the believers that something is going on, or that something will happen soon.
They are doing this for the last 70 years. Reality however is hard to defeat. Day after day, year after year, Nothing Happens and the ET=UFO believers will promote hallucination. A birthday party balloon will be an alien craft. A bird will be a disguised fast-walker.
The will to believe (or to make-believe) in what is not there, will be the rule,
however, there is a price to pay: Isolation, more and more lies, pathetic whistle-blowers and paranoia.
The world of the ufo=et. believer becomes a circus, and worst, an asylum.
Denial of reality is a hard work, the hardest perhaps.
Twisted interpretations will replace the obvious, and every new day without nice ETs landing in the White House, becomes a failure, a new challenge.
The cosmic gurus ask the believers to wait, just wait one day, one month, one year more, and promise them that the big show is coming soon. However the sky remains empty, and the "guests" never arrive.
The promised cosmic spectacle becomes the Theater of the Absurd.