Saturday, January 16, 2010

Andrew Hennessey about Tomas AKA James

James Black was also the name of a murdered free energy activist :)
Von Teufel was another one of James masks.
Surely there can only have been one Scolarici on the radio marti project ?
James = international man of mystery.
these are very well done cover stories James - superb research.

The real truth of the matter though is that James spotted the exopolitics fraud long before most of us did.
He has exposed the charlatans.

My only ideological disagreement thus far with James/Eli is that his choice to court emptiness and soul-lessness seems to my way of seeing things - a waste of his spark.
but thats me.
James has been diligent putting out the important truths of others and has been FOR most of what we all say.

All of us agree that exopolitics is a charade and many of us are now starting to ask questions that we would not have recognised the need for a short while ago.
I think that this is good - to have a strong alternative to the coming sickness that will take the aspirations of the sincere people in that movement down into the depths.

James even stated at one point to me that he was an ET scientist - obviosuly not an altimarian then :)

Many people miss the strategy - to fight information chaos with information chaos - fire with fire ... from this will emerge new outcomes - order out of chaos.
With james it is possible that we are dealing with an enigma - but he has effectively produced a counter-dialog to the mentally ill aspects of exopolitics and for that he must be given credit.
He saw the charade many moons before I was through giving the spiritual thugs on p4c the benefit of the doubt.

andrew hennessey