Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Own Ufological Hypothesis.

In four decades of Ufological research, I made contact with hundreds of Ufologists, Scientists, and witnesses, some of them highly qualified individuals; and also many self-proclaimed contactees.

My conclusions concerning the UFO phenomenon, have the value of experience in the field, and this , I think, is important.

About contactees, I was always open to new ideas, suggestions and the possibility of real contact between humans and the entities that presumably are behind the unsolved UFO mystery.

My method was to reject those testimonies from  imbalanced individuals whose experiences of "contact" were, (for me and specialists) either imaginary or hallucinatory.

Normal people claiming personal contacts with "aliens" require a rational analysis of the content of their messages, and I never found a single element who could show evidence of a non-human culture talking to us, humans. 

Contactees give us nothing but human ideas. In their messages there is nothing "alien", nothing that could be the product of a real contact with some kind of non-human civilization.

About authorities of different countries, my personal conclusion is that they are not involved in any secret contact with these Ufonauts. For the Governments, the problem is not what they know, but what they don't.  What must remain secret is their ignorance, and consequently the implied vulnerability.

I think that there is some unknown superior technology in operation, and governments will never recognize this fact.

About UFOs and ufonauts, we can perhaps learn something analyzing their behavior.

I am convinced that this behavior doesn't follow the presumed scenario of an Extraterrestrial Visit.

From the beginning of historical times, witnesses describe the same phenomenon.  However, there is never open, friendly contact between them and us.

The hypothesis of the extraterrestrial origin of these entities is, in my view, unjustified.

The "aliens "do not behave as aliens at all.

My own hypothesis is that they don't come from distant extraterrestrial planets, but from the future.

They are Time Travelers.

As such, they cannot and will not be engaged in any activity that could disrupt our time sequence. On the contrary, they will perhaps produce small changes, even genetic changes through abductions, without changing the present or the past in ways that could be disturbing for the Future, which is their Present.

A Roman legionary, or some Jewish prophet, or the citizens of Basilea in the XVII Century, watch the same "object" that we see now in Texas or in Paris, or In Buenos Aires, simply because it is the same artifact doing something unknown today and two thousand years ago.

Again, this is a hypothesis that comes from observation of the UFO Phenomenon. Needless is to say that I have no evidences, and I am not a contactee or an Exofantasist. Neither have I anonymous sources or whistleblowers.  

I am always ready to recognize if new evidences show that I am wrong.

Love to all.