Friday, January 15, 2010

About Salla's faked whistle-blowers- by Andrew Hennessey

Thanks Andrew for this excellent collaboration.

I hope I'm wrong - I would like very much to be wrong - but surely anyone human who was working for these covert corporations amongst a society and peer group comprised of reptilian and greys wearing human holograms that have mind bending skills and encyclopaedic interstellar knowledge of thousands of lives amongst millions of stars is not going to just get away and blow a whistle without at the very least being properly replaced and or reconditioned.
the thought of a viable human corporation whistleblower to my mind is absurd.

here then is my opinion of dan burisch - one of the central pillars of dr sallas big world of 'insider disclosure' - a fake.
he says that there is one basic root particle and thats it ...
but in universal chaos theory - the fractal subatomic ocean endlessly downscales and upscales imo - and I have written of evidence for this - but thats another story - suffice to say that its chaos theory and the chaos law of emergence responsible for nikola teslas theory of environmental energy - that in chaos every fingerprint is unique - there is no one homogenous brick called a ganesh particle.

for there to be a basic brick denies chaos theory and the law of emergence responsible for free energy - the endless recombinative and emerging turbulences we call particles on a conveyor of free energy would seize up and stop.

consider this then - given that Burisch was probably working amongst the repto greys who hardly needed J Rod to say anything at all - given that many of the alleged humans were actually - probably fully interstellar reptilians and greys wearing human holograms with full access to many offworld memories and technologies - what then is the real role of human 'black budget operations ?' ..

its like a little suspended belief theatre and role play for these interstellar anunnaki and hive greys - as they wear the robes of the humans whilst the humans work and process slowly various recipes with retarded technology and processing.

the anunnaki and grey controllers don't need human black ops.
their entire scene is superhuman.
humans are in fact superfluous except for the one thing they have that the vampires don't.
the spark of the soul.

here though is dan burisch lauded by salla - even though the ganesh particle is a sad error and indeed a misleading lie.
ganesh being a god somewhat close to that new world order eastern idea
whose concepts are being hijacked by the anunnaki to make us more empty.

Supporters of a Spielberg `contact scenario' within the military
intelligence community have long leaked information of the
benevolent intentions of extraterrestrial visitors. This `leaked'
information comes from `whistleblowers' or those embedded with
national security organizations that may be part of a covert
campaign to shape public opinion. Researchers such as Steven Greer
and Richard Boylan support the view that extraterrestrials are
friendly and that all stories of abusive extraterrestrial behavior
is due to disinformation stemming from the cabal. They use the
research findings of Helmut Lammer confirming the involvement of
military-intelligence organizations in the abduction phenomenon.

Information leaked from a microbiologist who allegedly worked
closely with a `Gray' extraterrestrial known as J-Rod, Dr Dan
Burish, is evidence of a factional struggle between different
control groups over how to present the first contact scenario
( ). It appears that Burish's
work with a classified project called `Lotus' and efforts to develop
a practical application of a mysterious `Ganesh Particle', is
related to developing a credible contact scenario sought by military-
intelligence organizations managing extraterrestrial affairs
( ). The case involving
Dan Burish has led to the release of extensive information of his
secret extraterrestrial related projects to the Internet; suggest he
is part of a covert campaign to influence public opinion of the
extraterrestrial presence
( ). Burish's
work with Grays and his involvement with `Ganesh particle' indicates
a joint government/ extraterrestrial effort to give a positive image
to the extraterrestrial presence, and to create the perception that
their biological work has beneficial applications for both the Gray
extraterrestrial race and humanity.