Sunday, January 24, 2010

Each one grows her/his own kind of alien.

In the 60's the UFO thing became a great business for many people.
Soon, however, the professionals found that not all people were ready to buy the same kind of alien.
The handsome "visitors" of the first "Day Earth was Paralyzed" worked in the 50's but not in the 60.
So, basically the producers and yellow writers, sold two kind of Ufonauts. The good ones and the bad ones.
Desperate people buying "pulp" bought the hope of nice good and powerful aliens. (They were nice or funny like ET. )
Other kind of people bought the bad alien, particularly those aliens who enjoyed abducting nice blondes.
There were also confessed and closeted racists, so Adamski sold well his lovely Venusians.
Now, from the beginning of the UFO era, there were also contactees. People who said that they were in contact with Aliens.
The contactee kind of alien doesn't change so much. The message is always the same blend of New Age, preposterous Theosophy, some Bible lore, (not much). Of course aliens never give us any important knowledge, of even food for the hungry. They are "absentminded landlords".
After more than  50 years, we have now a different kind of professionals: kind of Exopoliticians.
But I cannot imagine someone less interested in politics as the autistic Aliens.
Salla, was an academic and politician perhaps but for some reason he commited intelectual suicide and became a fantasist (please read his papers and books)
Greer, had some experience with sects and cults, but in some moment he decided that Alienology could be the big thing. It wasn't. It never is.
We have wrote enough about Boylan, but let us say that the Aliens he invented are fascistic. Totalitarian, Racist, and will eventually bring the Universal Sauna Religion to us, poor simple natives of this lovely planet.
In fact, each one created his own alien, but all thosa aliens have nothing in common with the true apparently non-human entities.
The only thing that we can do is to watch the Exopolitical environment, and wath also the BEHAVIOR othe UFO Phenomenon.
Personally I think that "they" behave just as Time Travelers would do. Indeed Time Travelers coming from a dystopic future.

Tomas Scolarici