Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Richard Boylan's messages of HATE against USA.

Message body

Fran, (and everyone),
    The U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel drone that fell into Iran's hands was part of a joint CIA-military reconnaissance operation. 
    The Sentinel, (which is so advanced that the U.S. Air Force has not even distributed a photo of it), is manufactured by Lockheed Martin and is equipped with stealth technology.
    Nevertheless, Al Jazeera and other news organizations have provided video images of this once-secret RQ-170 drone. See:
    Lockheed-Martin is a prime Cabal advanced-technology military and aerospace contractor. Its Black Projects division, Advanced Development Programs, (the appropriately name "Skunk Works"), is as close to pure evil as a large sprawling corporation can get. It is the chief recipient of captured Star Visitor technology from the Cabal, which maintains an active secret program of trying to capture Star Visitors, shoot down their starcraft, and plunder the technology inside.  All the while Lockheed Martin pretends that the resulting human back-engineered and weaponized technology (such as the Sentinel Stealth Drone) is solely the result of Lockheed's brilliant human engineers. (Sic).
    Fran, you are quite right that the Sentinel drone's navigation and guidance systems are crafted from components which include brain tissue from Star Visitors spliced together with human micro-circuitry to produce a hybrid bionic device.
    Thus the Lockheed-Martin Sentinel represents the murder of Star Visitors and cannibalizing of their tissues. And people thought that defense contractors couldn't sink any lower!   Such evil calls for government investigation and vigorous prosecution.
    I did energy scans and President Obama is not aware of the cannibalism of Star Visitors being done by Lockheed-Martin. CIA Director does not know that the Sentinel drone has Star Visitor parts used in it. General John Allen, the US/NATO commander in Afghanistan, does not know about the Sentinel's Star Visitor-tissue components.
    It certainly is the responsibility of the President of the United States to inform the American people about the atrocities committed on Star Visitors by US aerospace Black Projects military contractors like Lockheed-Martin's Skunk Works, Northrop-Grumman's "Anthill" operation, and Boeing's Phantom Works.  ... But first the President has to find out that this is going on!
    Fran, perhaps soon you and I can find a way to get word to the President about these atrocities, and wise him up.
    in service to Source, Star Nations, Earth, and Humankind,
    Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of Earth

P.S.: It appears that that capture of a Sentinel drone was a sly disinformation "Trojan Horse" operation by the CIA and DoD. That "Sentinel" which is in Iranian hands does not have the same color as real Sentinels (white instead of gray). And the "Sentinel" the Iranians have has wings which stick straight out from its fuselage, whereas real Sentinels have wings which sweep back and up slightly.
    And so it is likely that the electronics and other technology which the Iranians have harvested is low-level, obsolete, and incomplete. (And by the way, there is no Star Visitor tissue in that fake "Sentinel" which the Iranians hold.)
    Thus it appears that the CIA deliberately sent this useless "Trojan Horse" drone into Iran where it would be captured and deceive the Iranians, and the Chinese and Russians whom the Iranians would sell it to, as to the supposed state of advancement of U.S. technology.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC