Tuesday, January 19, 2010

James vs Terra x

Karma? Let me tell you that I have had a wonderful life, a lovely family, wife sons daughters and grandsons.
I wrote several books (you can find them doing Google, looking for my name Tomas Scolarici.)
I enjoy very much my karma. Oh, you will also find 900 or so chess problems I composed.

So, nothing's wrong with me.
I didn't mess up, on the contrary I did exactly what I wanted to do. Have fun with all those charlatans, empty heads, abusers, fantasists. snake oil sellers.
I am also the Joker, my friend.
You need some sense of unity, so you find names and all those names are me...good. Fine, that is "reductio ad absurdum" in mathematics. Perhaps those names make you feel intelligent. That's good, why not?
But...why am I busted? Who cares if you find names? No answers Terra, that is the problem. You have no answers for the real big problems.
Wait...wait one more day, and They will come, and save you from BOREDOM...
Prepare yourself for a contact that will never happens.
Perhaps you need aliens to give a meaning to your life? If so, indeed you have a bad karma.
By the way Karma is causality. (Read about karma in the Canon Pali,)
You talk about the result of my actions, and let me tell you that I go the result I wanted.
I did well, I enjoy Freedom, Books, Art, the love of my family and friends.

Awake, Terra X. Go on finding names for me. I don't care. After all, between us, what else will you do in p4c?

Have a great day and better night.

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On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 7:11 AM, Terra X <terrarubicon@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
My oh my, Tomas. Still not acknowledging that you used
many aliases on the P4C forum, even after you were put
on moderation or banned? It's quite obvious that you
did. Your other aliases talk exactly like you do, not
to mention that the profile of one alias said 'Thomas'.

But Tomas, a.k.a. 'James Black', a.k.a.'Eli Sadhunasari',
I discovered some more aliases. You're also a.k.a.
'Eugene Fulle', a.k.a. 'Eugene'(lebateleur);
a.k.a. 'Eugene Fields', a.k.a. 'Alexis Arevalo'.
I took the effort of sifting through the archives of
the P4C forum, starting in January 2007. It's all there.

You messed up Tomas. Those aliases type like you do,
display the same phylosofy and ideology, talk about the
same items, and even shared identical information to
what you have shared. (Being a researcher, writing a
book in Spanish, being a "Wanderer", etc.) It's
blatantly obvious. You're busted Tomas, and I only dug
in the archives over a period of 3 months. So I have
some more work to do and present my findings in a clear
cut manner when I'm finished.

This is Karma, Tomas, these are the results or 'fruits'
of your actions. Talking about other things wont hide
the fact that you've been highly disruptive on the
P4C forum and that your actions are highly questionable.