Friday, October 4, 2013

Comedy and Drama in the UFO Subculture.

One of the impossible dreams of the UFO-ET fantasists is to have some relevance in the big media world, but this is not possible and never will be. For conspiracy theorists, self proclaimed experts in extraterrestrial civilizations, contactees, professors of Ufology in “online universities” and cosmic alchemists (Sic.), the small world of the so called UFO subculture is their natural element. This is so, because in this subculture, rational dissidence is not authorized. Exofantasists hate the competence in their own imaginary micro universe, but this is tolerated since each one them must present himself/herself as the only true prophet of the extraterrestrial legend. However this “friendly fighting” is only possible inside the UFO fans world, but never in the mass media, where any UFO mythologist is easily silenced in minutes for a true scientist, or a rational journalist asking for evidences of the supposed ET presence in our planet and massive cover-up. That is why fantasists that make a living selling fiction as fact must look for alternative options. Mythological ufologists know that nothing new will never come from the UFO=ET legend. After some experience they learn that the same old book with new fantasies added cannot be sold again and again, and consequently, they organize carefully their business with lots of pictures and full nonsense. Some others instead, try to find alternative nonsense for sell, and they go into New Age, Ghost hunting or pseudo-sciences. Those with fewer scruples even go into hoaxes or into mellifluous pseudo-mystic channeled messages. Readers should not believe that the professionals of the UFO subculture live in a comfortable world. Hate, envy and denial are the consequences of selling the UFO=ET legend as fact.