Friday, January 25, 2013

THE UFO=ET Hypothesis.

Let us agree with the most common UFO hypothesis: The ufonauts are here, with us, perhaps from the beginning of historical times or before.  These entities are civilized members of some post-luminic extraterrestrial civilization. They are benevolent.


Do we have any evidence that confirms this hypothesis?


Obviously, the New Age rhetoric is totally human, and so are the religious nonsense that the Exopoliticians and exo-cultists prettend us to believe are Alien Messages.

The whole talk about the "source", and the "laws of the Universe" and the future in a nice, mysterious "fifth world" is human-made. Is the product of our own human culture (or perhaps inculture .)


The so called contactees and self proclaimed ufological experts give us nothing that proves the existence of these shy, pathetic ETs.

If this is so, then we have two possibilities:


The first one is that there are no aliens here, and never were. 


The second one is that these aliens are not benevolent at all, and it is possible to show the evidence of this malevolence by omission.


IF a benevolent extraterrestrial culture is here, and is benevolent concerning us, why Auschwitz or Bushenwald? Why Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? Why the Genocide of 75 % of the North and South American Indians?

Why they do not help us in any way? Why Slavery and Cruelty and Crime? Why all these Horrors are tolerated by the good, wise, benevolent, superior aliens?


Yes, it's true that we are our own murderers but they do not care, and If they don't, they are not benevolent but obviously malevolent by omission.

If we accept the ET hypothesis, the Logical Consequence is that they are (at least) malevolent by omission.

The alternatives : either they exploit us in one or many ways, or they do not exist at all.

 The UFO Phenomenon is an unsolved mystery and soon it will be just the name of a computers game.