Friday, January 22, 2010


When I was a kid, we learned LOGIC in the Secondary School.
But this is not what I want to write about, and I hope all of you, or many of you will answer to these words.
We leave in a world, (the so called civilized world) where nobody, or few care about EVIDENCES or just about COHERENCE. Reality is what any individuals want it to be.
I's not new. Some poor insane tells us that he is Napoleon, or Jesus Christ, or the Master of the Universe. The problem comes when people, adult people believes this.
What's going on? Is everybody insane?
Critical, rational thinking doesn't work anymore?
When Boylan says that several alien ships invaded military and industrial bases, and gives day, time and place for this invasion, adult, "normal " people believes this.
Nobody thinks that in this era of Communication, such an event would be known  by the media and public, of course.
Let me tell you more: some of these absolute believers have children. Just imagine the future of these children that would not know what is real and what is not. They will leave in a world of horror, of fear, of insane hopes in the aliens help, the "celestials" help.
Yes, I know that Boylan is not the only case, but perhaps is the worst case, the more dangerous.
Those who believe in what Webre says, will teach their children that NASA knows nothing, but Basiago, the Lawyer discovered cities and woods, and parks and people like us in Mars. Perhaps they will teach their children about  two journalists teleported to Ganymede, and the Wise Mayan Elders assurance that USA and UK will collapse in a couple of years, perhaps sooner.
Now, in some way, I think the lies become a crime, at least a MORAL CRIME.
I think about a few methods to fight this, but I want to know your opinion.

James Black
Tomas Scolarici