Monday, January 18, 2010

Again the Ad Hominem Fallacy

As Andrew Hennessey wrote, the exopolitical circus works with faked whistle blowers, faked contactees, faked anonymous sources, you name it.
Since this Circus, this make believe is all they have, the use personal attacks instead of ARGUMENTS.
So, whay I write are just "tomas rants";s easy right? with that word, terra X and some other "polemicists" find the answer. Like Boylan, the female patients abuser, all those that think differently are Cabal, psyops, agents of Darkness. No arguments, just insults.
While the true believers "protect" the "preparation 4 contact" peace, Salla sells his courses on galactic diplomacy..!
In a couple of paragraphs we have enough about Dr. Salla. Take a look.

Someone other Exofantasist, says that "I know the Laws of The Universe" NO, you are wrong, the one who knows and wrote about these laws is Alfred Webre, not me.
I am not an Initiate. I am not a contactee, I just write what I think could be true, just truugh the rational analysis of the behavior of the UFO phenomenon.
Watching this phenomenon, I think is EVIDENT that these entitities are not here to help us at all. On the contrary, they are acting as criminals, if we consider their abductions, killing animals and murder Captain Thomas Mantell , a Second World War Hero.
My other Exo doctor is Boylan. He is trying his hands with a UFO cult.
Who is this gentleman? Just take a look...

Now, who are the true agents of darkness and disinformation?

You decide.