Saturday, January 23, 2010

EXOPOLITICS: Facts and Fictions

What Exopolitics did:

In a message dated 1/22/2010 9:22:21 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

1. channeling
2. theosophy
3. reality creation
4. the old 1950's standards e.g. corso
5. philosophy of mind
6. spiritism
7. magik

none of that has anything to do with real - happening now alien contact by positive non-humans - its not about rational issues - its all mind based feelgood feelbad

from that there can come no politics - the last person to produce politics from theosophy for example turned from a former corporal and house painter into someone inglorious - his favourite quote from volume three of the secret doctrine by blavatsky in the chapter on root races 'the jews are an aberrant subjunct of the third root race' - that was the stuff that fired the nazis up.

where is the core of exopolitics today ? whats it really doing ?

no manifesto - no use of population statistics to produce policies and budgets and resource allocations - nothing concrete - just a miasma of channeling and BS so who is exopolitics for if its not for the people ?

What Exopolitics didn't do.


1. hasn't produced manifesto
2. hasn't acknowledged breach of human rights in victims of alien abuse
3. has no use of demographic statistics with which to account for human social paradigm and its alien interaction
4. has no pro-forma budget with which to operate a disclosure campaign
in tandem with government agencies ie. the advertising and marketing costs of disclosure and its media infrastructure have not been articulated
5. has not recruited e.g. a figurehead or major film star or mainstream politician
6. has not identified channelling in exopoltics as a source of ill-repute
7. has not produced any free energy proto-type or marketing of practical applications of what was blown by alleged whistleblowers
8. has no figures for numbers contacted and abducted e.g. by social group and occupation
9. has not worked by dr jacobs and bud hopkins of the intruders foundation to highlight the plight of those humans still on the receiving end
10. has not drafted any whitepaper or bylaws for the human management of post contact nations.
11. has not produced a draft of an agency for non-human affairs with a written remit of collecting important testimony of non-human data for public governance

andrew hennessey