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Before you know it the profane and great unwashed will associate the new alien religions with "Satan" or other fictitious entities.  Considering the rising trend in evangelical extremism it is bound to happen.  From the day missionaries from came here holding nothing sacred (to which Native American physical and genocide on both North and South America attest) anyone from outside the artificially man-made classification of "Saved" (i.e.: sympathetic to mainstream western interest) was seen under a "Satanic" influence.  There is an increased tolerance of bigotry and homophobia due the influence by various superstition, mystical based organizations like those Pat Robertson, Christian Coalition, etc run.  As America sinks further into a superstitious vulgarity the respectable here would have to leave and take our stuff with us (and de-activate all the weapons of mass destruction before we depart) The English and French make fun of us because of "our" demon, hell, extremism, bigotry, etc nonsense.  While in actuality the South and flyover states hold the greatest monopoly on those spheres. 

The Alien religions aren't inventions of some superstitious entities or aliens, but of Humans exploiting a new trend.  Scientology is one such religion.  Scientology being of an epater-les-bourgeoi s nature and potentially dangerous, should definitely be watched.   We need to develop into a society that practices tolerance to all religions that aren't violent, intolerant, or condone any form of oppression or injustice.  Scientology prevents its flock from taking life-saving medications.  If an alien religion only promotes superstition and not violence and/or intolerance it shouldn't be frowned upon, if it poses a danger in anyway, on the other hand, such as child abuse (e.g.: Telling the child if they misbehave they will upset "the aliens" and risk eternal punishment) then it should not be tolerated. 

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Speaking of invisibility I heard a couple of days ago that Boylan and the gang are now talking about invisibility powers given to them by aliens. I guess it's something written in his StarKids book. He was suggesting people use invisibility powers to hide from the police if they get stopped for a ticket. I'll post it if I can find it. It's actually kind of funny. However, I DO believe invisibility (cloaking) can occur, I just think Boylan would probably abuse any such powers.

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Besides, if Exos make the aliens look as super-naturals, they will justify their absence.
Other than a few enlightened contactees, nobody sees the one tousand and more races, theys ships, and other paraphernalia. Consequently, if they become supernatural, Salla, Boylan, Greer  and other exos will justify aliens invisibility.

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