Sunday, January 3, 2010

Boylan says is the One and Only...

 In his paper about THE VARIOUS KINDS OF STAR VISITORS, Richard Boylan, Ph.D. writes that "Information from a member of Star Nations' Council informs us that there are 1,483 Star Nations Species who are currently operating within Earth's energy zone, and/or have operated here in the past. Needless to say, this article will not catalogue them all, but only the ones with whom Humans have had more frequent interaction."

What we find absolutely fantastic is that all those galactic civilizations came here, just to contact one single human . Self- Proclaimed Councilor of Earth, Dr. Richard Boylan.

More than a thousand Nations, found that only Boylan was in conditions to be contacted. Only him. (We suppose that all these thousands of super civilized species knew about Boylan's scandals but...well, Aliens work in misterious ways...)

In other words, Boylan himself tells us that he is the Pontifex, he is the Earth Authority, he is the only one who tells the truth about Star Nations because he is directly in communication  with the super-aliens (more than one-thousand)

But, how do we know that Boylan is the one and only? Because Boylan says so, and if you have doubts you are a dark sinister Cabal.

So, Boylan's followers do not need evidences. They BELIEVE that what the good doctor says is true. The Councilor of Earth is Infallible after all, like a new Pope.

So, what we have here is a Religion based on Faith. People just believe without evidences.
What the Holly Books say is the Revelation, and in this case, what Boylan says is also Revelation.

All those who deny this are just Cabals, agents of darkness.
The good doctor will tell us who  is saved and who is condemned. Who shows dark energy and who has "light" .

You are only authorized to say one word: YES. If you are a good boy or girl, Star Nation Visitors will visit you in dreams...isn't it nice?

However, if you are a bad boy, the Cabal will frighten you...

Have a great day and a wonderful year, people.