Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Andrew Hennessey contribution to Ufosophy

there are thousands and thousands of labels ... but they don't really get to the core process that is being used against the human race ..

the main issue is that these beings - almost all of the huge taxonomy are dead/undead and are disconnected from the source and run on vril/prana type batteries and storage in artefacts.
they are lifeforce hungry.

therefore they all probably sit amongst the overall classification of vampire.
various types of direct and indirect vampirism .. by proxy, by artefact, by spiritual psychology, by direct eating, indirect empathic vamprisim, life force miners, intelligent and semi-intelligent outrage creators and lifejuice drinkers
telepathic vampires, lotus/chakra eaters/soul eaters.

I suggest therefore that there is the spiritual world of the living and the dead.
the dead/undead are always hungry and empty or needing fed but there are those of the way of love and life and Christ filled with the utter fullness of God.

all of the djinns, greys faeries zetas therefore are various states of the death of Human Symmetry and values and morals and ethics and death of the value of human family, human communion and human love and these specially adapted feeders on the the humans who have disconnected speicalise in stripping away the human reality from their victims - see my article human deregulation and the greys or nigel kerners the song of the greys