Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More ABUSE: Dr. Sauna's severe case of Paranoia.

A follow up on the most recent defector from UFOFacts. The exchange between Boylan and this individual show two things: Boylans complete lack of empathy towards her, and that he really has no discernment or psychic reading abilities whatsoever. He acts on whim and claims he has powers to "read" people. Notice that he requested this woman's picture 2 years ago and at that time read a positive energy signature. Now he calls her a "Cabalista" and says she has a dark energy signature. Again we see he requested a photo of this woman, just as he requested photos of potential Altimarian "dating" partners - all female of course. Does he ask for men's photos? I have never heard of it. This man is both a psychic and physical abuser of women. The physical abuse is very subtle using coercion (coercion is a crime in some states, and psychological manipulation of a victim is a form of coercion). The psychic abuse is staggering. Boylan is the "Count Dracula" of Psychic vampires.
Boylans paranoia is getting worse. His precious little "control group" under his megalomaniacal care is unraveling before his eyes. This makes him a dangerous man if he wasn't already. We do know that he has already called for vigilante justice against the Cabal in the past.
See: http://web.archive.org/web/19980424211101/www.brotherblue.org/brethren/tpoc.htm
The bottom line here is that he is advocating illegal activities, even domestic terrorism. We know he thinks there are Cabal in every branch of government and it's obvious his "readings" of who people really are is highly inaccurate. That makes him a danger to everyone. The fact he is teaching children and most likely instilling these same paranoid vigilante thoughts in their heads gives all concerned very good reason to watch this man, closely.

Here is what the most recent defector has to say:

Dear friends

An update regarding my withdrawl from the group is below.

I've just received a further abusive email from him. If anybody would like a copy I would be happy to forward it to u.

In love and light
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From: elohimpeace@yahoo.co.uk
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 18:53:31
To: <foxivy@nc.rr.com>
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Subject: An update on my withdrawl from the group - a response from dr boylan.

Dear group.

Further to my email yesterday regarding my decision to withdraw from the group.

Firstly thank you to the numerous members who replied and wished me well, and of course those who raised further questions about my decision to leave - thought provoking, that is certainly welcome. :-).

I just wanted to share with you the response that I received from dr boylan. 

Firstly I must admit I am somewhat hurt by his abusive reply. I can not believe he acted in such a defensive way to what is simply my considered opinion. I was not rude to him (you can read my email attached).

Furthermore I am somewhat stunned that he said something about my dark energy signature. This could not be any further from the truth as dr boylan well knows - when I joined ufo facts almost two years ago, I privately corresponded with dr boylan and at his suggestion I sent him a photograph of myself. Dr boylan replied saying I had a positive star seed energy.

So dr boylans email today raises further concerns for me. Has he simply responded abusively with no regard for his words or does he simply not have the gift to decipher energy signatures as he proports? Or was he simply giving spin when I requested an origins reading all that time ago.

His response leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth but I promise this does not and wiLl not ever allow this to change my positive and happy feelings (and memories) towards my cosmic friends of light, in the group.

I sincerely wish you all the very best.

In love and light
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