Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ufosophy: the “Alien" Message

Ufosophy: the "Alien" Message


This will be a new, humble ufosophical contribution: we will consider the Message given to us by the Ufonauts.

After careful reading and consideration of all the presumed non-human messages given to contactees, Illuminati, wise men and women, gurus, councillors and exopoliticians, we find that every message is different from the other.

Of course, all these message have something in common: saccarinic new agery.

These silly nonsensical tales are, of course, born in the imaginative minds of the UFO "experts" and mystics.

But after thousands of years of sharing the Earth with the Others, the Ufonauts, we know  their message to us is.

The message is that there is no message at all.

(some dramatic music here)

We, Humans, are waiting for them, but the Jinns are not waiting for us at all.


Days ago, I read the fictions of some Exo who was asking him/herself why so many alien races are interested in us.

On the contrary, the truth is that nobody is interested in us.

Perhaps in a couple of decades, what remains from the human race will be tribal mutants. We will be primates again, that is ultimates.

The funny thing is that nobody will care, in any place of the Universe, probably, between other things because there is nobody there. Just the dark, empty, infinite space.

The Supreme Universe doing her/his thing.


The Supreme Madness of the Demigorgon ( yes, there is a touch of Gnosticism here)

Let's go back to the silly every day things: big UFO in China, the unwinable war in the Middle East, the Flu, Salla's Dolphins, the Councilor teaching the kids to practice telekinesis, Wendy in contact with Asheoma, Fran, the Incarnated Mantis clicking her message, Bassiago, the lawyer, showing us pictures of the cities of Mars…

The show, dear people, must go on…there is no business like show-business.

The Secret  Salute of the Ufosophist is: "Gimme a Breack"

 James Black