Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fwd: Dear Doctor, this is impossible to control.

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Subject: Dear Doctor, this is impossible to control.
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About Dr. Boylan post

Dear Dr.

Since you want to keep a close "cult-like" social environment, you cannot define "topics"at all.
Your Four Topics are a very slippery floor.
You can control your group only if you keep writing and they just read, in a passive way.
Of course, this looks pathetic.
The question is why would you waste your time writing silly things for a couple of YES men and women?

(However I hope you do that because we are having a lot of fun with your fairy tales and your paranoidal authoritarianism).)

    The Cabal per se is not one of UFOFacts' Four Topics and is on-topic only when explicitly AND plausibly connected with one of the Four Topics.
    We are trying to keep away from UFOFacts' becoming overfocused on the Cabal, despite their efforts to stay "in front of the camera" by their antics, such as harassing/disinform ation emails sent to UFOFacts members or Cabal operatives' harassment of UFOFacts members personally.
    Thus neither we do not tediously catalog every evidence in the daily news that shows the hand of the Cabal.
    Only Star Seeds' and lightworkers' victories over the Cabal merit mention precisely because these incidents show lightworkers rising to their full potential and doing good in the world by reforming Fourth World society towards becoming transformed Fifth World society. And such victories are very much on-topic.
    The Four Topics, by the way, are: 1) Starcraft (UFOs), 2) Star Visitors, 3), people's close encounters with Star Visitors and/or Inner Earth Peoples, and Human-Star Visitor clones, and 4) UFOFacts also discusses the effects on society, culture and history of the Human adventure with persons from the cosmos, including the Star Kids and Star Seed adults among us, and public awareness of visitation from the cosmos, as well as visits from Inner-Earth Peoples and Human-Star Visitor hybrids (Clones).
     in the light,