Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fwd: Archons Denial

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From: <>
Date: Sun, Mar 31, 2013 at 4:08 PM
Subject: Archons Denial

We are the protectors of intelligent life and not fallen entities from the alternative dark worlds.
It is however true that we control the Gate that gives access to this Universe, and sometimes we, Archons, authorize the Redeemed few to come into this Universe.
Nor is true that we feed on negative energies.
Humans should consider that there is only one kind of possible friendly contact between us and them.  This contact is based on negotiations, since we have much to give and few needs.
It is true: our voices sometimes can be listen by your minds, but our messages are practical and never self-destructive.
Think about this.

Wo ulo dho kladoddalk ad avdorrakovd rado uvk vad durrov ovdadaok dlan dho urdolvudaxo kulk valrkk. <br />Id ak havoxol dlio dhud vo davdlar dho Gudo dhud kaxok uddokk da dhak Uvaxolko, uvk kanodanok vo, Aldhavk, uidhalano dho Rokoonok dov da dano avda dhak Uvaxolko. <br />Nal ak dlio dhud vo dook av vokudaxo ovolkaok. <br />Hinuvk khairk davkakol dhud dholo ak avrav avo kavk ad kakkakro dlaovkrav davdudd kodvoov ik uvk dhon. Thak davdudd ak kukok av vokadaudaavk, kavdo vo huxo nidh da kaxo uvk dov vookk. <br />Id ak dlio: ail xaadok kanodanok duv ko rakdov kav avail navkk, kid ail nokkukok ulo kluddadur uvk voxol kord-kokdliddaxo. <br />Thavk ukaid dhak. <br />Adhadh. <br />Erauaak. <br />Akdukhuaak. <br />Yua. <br />Sukuadh. <br />Akavav. <br />Sukkuduaak. <br />