Saturday, September 21, 2013

The crisis of Meaning and the floating signifiers.

We live in the information-disinformation-misinformation era. Is also possible to say that we are contemplating (in some kind of active way,) the crisis of meaning. Information is spectacle. Information exists in a twilight zone where fact and fiction live and work together. Information as entertainment collapses the structure of meanings. The info-void, and the auto-deletion are characteristic is this deconstructive situation. It would be wrong to suppose that all this is a problem and we must fin the solution. WRONG. The solution is always artificial in the infocaliptical world. The solution is the problem, is the Moebius strip which has the mathematical property of being non-orientable. Moebius band with only one face where the beginning is always the end and viceversa. It’s wrong to speak about the future the crisis because the crisis is now. Implosion happens. The Soviet Union imploded. The European Union is imploding. No-thing outside the text. Words are floating signifiers and meanings collapse. The signified is not there and never was. Enough for tonight.